What to give parents for their 30th wedding anniversary: ​​a worthy date is a worthy gift

Currently, very few families manage to maintain warm and tender love relationships for a long time. If a couple has lived together for 30 years, then this definitely speaks of great courage and strong love for each other. Such a significant date should be celebrated magnificently and on a royal scale! And here a frankly difficult question arises before the children. What to give parents for their 30th wedding anniversary?

pearl wedding

A pearl wedding is a solid date that not everyone will reach

The meaning of a pearl wedding

30 years! What wedding? What to give? So many questions and responsibilities, but do not panic! Pearls were not at all casually chosen as a symbol of the thirtieth anniversary. There is a lot of secret meaning and beautiful comparisons here. Since ancient times, pearls have been considered a noble and valuable stone with various magical properties. Pearl necklaces were given to young wives, believing that the jewelry would protect the girl from betrayal. There was also a belief that this mother-of-pearl gem improves the character and purifies the soul of the one who wears it.

According to tradition, on the day of the anniversary, the husband should give his wife beads consisting of 30 pearls. Each bead symbolizes the year that the lovers spent together. The wife usually presented her chosen one with cufflinks or another accessory, which included pearls.

Beautiful mother-of-pearl stones are formed over a long period of time. The more time the pearl is in the shell, the larger and more valuable it becomes. Here there is a comparison with marriage, because in fact, everything is exactly the same. With each newly experienced difficulty, the union of two lovers becomes stronger and more reliable, just like a pearl.

The family becomes like a pearl

For many years - the family becomes like a pearl, strengthened by the road of difficulties and joys

What to give parents

Choosing gifts, especially for a 30th wedding anniversary, is not an easy task and must be approached with responsibility. In fact, it is not at all necessary to give parents something consisting of mother-of-pearl stone. The main thing is that the gift should be useful, sincere and really liked by the parents. Not everyone has the opportunity to give expensive gifts, so it's time to think and consider what options are available.

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General gift

What to give parents for a pearl wedding? It would be quite logical to give the couple a common gift, symbolizing their spiritual closeness and family unity. For example, it can be an interesting board game: monopoly, beautiful carved chess or lotto. Also a good surprise will be a beautiful set of quality bed linen. It will be ideal if you can find or order textiles depicting pearls or a seascape. It will be nice to buy a couple of pillows or a soft fluffy blanket for a set of bed linen.

Pillows for parents

Add comfort to your parents by giving them a pair of interior pillows

It would be a great idea to order a family portrait or an unusual photo collage for parents. From the same area you can purchase a large photo frame. Such a gift can be hung in the kitchen or in the living room, and it will always please the eye. For the same purpose, figurines or wall clocks are sometimes given, but they are still not worth giving.

Since the family spends most of their time at home (of course, if they are not avid travelers), you can give mom and dad a useful thing for the home or kitchen. It can be a mixer, a juicer, a coffee maker, or just a pretty tea set. Parents will drink tea and remember your love for them.

In today's world, it would be foolish not to take the opportunity to prepare such a memorable surprise for parents as a music video. This is just a wonderful opportunity to use all your creative skills and design talent! There are a lot of programs in which even a beginner can edit a video. Beautiful effects, photos, pleasant music and personal congratulations to the anniversaries, shot by you especially for them!

Photo Album

Parents who have been married for 30 years will definitely have something to fill in a family photo album

If you want to make a bright impression, then you can spare no expense to the family budget and buy tickets for a romantic trip as a gift to your parents, where they can relax and remember their youth. A tour of the Golden Ring of Russia or any ticket to an interesting place is not bad. Of course, this option is possible if the financial situation allows and the heroes of the occasion have a desire to travel.

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If the anniversaries do not like outdoor activities too much, then you can please your loved ones with a sweet surprise. Everyone is pleased to receive unusual and individual gifts, especially if this gift can be eaten. A self-made cake is a great gift for a pearl wedding. You can prepare the treat yourself or together with another rising generation. It is advised to decorate the product with artificial pearls, cream, fruits or mother-of-pearl glaze. Such a creative approach will impress and touch all the guests at the holiday!

beautiful cake

A beautiful cake will decorate a pearl wedding

gift for mother

An important event in the life of any woman is a pearl wedding. What to give for this wonderful event to your beloved mother? Of course, a win-win option would be to present some pearl jewelry to the mother. For example, it can be a large ring, feminine earrings or an elegant pendant.

It will be a little difficult to find a more original gift. However, you can be patient and make a gift with your own hands. On the Internet, many advise giving personal photo albums. The base is advised to be made of cardboard and sheathed with fabric for future pages. A designer item is perfectly complemented by cute buttons, felt cutouts, and even better, small mother-of-pearl beads that look like pearls.

Also a cute and practical gift for a mother is an art book or some useful reference book. For example, a recipe book or a fashion encyclopedia. Any woman would be interested in such a gift. And if we are talking about fashion, then a beautiful scarf or neckerchief will serve as a good option for a gift. It is even better if the fabric is pearl-colored.

Mom's jewelry

Decorations are always the way for any occasion.

Gift for father

It is known that choosing a gift for a man is much more difficult than for a woman. The jewelry option is not very suitable here. Of course, if your father has a positive attitude towards men's pendants, necklaces, bracelets or rings, then this makes the task easier. Currently, you can find many options for men's black pearl jewelry. Although such a gift is expensive, but it will be preserved for a long memory.

However, if a man has a bad attitude to accessories, what to give to his beloved dad for a pearl wedding? If the father smokes, you can pick up a beautiful designer ashtray decorated with pearls or a cigarette case for him. Of course, such a gift is not very healthy, but it will certainly not be forgotten and will be used quite often.

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In accordance with ancient traditions, you can present cufflinks or a tie clip as a surprise. True, since many representatives of the stronger sex rarely wear shirts, cufflinks run the risk of lying idle on the far shelf.

Smart watch

Smart watches will appeal to the modern father

A win-win option is to give a new smartphone, smart watch or other useful equipment. The advantage of modern electronics is that it will never be idle. All men love various gadgets. If the father is an avid fisherman, then everything becomes even easier. Just give him a quality fishing rod or a new reliable boat!

What not to give for an anniversary

When we ask ourselves the question: what to give for a pearl wedding, we completely forget about the various rules of good manners and what not to give. Some things are not given because they symbolize something sad and unsuitable for a fun celebration. One of these items is a watch. Wall or desktop, they symbolize the transience of time, which is not very cheerful. Also, some beliefs say that the clock is a symbol of parting. Anniversaries certainly will not be happy with such a surprise.

Another ban is on various pointed objects, such as forks or knives. They, like mirrors, according to superstition, bring into the house only endless quarrels and insults. If you really want to please your parents with a set of cutlery, then a more acceptable option would be to give them money to purchase this set.


Cutlery is not the best gift, most likely parents for 30 years already have more than one such set

Among other things, it is not advised to give bathrobes, towels or pajamas. Such things, most likely, are in abundance in the house and will not become that special gift that will be remembered for many years.

XNUMXth Anniversary Traditions

There is an ancient tradition of celebrating the thirtieth wedding anniversary. According to her, the heroes of the day should wake up early and, each taking a pearl, go for a walk to the local reservoir. There, pearls must be thrown as far as possible, without regretting it at all. Maybe a useless activity, but incredibly cute. You can recommend this idea to your parents. If they are romantics, they will definitely appreciate such an offer.

Well that's all! It remains only to wish good luck and courage in choosing a gift! The most important thing is that the desire to please come from the heart, and all congratulations be gentle and sincere.


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