What to give dad for an anniversary: ​​gifts for his hobby

A father is one of the two most important people in a person's life. Of course, you want to please him, and there is no better occasion for this than a birthday. Even better - an anniversary; An anniversary is always a special date, so choosing a gift for this particular holiday is incredibly important. And this article will help you choose what to give dad for an anniversary.

Gifts for father to give

Unlike young people, the vast majority of older people like to go to the country. A dacha for them is not a pool and a barbecue, but beds and vegetable gardens, although, of course, no one has canceled the barbecue either.

It is worth starting with barbecues and gifts associated with them. The most obvious option is, of course, BBQ. If the anniversary is 50 years old, you can fork out for a blacksmith who will make a really cool, beautiful and unusual brazier that no one else will have. You can also donate skewers; engraving on them is inexpensive, but it will look good. And the father will remember his son / daughter every time he fries a kebab.

Gardening Tools - spit, rake, secateurs, - for processing the site - not the best choice, although some fathers will be happy with it too. But, if the age of the hero of the day tends to the elderly, the best option would be lawn mower. And even though there are no lawns in Russia as such, nobody canceled the grass on the site.

Many suburban areas have a bath. Header и steam room mittens - This is a small gift for the anniversary. Is it a matter wooden tubs и buckets! They look good, and fit into the atmosphere, and smell great! The main thing is to choose the right wood.

hat and mittens for the steam room

Personalized hat and mittens for a steam room for a father in the country

Gifts for the modern father

A young father or a young one is not too important if he likes modern technology. What to give your father for an anniversary in this case is a simple question:

  • Мобильный телефон is always a winning option. Expensive, solid, and most importantly - useful. You can immediately pick up the bumper, and other accessories. With the choice of model, a consultant in a cellular communication salon will tell you better, but recently the Chinese have become more and more popular.
  • The tablet - even better. Socially active adults spend a lot of time on the road, and it’s more convenient to work or watch TV shows on a tablet than on a phone.
  • A laptop - Already an amateur, but much better than a netbook. Netbooks are small, and people's eyesight deteriorates with age, so a large laptop screen is a significant advantage. But if the father loves desktop computers more, it is better for him to spend money on a new video card or a couple of hard drives.
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Gifts to the athlete

Sport prolongs life, and fathers know it. Some will prefer to spend the evening in front of the TV, while others - on the tennis court. It is about the second that will be discussed in this section - and about what gift for dad to pick up for his anniversary:

  • For a cyclist, of course, the best gift would be sport bike, tennis player tennis racquet, it's pretty obvious. A universal gift can be gym membership.


Who hasn't dreamed of having a treadmill at home? Athlete father will definitely like this gift

  • If the father is a fan of winter sports, you can give ice rink subscription or seasonal unlimited ski-pass to ski resorts. Suitable protective equipment: helmets и spectacles, guards on your knees and carapace on the back (which is especially important for snowboarders, who are injured more often than skiers).
  • And if the father is a fan of team sports, you can already show more originality. For example, to buy a father game ticket his favorite hockey team.
  • For fans of extreme sports, the choice is also huge. Paragliding, skydiving, paid diving courses - all of these are very unusual and good options.
  • Do not forget about fans of quiet sports. Any chess player will be happy with the new carved chess set, ideally, of course - a very expensive ideal - from ivory. Lover of Go and Baduk will love it fine stones from South Korea, riichi mahjong - japanese white tiger kits.

Gifts for the traveler

Picking up a gift for your father for an anniversary, if his main hobby is travel, is quite simple. Even obvious, in fact.

ticket to the city

Surely your father has long wanted to visit some city, so fulfill his dream

The simplest option is a poem somewhere. Sunny Italy or picturesque Georgia! Pure as a baby's tear, Baikal or strict China! The only question is the amount of funds available to the donor, and what kind of places the father prefers. Thanks to air ticket aggregators, you can buy them cheaply, and hotel aggregators will help you find the best accommodation. You should also not forget that a vacationer needs to eat something on vacation - in other words, a gift is not cheap.

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If the father is the type of hiker who goes camping with a backpack on his back, the options are cheaper. Firstly, of course, any hiker will be happy with the new backpack with a hard back, the main thing is not to miscalculate the displacement. Most adults need 100 liters of volume. Good tent - light, durable and modern - will also benefit. It is unlikely that the father will refuse camouflage suit. If your father has been cooking for a long time on a hike in a smoked pot, you can give him a modern kan.


For a gift, you should choose a round pot, it is more convenient to cook in it

Also, such travelers often combine such walks with their other hobbies. You can give a fisherman spinning, hunter - gun (if there are documents for it, of course) and a mushroom picker - good knives.

Collector gifts

Everything is simple here:

  • book dealer will be delighted a book, which has long been missing from his collection;
  • pipe collector - tube;
  • numismatist can give rare coin,
  • philatelist - brand: some of them are now as expensive as a whole bike or even an apartment! But in order to present a new part of the collection, it is better to inspect it in detail in advance, so that - God forbid! Don't give away what the person already has.

Gifts for a father with bad habits

As they say, we are all not without sin. It is also said that we only live once, and this is true - therefore, it may be worth thinking about a gift that will make father's bad habits more civilized and better:

  • Expensive cigaretteswhich he had always dreamed of trying.
  • aged whiskey or gin.
  • New tubeif the old one is already cracked (or it smells strange).

smoking pipe

Smoking pipe with plastic mouthpiece and leather-covered stammel and bowl

  • If the father dabbles in growing tobacco (tobacco bushes) - perhaps he will be happy with the new varieties of tobacco or interesting disputes, as well as the equipment necessary for this. As long as it is grown legally, visitors to the interest forums will be able to answer all questions.
  • Accessories will not be superfluous. Beer, of course, is good, but name mug for beer, made according to the old Bavarian canons, is even better.
  • For special connoisseurs, of course, the option remains to buy a good father hookah.
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Well, if the father wants to get rid of a bad habit, you can give him several sessions with a psychotherapist-narcologist, which will instantly solve this problem. Do not be afraid of such a name: the competence of narcologists includes both tobacco and alcohol addiction.

And the most important thing to remember when choosing a gift for a father who has an anniversary is that he will be happy with any attention of his sons and daughters. And to definitely make him happy, you just need to choose the gift that suits him best.


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