100 Best Anniversary and Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

It is sometimes most difficult for the most dear people to choose a gift, because they need to like it, be useful and unforgettable. Let's try to figure out what to give parents something pleasant and useful, we will consider a wide variety of options, among which there will definitely be one that will win the hearts of the heroes of the occasion.

Attention to parents

First of all, parents need your attention and love - this is what will definitely make them happy.

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift

In such a situation, there are several options at once. You can follow the traditions and give a gift related to the material of a certain anniversary. Another option is to give emotions, a trip or extreme will be remembered for a lifetime. Practical gifts will also be useful, do-it-yourself options cannot be discarded.

Absolutely every wedding anniversary is associated with some kind of material. We will not list all of them, we will consider only anniversary traditions and a few interesting gifts associated with them.

20 years of marriage associated with porcelain

Anniversary, 20th, wedding anniversary is called porcelain. Fortunately, this material provides an excellent selection of a wide variety of gifts:

  1. Beautiful and durable porcelain dinnerware sets.
  2. Small jewelry boxes.
  3. Various interior items: figurines, vases.


Porcelain tableware - stylish and practical

25 years - silver

Silver is used to make a wide variety of jewelry and useful household items. There are also several options indirectly related to silver, but they will suit both in terms of subject matter and practicality. What can you give parents from silver:

  1. Paired bracelets or pendants.
  2. Cutlery.
  3. Air purifiers on silver ions.
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30 years - pearl

The first thing that comes to mind is jewelry. For mom, there are no problems with earrings, rings and pendants with pearls. It will take a little longer to look for a gift for father, but there are cufflinks and clips in jewelry stores.

Cufflinks with black pearls

Pearls are also present in men's jewelry.

Here are some more unusual options:

  1. Dessert in the form of a shell with pearls.
  2. Garden statues in the form of pearls.
  3. Photo frame decorated with pearls or handmade photo album.

35 years - corals and canvas

Two materials at once are related to the 35th wedding anniversary. Sea corals are responsible for well-being, and the canvas for strong relationships. A gift for a wedding day to parents can be as follows:

  1. A set of quality bed linen.
  2. Painting with a marine plot on the canvas.
  3. Coral souvenir figurines.

40 years - precious ruby

This red noble stone has not only a beautiful appearance, but also a symbolic meaning. Ruby speaks of fidelity and truthfulness of feelings. Gift options:

  • Jewelry with ruby.

ruby jewelry

Ruby products are distinguished by their noble appearance.

  • Stylish accessories or clothes in rich red.
  • Interior items in a ruby ​​hue: vases, decorative dishes, napkins, sconces or chandeliers, panels.

45 years old - sapphire and some water

Although a gemstone is considered a symbol, and you can give jewelry with it or things in its color, but on the 45th anniversary they often give something related to water. Gift options:

  1. A small fountain for the home or a larger one for the garden.
  2. Aquarium.

Aquarium - interior decoration

Aquarium - interior decoration

  1. Marine painting.
  2. The decoration of the holiday will be an original themed cake.

50 years - gold

Half a century together is really golden times. Gifts for this date can be as follows:

  1. Textiles with gold thread embroidery: tablecloth, bed linen, napkins, towels.
  2. Gold jewelry.
  3. Special medal dedicated to the anniversary.

Medal for 50 years of marriage

Medal for 50 years of marriage

We give emotions

Many are of the opinion that material gifts are not always practical, but it is better to give something that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Skydiving or bungee jumping is a truly unique gift. True, in this situation you need to be careful, it is important that the parents do not have contraindications for health reasons, and you need to gain a lot of courage.

The alternative is simpler, you can just fly and not jump anywhere. Flying by plane, helicopter or hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience. Beautiful views and clean air are undeniable advantages.

Balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight - a lot of emotions

Useful procedures

Not only to have a good time, but also to improve your health is quite possible. SPA-procedures, saunas, massages and therapies of various kinds. Parents will definitely thank you for such a gift.


SPA-salon - relaxation and health benefits

In the mountainous regions, you can also give tickets for an interesting excursion. It is very useful to breathe the cleanest air or drink mineral water from springs.


