What to give dad for his birthday from his son: 35 best presents

Gifts for parents are always difficult to choose. Especially - if the gift is not for both parents, but for one person, for example, for the father. There is always awkwardness: what to give dad for his birthday from his son, what present to present. It is in order to destroy this awkwardness and pick up a good - and ideally, of course, the best - gift to the father and this article was written. After reading it, any of the children will be able to pick up something interesting, high-quality and useful for the name day (or anniversary) of their father.


Appliqué with small tie pocket

Gifts for a summer resident

Modern fathers, due to their age, still have dachas. You can play on this by choosing what to give your father for his birthday from his son. Various interesting things for giving are an excellent choice, and everyone will be able to use these things: family, guests, and, most likely, the donor himself:

  • First of all, you should think about arranging the house and the veranda. New quality heater warm relatives on cool autumn evenings, and deck chairs, in turn, on the contrary, will allow you to relax on a hot summer day. These gifts are everyday, pleasant, comfortable, but not too original, so they will suit the most unassuming fathers.
  • And for those who don’t know what it’s worth giving a father’s birthday present from his son, but really wants to give something summer as a present, it’s worth remembering what the vast majority of fathers love - barbecue. Good BBQ - ideally, of course, made by order of a modern blacksmith, they can forge anyone, even in the form of a bull, even in the form of a brazier, - it will definitely fit into any cottage. An excellent addition to the barbecue will be skewers with name engraving.


Skewers with name engraving

  • If the father loves grill or barbecue - these things should be presented to him, you can immediately with good, high-quality meat.
  • Also in the country will not be superfluous lawn mower. There is another option that is perfect as a present for a summer resident, but hardly - alas! -make mom happy home brewery. This pleasure is not cheap, but the emotions of the father will be the most vivid.
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Gifts for a working father

There are still many men living for work. If the father is one of those, the question of what can be given to dad for his birthday from his son is especially acute. Well: in this category of gifts you can pick up a worthy present:

  • Diary - a great option for advertisers, marketers, people in managerial positions, which allows you not to forget about all important meetings.
  • A father who often travels on business trips can be given a good and comfortable suitcase. The main thing is that its size does not exceed the standard dimensions of hand luggage, otherwise it will be expensive and expensive to fly with such a gift to the father.
  • Good suit or cufflinks to him, as well as dear ties и bow ties with handkerchiefs will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of the father of a businessman. Good writing pens (Parker type) is also always held in high esteem.

writing pen

Writing pen for a business person

  • Do not forget about the so-called "status" things that do not help the business itself directly, but cause the favor of partners due to their imaginary (and sometimes not very) high cost: quality wrist watchgood phone (in the case of making an impression, you should stop your attention on the iPhone) - excellent presents.

Doctors are a profession whose people literally live by work. Picking up a birthday present for dad from his son, if the father is a doctor, is easier than it seems, because it is for doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, paramedics and other doctors that there are specialized gift shops. Unusual hat with a funny print, which will always remind you of your beloved family, is perfect for a surgeon or a nurse.

New bathrobe needed in almost any specialty, but surgical suits - again to surgeons, medical brothers, as well as resuscitators. A donor can afford a particularly large flight of fancy if his father is a pediatrician: a lot of unusual, high-quality and cute drawings on surgical clothes are an almost mandatory requirement for the appearance of a pediatrician working in a hospital.

Good surgical suit

A good surgical suit is an important part of the wardrobe.

Gifts for the traveler

If a father loves to work and relax, but at the same time the profession does not cause him due enthusiasm, and the cottage is simply not his way of spending time, you should always think about a gift for a trip.

If the hero of the day (or just the birthday man) is already traveling, you can give him miles. Sometimes some companies have the opportunity to purchase gift cards with them, and if there is a sufficient number of miles, it will be extremely convenient for the father to pay with them. The main thing is that the airline should fly to where the father prefers to rest. By the way, this gift - miles - can also be given to a hard-working father, who often travels on business trips. Do not forget about suitcases, comfortable Umbrellas for travelers and first aid kits (for first aid) and pocket translators, and the latter can be donated as a program to an electronic device - a phone, a tablet.

smart translator

Portable Smart Translator

If the father infrequently gets out of the city or his native country, travel will be a great gift. It is not necessary to look at Paris, London or New York: it is quite expensive, let such a trip, if the donor can afford it, will definitely leave the birthday man happy. Good and relatively cheap options would be Egypt, Turkey, Georgia. It is worth thinking about non-capital cities of Europe: for example, if a father really likes real, good, high-quality beer, then a trip to Munich during Oktoberfest is the best gift.

Gifts from a little son

Sons cannot always afford to buy an expensive gift, this is worth remembering. So, for example, the question may arise of what to give dad for his birthday from his 12-year-old son: a child, with all his desire, will not be able to buy a watch for his father or give him a trip.

original craft

Original DIY craft

If you think in small categories, then you should remember about gifts with your own hands. Children now have a good command of the computer, and often better than adults. With due perseverance, the son can photoshop dad to a photo of his favorite actors, musical performers and so on, and for a small financial investment of the mother (hardly more than a hundred rubles), these photos can be printed. Such a gift is simple in execution, cheap, unusual, and also demonstrates that the giver - a little son - really wanted to put his soul into it. Out of love for his father, of course.

On the computer, the son can do electronic postcard and send it to my father. The main thing is that the father should fully own the computer in order not only to get it, but also to open it.

good craft - Also an option. Not all boys at twelve can burn wood, but if they still know how, this can be done. You can also do a useful thing to your father: for example, in the labor office (or, as it is often called now, the technology office), under the supervision of a teacher, grind and assemble a wooden stand for writing utensils.

Organizer for accessories

Organizer for writing instruments

If the son has talent, he can draw father. If the talent is musical - there is such an option: write a song or melodydedicated to the father. Dad will definitely like it, because no one else will ever have such a gift, it is unique, original, and also reveals the talents of his own son.

Poetic talent can also be directed towards the presentation of a gift. So the son can write a short poem about and for my fatherwhich is sure to please him. This also applies to writing talent: moreover, writing story, story it’s not necessary to talk about your father, you can write just for dad, dedicate some work to him. It is desirable, of course, that mom check such gifts for grammatical or punctuation errors; in extreme cases, you can ask the teacher of the Russian language at school to do the same.

Now the reader definitely has several options for what you can give your father for his birthday from his son. You just need to take a closer look - and choose the one that suits a particular man best.


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