What to give dad for 45 years: 50 ideas for original and practical gifts from children

On his 45th birthday, a man is in the prime of his life, he has a career built, adult children, and a well-established circle of friends. This is not just another birthday date, but the beginning of a turning point. That is why the choice of a gift should be taken seriously, it should be remembered for a long time by the birthday man. Consider the most interesting ideas of what to give dad for 45 years from practical things, for hobbies and as a keepsake.

Practical gifts

Practical gifts are always useful in everyday life. Such gifts can be given to any 45-year-old father, regardless of his occupation, hobbies and interests. There are things that need to be replaced periodically, so they will always come in handy in the future:

  • Gadgets and accessories

The device will be an excellent gift, it is eBook, board to watch movies and play music. Your own device is good because you can always retire and do what you want, and not all family members.

If gadgets are already available, then you can think about accessories for them in the form wireless headphone or keyboards. They are convenient, since they do not require a direct connection, which means you can get rid of annoying and always tangled wires.

  • Home weather station

A convenient and necessary device that monitors weather changes. It is desirable that the device be equipped with an outdoor sensor. Then the father will not need to go outside to find out what the weather and temperature is outside the window. Modern models have the ability to make forecasts for several days ahead.

Home weather station
With such a device, dad will become his own weather forecaster
  • Electric Toothbrush

A modern device will provide a better cleaning of the teeth than a conventional brush. In addition, some devices simultaneously massage the gums and have a bactericidal property. It is better to purchase a set that includes additional nozzles and a travel case, you can store the brush in it and take it with you on a trip.

A great gift for busy people who, due to the abundance of things to do and worries, constantly cool tea. This will not happen with a thermal mug, so the father can always enjoy a cup of hot tea or aromatic coffee. In addition, the double-lock lid will prevent accidental pouring of the drink on clothes or important documents.

Thermal mug as a gift
There is always a use for a thermo mug

Anti stress gifts

Successful men tend to be very busy, they have a lot of work, and therefore stress. Will help get rid of the nervous state and calm down anti-stress gifts. Best Options:

  • zen garden - a miniature garden with sand and stone filling will decorate and enliven the office, calm the nerves and cheer up after a hard day's work.
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A gift in the form of a Zen garden
A gift in the form of a Zen garden serves not only to decorate the room and office, it has an anti-stress effect
  • Massage chair the good thing is that it quickly relaxes and relieves fatigue after hard working days. It takes a few minutes for the chair to work all the muscles. In addition, massage will relieve pain, relieve muscle spasms, which busy people often suffer from. The armchair will be not only a pleasant, but also a useful present for the father-anniversary.
  • Table punching bag with photo frame. You can insert a photo of a bored boss, a neighbor who is always repairing an apartment, or a city mayor who does not monitor the condition of the roads. With such an anti-stress toy, it will not only be possible to vent anger and anger, but to do it on the specific culprit of the spoiled mood.
Engraved watch
A watch with an engraving on the back or on the dial will be a practical and memorable gift.

Gifts from daughter

Women are more responsible in choosing a gift, especially if it needs to be given to their beloved father for the anniversary. For those who have not yet decided or do not know what to give dad for 45 years from his daughter, the following ideas will help:

  1. Thermal Underwear useful for a father who spends a lot of time on the street, it will warm in the most severe frost. High-quality material is pleasant to the body and comfortable to wear. For the home, you can buy beautiful and cozy pajamas, it is much more pleasant to walk in a beautiful home suit than in leotards stretched out on your knees and an alcoholic T-shirt.
  2. Videos postcard with wishes, a documentary film of photographs that capture the most important moments of his life: a wedding, the birth of children, grandchildren, it is always a pleasure for a person to remember happy moments and events.
  3. Rare edition by a favorite author. An especially expensive gift will be a book in a beautifully designed cover with the signature of the writer himself. This gift is not the cheapest and most affordable, but the publication can become an excellent exhibit in the father's collection and the main family heirloom, which will be passed down from generation to generation.
Beautifully designed book
A beautifully designed book will take pride of place in my father's library.

Presents from son

Father and son have a special relationship, the head of the family is always an example, an object to follow, so it is not surprising that relatives often have common interests and similar hobbies. It is much easier for a son to choose a gift, as he is guided by intuition, compares his own and his father's wishes and preferences.

  • Smart dumbbells

Sports equipment in the form of smart dumbbells can be given to a father who leads a healthy lifestyle. Their advantage is a built-in memory device that counts the number of exercises done during a workout, the number of approaches, calories burned. If you connect dumbbells to the phone, you can engage in an individual program.

  • Barbecue or home smokehouse

The advantage of a portable barbecue is its compact size, so you can take it with you to the country house, to nature, or simply take it out into the yard to have a picnic and fry meat. Modern models are equipped with the function of automatic rotation of skewers, due to this, the hero of the day does not have to constantly monitor the barbecue, but you can spend this time with family and friends.