On the anniversary of the wedding - in Paris. Just the perfect gift for parents. If you can't get out of the country, no problem. Each region has its own attractions or small local resorts.

Travel is a great gift for parents

Travel is a great gift for parents

For an interesting pastime, historical buildings or natural wonders are not necessary. The current trend is excursions to factories. It will definitely be useful for parents to learn about the wine production process and attend a tasting.

Dinner at the restaurant

A gift that helps many to remember their youth, unwind and just have a good time. And the abundance of restaurants today helps to make even a small trip, albeit only a gastronomic one. An Italian, Japanese or even Mexican restaurant is a great choice.

Romantic dinner

A romantic dinner is great for strengthening relationships.

Practical and useful gift

Many approach the choice of gifts with one requirement - that they be useful for many years. There is already an unrealistically large choice: household appliances, jewelry, interior items, clothes, perfumes and much more.

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Home Appliances

A gift from the most practical considerations is possible. For example, the microwave oven is broken, so you need to give a new one. And this is a good option. Perhaps the parents constantly could not find the money or time to buy, and with their gift the children solved their problem.

Even in the hardware store you can find a lot of things that will make parents more modern and advanced. If they have old push-button phones, then there is a great reason to give them a smartphone.

Smartphone - a practical gift

Smartphone - a practical gift

Clothes and accessories

In this category, you can approach with originality. Paired terry bathrobes or identical T-shirts will perfectly cheer you up and become your favorite home clothes. This also includes paired bracelets or, for example, a handbag and a men's wallet from the same collection of the same brand. Stylish and high quality.

You can also combine the pleasant with the useful. For example, donate sportswear and a gym membership, or swim caps and a pool membership.

Furniture and interior items

It's not about just gifting a closet. Although this option has the right to life. The choice should be approached in an original way. An electric fireplace is able to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, and a breakfast table in bed will enliven the senses.

Breakfast table

Original gift for parents

Painting has always been considered one of the best gifts. Why not give a beautiful landscape that will please the eye every day. Or even personalize a gift - order a portrait of your parents from the artist. Or even more interesting - the image of the place where they first met.

DIY gifts

Asking the question of what to give parents on their wedding day, many come to the conclusion that they can solve the problem with their own hands. It can be both an independent gift and a great addition to the above options.

DIY gifts

A good gift can be made on your own

Wall newspaper

A great option for a collective gift, the development of which should be applied by the whole family. You can steal a wall newspaper with old and new photos, parents, congratulations and wishes.

Congratulations video

Hearing congratulations on the phone or reading a message is one thing, but seeing a person, even on the screen, is quite another. Even friends and relatives who are far abroad and whom their parents have not seen for many years can record congratulations.

Panel of nails and red thread

In addition to the nails and thread themselves, you will also need a small wooden board, which will become the basis for the picture. As for the plot of the composition, the choice is great: stars, geometric shapes, but we are already talking about the wedding anniversary, right? The best choice is a heart, and it looks really stylish. You can learn how to create a panel from videos on the Internet, this process will not cause many difficulties.

Heart of Threads

Original homemade piece of furniture

Paired t-shirts

To create a gift, you only need to buy two plain T-shirts and special acrylic paints for fabric. Beyond that, it all depends on your imagination. Best wishes lettering, original drawing or just emoticons. Parents will appreciate it, because only they will have such T-shirts, and no one else in the world will have them.

Choosing a gift for parents on a round date

Sometimes it’s even more difficult than on a wedding anniversary to pick up a gift for dad or mom for an anniversary. Each situation must be approached individually. Let's try to figure out what to give parents for an anniversary so that everyone is satisfied.

Gift for dad

There are many gift options for men. Some are universal and will suit almost everyone, while others are selected individually, based on the tastes and needs of the hero of the occasion.

Stylish accessories and quality perfumes

When choosing a gift, pay attention to leather goods. Wallet, purse or briefcase are good options. And if they are handmade and with personalized engraving - even better. These are practical and high-quality things, which, moreover, emphasize the status.

