What to give parents for the New Year: mom, father, DIY gifts, photos and videos

For parents

The article contains ideas for gifts for the New Year for parents. You will find out what and to whom it is better to give, and what to look for when choosing a present for moms and dads of different ages.

Features of choosing gifts for parents

Gifts for parents are not as easy as you might think at first glance. Your parents are from nearly forty to ninety years old. Each of the ages has its own characteristics, but the main one is conservatism. A 35-year-old man already has most of what he wanted, except for expensive things. A person from 45-50 becomes conservative, and his needs decrease. And, finally, from 60 - the age of preserving the situation in an unchanged form begins.

The second factor is gender. At any age, the desires of a man differ from the desires of women of the same age.

The third factor is strangeness. Do not scare your parents with something extravagant. Parents will always monitor your behavior and have a hard time refraining from controlling influences. It is unnecessary to give cause for unrest.

gifts for parents for the new year

Fourth, never stress their age. That is, it is impossible for a woman to give a cream against age wrinkles, if she did not directly ask you to.

In any case, only you yourself know your parents well. The article is intended only to tell you a gift for your parents for the new year.

General tips for all ages

  • Souvenirs like both sexes, albeit different. Present a painting to your parents. Contemporary artists know how to perfectly create landscapes, still lifes. You can order portraits of parents together and separately from a photograph.
  • Candlestick or a nice figurine will decorate the mother's shelf, and you can give your father alarm clock with a large dial and some additional functions.
  • Another approach is to donate medium-sized furniture... Present a comfortable chair, just make an allowance for your age. The relatively young can be given a work chair, but the older generation should be comfortable in front of the TV or with a book.
  • Small table and a couple of chairs would be rated positively instead of old and worn out, but don't get carried away. They have to fit what happened.
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plaid for parents for the new year
A blanket with sleeves is an ingenious invention and a wonderful warm gift for the New Year to parents of all ages and in general for all family members
  • Slippers, towels, bathroom rugs are always needed on the farm. LightingFirst of all, table lamps will help you to spend the dark time of day with comfort. For old people, turning on the light automatically is useful, but for younger people it is just convenient. But remember that not everyone likes being overly smart at home.
  • Old people get bored sitting around without news. Think if it's time to give them new tv or, if they are younger, large monitor to your computer or tablet. Modern models have a magnifier.
  • Fireplace unusual gift. In a city apartment or private house, an electric fireplace with a "live fire" effect will warm the bodies of your parents and their souls. However, it takes up little space. The sight of burning wood brings peace, and the outgoing warmth will allow old people to sleep sweetly. An ordinary heater is cheaper, but you will pleasantly surprise with a fireplace.
set for mom for the New Year
Dear mommy, a beautiful, practical and elegant set in a basket of care products and a bathrobe with love from children for the New Year

Middle-aged parents (35-50)

  • At any age, a woman seeks to emphasize her attractiveness. pay attention to ornamentation... First of all, for earrings, necklaces, brooches. They do not require fitting, they are always in demand. Please note that it is very important for a woman that the item matches her appearance and clothing. Stretch your imagination, imagine it in decoration.
  • Of clothes shawls, warm socks, sweaters are perfect. You shouldn't go further. In this case, the father can appreciate a set of socks, scarves and T-shirts.
  • kitchenware great choice. If you can find out in advance that the mother does not have a mixer, an electric meat grinder, then this will do. A beautiful dish, a decorated cutting board or a set of glasses will decorate the feast.
father on New Years
A gift for a father can also be aesthetic and elegant, for example, if he is a designer, then colored pencils in the set will come in handy
  • Father, on the other hand, is more suitable technique... If you are a daughter, then the father's technique may not be clear to you. In this case, items for the care of the units are perfect. Let's say a motorist will appreciate car vacuum cleaner, wireless headset, small pillow or night anti-headlights... The geek will be amused by a souvenir like a keyboard pillow, USB refrigerator.
  • Backpack or bag will be an excellent choice for a man, a corkscrew for opening bottles.
  • Wrist watch are still popular. Besides, GPS in them or even mobile, will give him extra pleasure.

Older parents (50-90)

  • Elderly and older people pay more attention to their health... For example, good tonometer they can appreciate more than a fancy smartphone. Loupe will help to make out the details of the text, and devices with small text should be replaced with devices with large ones.
  • Massager, orthopedic pillow, shoes, mattress, electric heating pad, things necessary. Canes in modern stores, they are adjustable in height, there are folding, folding with a chair, with additional support points and of the most various types - it's not a problem to find something beautiful and at the same time comfortable.
  • To be always in touch, select a special for parents smart phone for the elderly with a big screen. With low vision, letters are clearly visible, does not clutter up the screen with functions that are obscure for the elderly, has voice prompts for the visually impaired, allows you to track parents in case of problems with their health, and even a separate button SOS... There are also push-button telephones on sale. Their advantage is their small size, long work without recharging (somewhat compensates for forgetfulness) and familiarity.
do it yourself to parents for the New Year
Gift ideas for parents for the New Year - do-it-yourself knitted unique things will become the most expensive gifts
  • Old people often choose a quiet hobby for themselves. Most common: country vacation... Donate tools, buy land from a flower shop. Fit as the simplest Tools like scythes, shovels and rakes, and a walk-behind tractor, a trimmer. In some cases, it is worth donating an electric saw. It is lighter and more convenient than a gasoline one, and it is more convenient to stretch a wire through 6 acres than to carry a heavier gasoline one. A lantern, a Panama, will come in handy at the dacha.
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gifts for parents for the New Year
The paper book cannot be replaced by any advanced tablet or electronic reader. Parents have a love for a real book in their genes!
  • Fishermen will appreciate fishing rod, tourist coir and thermochemical heating padand mom is a rocking chair.
  • Other old people love читать or listen to audio books. Present them with a set of audio books on a USB stick. The tablet for reading e-books will also be a good gift, especially with the ability to connect speakers.
  • Replace your worn-out items with them. Rickety cupboard excellent candidate for replacement. If for some reason it needs to be preserved, then nothing will prevent leaving only the external facade from it. A well-worn kitchen set can be pasted over with foil with cheerful colors. Just remember that old people don't like a change of scenery. Therefore, change to the same color, only without the stains of your childhood times.

Parents must be honored, because they gave us life, educated us and gave us the opportunity to take our current place in life. Let the decision of the question of what to give your parents for the new year will decorate your own life with warm feelings.