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Mini smokehouse
A mini smokehouse is a great gift for a cooking lover, you can cook delicious smoked meat and fish without leaving your home

With the help of a modern gadget, it is fashionable to shoot video and take pictures from a bird's eye view, moreover, the quality of these photos will be on top. Management is also not complicated, for 2-3 workouts it is quite possible to master the device. It’s impossible to take such interesting shots with a regular camera.

  • Skydiving

Father - a lover of extreme recreation, the best gift will be a certificate for a parachute jump. Such entertainment will give a lot of unexpected sensations and impressions, a surge of adrenaline is guaranteed for the hero of the day. A plus for the present will be video filming and photographs, so later it will be possible to review the flight.

A parachute jump as a gift will forever be remembered by the father, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed

Presentations based on hobbies and hobbies

Even the busiest fathers have hobbies and hobbies. They can be anything: fishing, hunting or traveling. That is why the best idea is to choose a gift according to the interests of the parent.

The main thing is to find out what exactly the father is passionate about, and what he lacks so that the present is really desired and out of place.

For a motorist

For vehicle owners, it will not be a problem to find a gift. Here is a list of what you can please the father of the anniversary:

  • extreme driving courses they will help you drive a car more competently, get out of difficult situations on the road easily and without problems, and in itself this is an interesting and entertaining event, especially for those who like to drive, overcome difficulties;
  • luggage compartment organizer - you can put tools, a compressor, a jack, a change of clothes in the box, this will save space, get rid of trash, ensure silence in the cabin, since there will be nothing to rattle in the trunk;
  • car vacuum cleaner - a compact and convenient device, powered by a cigarette lighter, will help maintain cleanliness in the car interior, a few minutes are spent on cleaning.
Massage car seat covers
Massage car seat covers with heating function make the trip more comfortable, the neck and back do not get numb even after a long journey

For tourists

For those who travel often, you can purchase the following items as a gift:

  • Travel case, in which you can store important documents, is much more convenient than a bag pocket. In a high-quality leather product, the papers do not crumple, do not tear, each card has its own separate place, so there is no need to waste time looking for the right one.
  • Quality passport cover or purse for documents - a good and useful thing, then identity documents will not be worn out from frequent use.
  • Spacious trolley case with combination lock It will also be useful for a person who spends a lot of time traveling. The locking mechanism will keep the luggage safe and sound, the large size will allow you to take everything you need with you.
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Scratch map of the world
Scratch map - allows you to erase countries that you have already visited and plan future routes - a great gift that encourages discovery and motivates you to new travels

For hunters and fishermen

The fisherman can be given as a gift self-cutting spinning. With such a rod, there is no need to constantly peer into the river surface in anticipation of a bite, the fishing device will take on this task. Such a spinning rod has a lot of advantages: a comfortable handle, a length suitable for transportation, some models are no longer than 80 cm.

A lover of shooting will need a quality camouflage suit. It helps to effectively camouflage, which is important when tracking down the beast. Keeps you warm, prevents you from getting wet in the rain, and ventilation will prevent overheating of the body.

A safe will be a great gift for a hunter
An excellent gift for a hunter will be a safe, in which he can store his weapons, ammunition and other valuables.

Handmade gifts

Not always a good gift is an expensive thing, so it is not necessary to buy equipment or branded accessories.

Presentations made by hand are no worse, they are able to bring much more emotions. There are several options for what to give your father for 45 years:

  • those who are strong in fine arts can draw birthday portrait, a good idea is to make it in the caricature genre, a cute and touching gift that uplifts the mood and causes a smile;
An original idea to present a portrait as a gift, today an ordinary photograph is enough for this, you can create any background: dress up your father in a Napoleon costume, put him on the throne, present him as a rider on a dashing stallion
  • associated with love pullover, scarf - an expensive thing for any parent, besides, such a piece of clothing is exclusive, which means it will highlight its owner, emphasize individuality;
  • for daughters with culinary skills, cooking is an excellent solution birthday cake with a congratulatory inscription, a gift can be not only pleasant, but also tasty, especially since the child always knows the taste preferences of the parent.
An interesting gift will be a gastronomic bouquet
An interesting gift will be a gastronomic bouquet - beautiful, tasty and relevant to the festive table
  • 45th anniversary is a great occasion to give your father genealogy bookIf he is interested in the history of the family, the book is created with a personal sheet for each family member, which describes interesting stories from life, attached archival documents and photographs.
Gift in the form of a genealogical book
A gift in the form of a genealogical book can become the main family heirloom, which will be inherited

The most important features

Forty-five years of age for any man is considered intermediate, he has already lived enough years, but there is still a long road ahead. It is on this date that a gift that dad could keep until old age will be relevant.

The choice of a gift for a father should be approached responsibly, it should be not only interesting and original, but also practical. You should not chase the cost, the brand, the present should please the birthday man, touch to the core, show respect and love for the child.

You can organize a festive celebration as a gift by booking a table in a restaurant and inviting close people, friends of the birthday man to the anniversary. Then the hero of the day will not have to look for where to spend the holiday, how to treat guests and entertain. If the children take care of this, then the father will have a great time, he will only need to relax, have fun and accept congratulations.


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