What to give dad for 45 years - choose a gift for your own superhero

This article tells what to give dad for 45 years. Interesting and useful ideas have been selected for a variety of fathers - fishermen, hunters, athletes, craftsmen and summer residents, managers and motorists. In addition, there is a section on what not to give as a gift. With the help of this article, a daughter, son and even a small child can choose a gift. All fathers and all children are different, so there are a lot of gift options here, for every taste and budget.

What to give dad for 45 years

Dad will be happy with any gift from his dearest people.

Preparing a gift for dad-fisherman or hunter

The question of what to give your father for 45 years is solved extremely quickly if you know that your father loves to go fishing. You just need to find out what devices for catching fish he does not have. It could be:

  • Good modern fishing rod.
  • Set of spinners.
  • Bait (It is undesirable to give worms for a birthday, but you can buy food or special artificial bait for large fish).
  • Fishing gear.
  • Hook set.
  • Spinning.
  • Folding chair.
  • Deck chair.
  • Hiking bag or backpack.
  • Inflatable fishing boat.
  • Device for cutting fish.
  • Some souvenir related to fishing: flask, trinket, glass, T-shirt, lighter in the shape of a fish or collage with photos.
  • fishing apron.

As for the gift, the hunter also does not need to think for a long time:

  • Most of all, he will be delighted with the good gun.
  • Can be donated hunting dog, but then you need to find out in advance whether dad is ready to look after her.
  • He will also like camping gear or some funny hunting souvenirs.

What to give dad for 45 years

Elite picnic set - the dream of everyone who loves outdoor activities

Gifts for an athlete

Whether the birthday person is a professional athlete or just leads an active lifestyle, he will be happy:

  • Dumbbells.
  • Boxing gloves.
  • Trainer.
  • Gym membership, to some kind of sports club (for example, rock climbing) or a ticket to a ski resort.
  • expander.
  • Navigator for tourists.
  • Bicycle.
  • Mushroom picker set.
  • Tent.
  • Set for playing tennis or badminton.
  • Football, basketball or any other ball.
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For craft lovers

Suitable for such a man:

  • Potter's wheel.
  • Tool kit.
  • locksmith board, wood, knife for tree.
  • Metal or knife for metal.
  • Protective Workers gloves.
  • Краска и brush for her.

For summer residents

The summer resident will like:

  • BBQ set.
  • Brazier.
  • Set for vegetable garden.
  • Hammock.

The beekeeper can be purchased smoker, protective suit, face protection mesh from bites gloves, honeycomb, wax, bee syrup, appliance, who extract honey from hundreds.

For executives

A status, authoritative person can buy:

  • Cufflinks.
  • Business suit.
  • Portfolio.
  • personalized pen.
  • Safe.
  • Case for storing documents.
  • Statuette.
  • Suitcaseto go on business trips.
  • Diploma with the inscription "To the best father in the world."

For a motorist

  • Car vacuum cleaner.
  • Navigator.
  • Antiradar.
  • camera tracking devicethat measure speed.
  • Radio tape recorder.
  • Mini hand wash.

Gifts from daughter

A gift for dad for 45 years from his daughter can be interesting and original, for example:

  • Board game (these are classic chess, checkers and backgammon, and unusual ones like "Activity" or "Dungeons and Dragons").
  • Bed linen.
  • Named mug.
  • Funny T-shirt.
  • Lighter.
  • Purse.
  • Ashtray.
  • Resort ticket.
  • Certificate for purchases a store that dad likes to go to (depending on the budget, this can be a certificate for five hundred rubles, or ten thousand).
  • Concert ticket favorite artist or group.
  • Jump Certificate parachute.
  • BOOK.

What to give dad for 45 years

A ship with money sails will definitely become a good and necessary gift, especially since you can make it yourself

Gifts from son

A gift from a son differs little from what to give dad for 45 years from his daughter. Unless it may be easier for the son to pick up something for hunting, fishing or other traditionally male work.

Ideas for a child or teenager

  • The best gift would be good behavior и evaluation. It would be great if clean up the apartment or cook something tasty. Probably any child knows what his dad loves to eat the most.
  • One can draw, fashion, cut or sew something with your own hands.
  • Children who have some money can buy nominal mug or t-shirt, air balloons, postcard.
  • You can make a postcard and with your own hands. And on it you can write for your dad poem or just congratulations.
  • If you start saving in advance, you can buy something more valuable: book, dumbbells, speaker for listening music, puzzle (e.g. Rubik's Cube).
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What is not worth giving

Some things are better not to give for a birthday:

  • Medicines. This is not only a bad omen, but can also be an unpleasant reminder of illness.
  • Money, because it is not customary to give them to such close people.
  • Animals, unless you find out in advance that they will be desirable for the birthday man.

Depending on the hobbies, the nature of the father, as well as the financial capabilities of the family, you can give the father a variety of things. Be that as it may, dad will be happy with any gift from his beloved children.


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