What to give parents for their wedding anniversary: ​​TOP 10 original surprises

If you are faced with the problem of what to give your parents for their wedding anniversary, then this article is especially for you. It contains ideas for budget and expensive, practical and original, romantic and memorable gifts. You will also find TOP 10 original gifts for parents' wedding anniversary. Here are collected a lot of ideas for every taste and for different anniversaries: both for 20 and 50 years.

How to choose an anniversary gift?

Parents are the main, most beloved people in our lives, so a gift must be chosen with soul and care. Fortunately, in the modern world you can find a gift for every taste and bring all your ideas to life.

A gift for parents on their wedding anniversary must be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. The gift should be shared, that is, for both mom and dad.
  2. The presentation must not be repeated. If you gave your parents, for example, theater tickets for the last anniversary, then you should not give tickets for the current anniversary.
  3. It is necessary to clearly choose what the present should be: practical and necessary or original and appropriate for the anniversary.
  4. The age of the parents must be taken into account. You should not give forty-year-old parents, for example, a “journey to youth”, which is better for a sixty-year-old couple.
  5. Do not skimp on a gift, think about it in advance, because we have only one parents, they also need to be pampered sometimes.
  6. Do not give completely meaningless gifts.
  7. Opt for more practical gifts that won't gather dust on the shelves.

wicker furnitureWicker furniture is a small but very cozy set created for friendly gatherings.

Board game MunchkinBoard game Munchkin - a great way to diversify everyday life by spending it with friends or family playing a board game

rakletchitsyaRakletchitsa - a device of French cuisine for lovers of delicious food

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DIY gifts from teenagers

Teenagers, as a rule, do not yet earn money, and if they do, then little. Therefore, the best gift would be something made with your own hands.

So, what can be a gift for parents on their wedding anniversary with their own hands:

  • Wish card. Decoupage or quilling technique will do.
  • Photo collage. You need to scan old photos of parents, you can from their wedding and mix them with new photos.
  • Wedding figurines made of plastic.
  • Family Film.
  • Decoration mom, trinket dad.
  • hand painted glasses.
  • Congratulations in verses.
  • Wall newspaper with chocolates.

There are also enough options for giving parents a wedding anniversary with their own hands from their daughter. If you know how to cook, then cook festive dinner, if possible, bake cake or cakes. Can cook homemade ice cream as a dessert. If you know how to knit, then you can knit couple sweaters for parents. If Or Can sew soft numbers и letters to a certain anniversary, for example, "15 years". A good option might be beaded bonsai.

postcard scrapbooking

Original postcard made using the scrapbooking technique

Budget gifts

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to present an expensive gift to their parents, in which case you can choose something budget-friendly. For example, for coffee or tea lovers, give a matching set for two. Printed pillows parents or some original inscriptions will perfectly fit into the interior. Some really beautiful photo frames with photos of spouses decorate empty shelves.

Dear presents

Here you can really roam well:

  • bath-pool with hydromassage;
  • Much bed;
  • Closet to the bedroom;
  • Huge plasma TV or home theater;
  • Gold jewelry (ring - to mom, ring - to dad);
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner;
  • bike path (for sports fans);
  • Автомобиль;
  • Shower cabin.

TOP 10 original surprises

Original ideas for what to give parents for their wedding anniversary:

  1. Journey to the Land of Youth. You need to find out in advance from your parents all sorts of romantic little things in their lives, for example, where they met, where their date went for the first time, where they often walked, where they liked to go. Then you need to draw or print a homemade map with these places and give them as a gift, and then send them on a walk. You can, as an addition, spread out in all places for a small cute gift. If the parents currently live in another city or even country, then you can arrange such a “journey” in the form of a film. Take video clips and photos from the family archive and assemble them into a movie.
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picture of threadsA picture of threads - a portrait of parents or the whole family, made in the author's manner - a truly amazing gift

shower curtainBathroom curtain - not simple, but with the best family photo - a great bathroom decoration.

cork map of the worldCork map of the world - if parents like to travel a lot, then such a gift will be the best place to post their impressions

  1. Music center in retro style. This gift should be chosen only if both parents like to listen to music.
  2. Nominal orders, medals and cups. You can give such gifts as if you were at the ceremony. In addition, you can decorate an apartment or a cafe in an interesting way.
  3. Oil portrait. The portrait must be of high quality and made by a master. It is better to order a painting early, so that if something happens, it has time to finalize.
  4. Pedigree book. Find photos of all the relatives you can, preferably up to the fifth generation. Collect and arrange all this in a genealogical tree and a genealogy book. You can order from the master, or you can do it yourself.
  5. Rotating Album. Put truly memorable photos in the album (wedding, New Year's, discharge from the hospital).
  6. Gift Certificate. Certificates can be different, both for a massage for two, and for skydiving.
  7. Journey. Remember where your parents dream of going? Perhaps they always wanted to go to Paris, but they didn't have the time or opportunity. Choose for them the best country and the best city.
  8. Interior items. Rocking chair, large plaid, soft carpet, beautiful chandelier, candlesticks, etc.
  9. Engraved Oscar figurine, for example: "Best Parents", "Best Couple", "30 Years Together", etc.