Quality perfumes have always been a good gift. Products of famous brands will delight you with their quality and aroma. Not everyone dares to buy expensive perfumes for themselves, so for a gift they will come in handy.

Leather wallet

Leather wallet - a status gift

Brazier, fishing accessories, tickets for the match of your favorite team

As you understand, this group of gifts is related to your father's hobby. If he likes to cook meat, then why not buy him a barbecue or barbecue. By the way, now the masters even offer personalized forged products, which also personalizes the gift.

Does your father love fishing? Then dozens of options appear for a gift at once, the main thing is not to buy a bad thing out of ignorance. Rods, fishing chairs, camouflage suits - the choice is huge, but be sure to talk to the store consultant before buying.

Tackle for fishing

In the fishing store you can easily find a gift for dad

Football is the real passion of many men. Therefore, tickets, or better, an annual subscription to a match of your favorite team, is the best solution. In addition, you can donate fan paraphernalia: scarves, T-shirts, flags.

Modern gadget

Life without a smartphone or tablet is hard to imagine today. View the weather forecast, read the news or enjoy entertainment content. Dad will feel like a modern person.

The option is a little more expensive, but more practical - a laptop. It is suitable not only for entertainment purposes, but also for work.

Laptop for dad

A laptop is an expensive but very practical gift.


All men are happy when they can solve minor domestic problems on their own. Tools will come in handy for this. You can buy a universal kit with several dozen simple tools or, for example, a screwdriver.

Chocolate tools

Tools, by the way, can be chocolate, but they are not very durable.

Gift for mom

Although mom will be happy with any gift and manifestation of attention, the choice still needs to be approached responsibly. Let's suggest a few options.

Clothing and cosmetics

Whatever age a woman is, she should look beautiful and fashionable. Cardigan, sneakers or evening dress - it's practical. When choosing, it is better to rely on trusted manufacturers so that things not only look beautiful, but also serve for a long time.

If we talk about cosmetics, then there is a whole storehouse of gift ideas. French perfumes, skin care kits, shampoos and shower gels. All this will allow mom to take care of herself and look great.

Perfume for mom

Perfume - a classic gift option

SPA procedures

All women want to look beautiful, but due to lack of time, few people pay attention to all sorts of wellness procedures. A subscription to the SPA-salon as a gift will solve this problem.

Another option is gift certificates for the services of beauty salons, massage rooms or gyms. You can give mom something that she never could find time for.

A trip to a beauty salon

A trip to the beauty salon is never too much

Useful technique

Household appliances are also a useful gift, especially if they are also original. A massager or a whole massage chair, a modern and stylish smartphone, a coffee maker, a fitness bracelet.

A technique that does housework on its own is also popular now. Having a dishwasher or a robotic vacuum cleaner will save your mom a lot of time and effort.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

An interesting idea is to give a housekeeper as a gift


The book is the best gift. It is hard to disagree with this statement. You can go the traditional way - buy one or more books in the store. The alternative is an e-book. According to tactile sensations, of course, a little bit different, but there is always a whole library at hand.

book as a gift

It remains only to choose: electronic or traditional


A small kitten, a dog or a simpler option - a hamster, although they will add trouble around the house, they will always cheer you up. Pets are excellent psychologists, they help to cope with stress, make a person happier.

Kitten parents

Well, isn't that the best gift?

If there is no courage to get a fluffy animal, then it is quite possible to get by with a feathered parrot or beautiful fish. They do not require such painstaking care.

Bed dress

Comfortable sleep is very important for health. Therefore, orthopedic mattresses, hypoallergenic blankets and pillows can be a great gift. Even a set of new bedding is a great gift.

Every wedding anniversary is unique. When choosing gifts for parents, you can follow the traditions by buying a present from materials that correspond to a certain number of years lived together. Traveling within the country or abroad, household appliances or care-made All of these are great options too.

There is something to give to each of the parents separately, for example, on the occasion of the anniversary. Here you will need a special approach, both to mom and dad. But, remember, the main thing is not a gift, but attention when choosing and presenting it.


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