painted plate

Family tree or story expertly arranged on a plate

Practical gifts

Sometimes, out of the whole selection, the best gifts are practical things that are definitely needed now and will be useful to them in the future.

If your parents love to go to nature, give them two thermoses, folding brazier or picnic set.

If parents like delicious food, they will be happy multivariate or steamerbecause it makes cooking easier.

New linens is never redundant. By the way, you can donate bed linen with an original print, for example, photos of your parents.

With romance

When wondering what to give mom and dad for their wedding anniversary, remember that this is their personal holiday, and they want to spend time together. Therefore, a romantic gift for two is appropriate.

Give your parents large double umbrellaso that everyone knows that their couple is not afraid of anything, especially the rain. Hot air balloon travel parents will like it, of course, if one of them is not afraid of heights. Romantic dinner in a restaurant for two - a good ending to the holiday. Can choose theater or museum tickets. If it's winter outside, then give them skating rink tickets, so they will not only stay together, but also plunge into a carefree childhood for a couple of hours. Give your parents breakfast table, remind them how nice it is to give your soulmate breakfast in bed.

yoga for twoYoga for two - learning the ancient art of concentration and relaxation will breathe new energy into the family

photographic lampPhoto lamp - the best moments of life will become a bright part of the home interior

half-moon mirrorA crescent-shaped mirror is a romantic and unusual gift that will blend harmoniously into the parent's bedroom.

Anniversary gifts for parents

The twentieth wedding anniversary is called porcelain, so you can give real porcelain tea set, porcelain electric kettle, porcelain containers for cereals. You can give a memorable gift, for example, porcelain figurinesmade to order from the photos of the parents.

25 years is a silver wedding. A good practical gift silver dinner set, silver Turk or tray. As a keepsake, you can give a photo frame of silver or silver jewelrysuch as bracelets. Pair of wool sweaters with a silver thread will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of parents. If you want to give, for example, a bottle of champagne, then use the thematic decoupage technique.

The thirtieth anniversary is considered pearl, so pearl gifts are perfect, for example, rings with pearl inserts. As a practical gift, you can choose towels and bath bathrobes coral shades.

40 years is a ruby ​​wedding anniversary. Jewelry is also suitable, for example, mom can choose elegant ruby earrings, and dad - cufflinks or tie clip with rubies. You can give anything as a gift, the main thing is that it be a rich ruby ​​color, for example, large pillows and a blanket.


Rings in the style of the wedding anniversary symbol

50 years. Such an anniversary is a real rarity. It's wonderful when people can carry their love through life, bypassing obstacles. For a golden wedding, of course, gold is suitable, for example, chains, bracelets or ring и ring. But do not forget about the age of the parents, most likely they are already about seventy or even more. Therefore, you need to choose practical gifts, and better - for health, for example, massage chair or rocking chair, voucher to the sanatorium for two etc.

From daughter

A daughter can give her parents something beautiful and big. a blanket, interior items, wardrobe items, photo collages and many other things depending on the age of the parents and financial capabilities.

From son

It is sometimes more difficult to choose a gift for a son than for a daughter. Most often, sons give their mother - flower (the best flower will be an indoor orchid), and to the father something related to his hobbies, for example, to a fisherman - fishing rods or tackle, hunter - special suit etc.

So the son can arrange a picnic for parents in the country or a country trip to the river.

smart flower potSmart flower pot - a modern invention with an automatic watering system will simplify the care of flowers and decorate the interior

cooking setCooking set - stainless steel dishes, in which it is doubly pleasant to cook your favorite dishes

handmade leather beltA handmade leather belt - such a gift will undoubtedly please the father, however, you can also choose a no less stylish female version for your mother.

By the way, it is not necessary for children to give separate gifts, it would be quite appropriate to give one big gift from all children and, for example, a bouquet of flowers - to mom, a bottle of wine or cognac - to dad. This option will be even better - it is important for parents to know that their children are together and that they can lean on each other.

The main thing is to choose a gift with soul, care, love, but still you should not forget about reasonableness. Find out what your parents dream about, what they love the most, try to surprise them.


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