What to give mom for her 60th birthday: gifts for her dearest and beloved

For parents

The article was written in order to help those who do not know what to give mom for her 60th birthday. There are many gift ideas here. You will find both practical, necessary, and original, memorable examples of gifts. It also tells how to surprise mom with gifts that will leave an impression.

A few tips for choosing a present for mom

60 years is a solid anniversary, so you need to give your mother something really necessary, but at the same time memorable, in order to thank her for everything and appreciate her merits. Before buying a gift for mom for 60 years, read some tips.

  1. Count on your own budget. If you have limited finances, then opt for an inexpensive but memorable gift.
  2. Favorite ladies present are Jewelry. It does not matter how old a woman is here, she will always be happy with a brand new pair of earrings, an elegant diadem or a delicate bracelet.
  3. Remember, pensioners usually have much more preferences than working ladies. For example, pensioners often devote themselves to giving, housekeeping or needlework.
  4. 60 years old is such an age when, alas, health is no longer as good as before, so you can present to your mother a ticket to a sanatorium, home training apparatus, physiotherapy course.
  5. If your mother has a lot of free time, then most likely she is actively engaged in herself. Give her, for example, sports equipment or cosmetics.
  6. Parents love quiet, relaxing family evenings, so bring them more coziness with a large plaid or rocking chairs.

aromatic setAromatic set - will make your home even more comfortable

Warm blanketWarm blanket - love in every touch

Spice setA set of spices - to make mom's dishes even tastier

Original presents

Mom will be quite difficult to surprise, given that you have lived together for about half a century. Your mother is already at that age when she most likely acquired everything she needed, and learned to do without frills. To tear your mother away from the ordinary, you need to bring something unusual, original and unexpected into her life. Suitable plate or printed T-shirt, photo mosaic, huge collage from photographs and much more.

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So, let's choose a gift for mom for 60 years. Ideas for original presentations:

  • Spray juicer for citrus. If the birthday girl likes to experiment in the kitchen, then without this device anywhere. She will be able to get, for example, lemon juice simply and quickly. And due to the original solution of the device, the present will be able to surprise or even delight her.
  • Mandala, or rather a towel with an anti-stress pattern. Let the hero of the day take him on vacation so that he goes more calmly, and therefore more pleasant.
  • LED lamp in the form of an orchid. The thing seems to be simple and ordinary, but it looks so elegant that it is impossible to take your eyes off, especially when you turn on the lamp.
  • Volumetric panel "Money tree". An interesting gift that can attract income to the family.
  • levitating pot. The bowl literally soars in the air, it looks very gentle, cute, truly magical.

What to give mom for her 60th birthday

Delicate bouquet - a great addition to the gift

Practical gifts

At the age of 60, women prefer practical gifts. For example, household appliances will definitely not be left idle if you choose something you need. Bread machine will allow your mother to bake buns with ease, multivariate cook absolutely any dish, and robot vacuum cleaner at this time will tidy up the apartment.

Health products are the second category of practical gifts. Give the hero of the day tonometerso that she can keep her blood pressure normal; pulse meterif she suffers from tachycardia, glucometer, Posture Corrector, inhaler, massager etc.

A few more ideas if you don’t know what to give mom for 60 years:

  • Set "Cheese is the head of everything". The set includes a plate for serving cheese, made of glass and a wooden box.
  • Travel set. It contains a blanket and pillow for a comfortable trip or flight.
  • Scarf. You can choose both a fashionable, designer scarf, and something simpler, the main thing is that the birthday girl appreciates it.

Light frameGlowing frame - touching moments will always warm with their warmth

Massage MatMassage mat - with care for mother's health

Silver broochSilver brooch is a stylish and sophisticated accessory

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Gifts that leave an impression

If you want to make mom's birthday truly unforgettable, then give her positive emotions. For example, invite her to a restaurantwhere all the people close to her will gather. Mom will become a real queen of the ball, because after the celebration she will not have to wash mountains of dishes, and she will not need to cook a festive dinner either. As an entertainment program, you can arrange a small concert with the participation of grandchildren and children. A sea of ​​unforgettable emotions will be provided for mom. If mom does not like noisy restaurants, then do the same at home, but take on all the responsibilities or order restaurant dishes.

Give an art lover theater tickets, to the concert of your favorite singer. Or order her travel by limousine. Let her be taken to the theater, and then she can ride around the city.

Certificate for two SPA-salon Makes a great birthday gift for mom. 60 years is the age when women want to be closer to the family, and even more so to children, who usually have so little time for their parents. Make mom happy, free the whole day and spend it together, in relaxation.

If your mother is quite active, then she will come in handy gym membership, swimming pool or massage course. In addition, this way you will take care of her well-being.

What to give mom for her 60th birthday

Birthday in the circle of the closest people is the most desired gift

Another great option to please and heal mom will be ticket to the resort or sea. Or maybe mom wants to go abroad? If the budget allows, then feel free to purchase tickets for her to your favorite country.

personalized gifts

Anything can be engraved if you want. An engraved thing always looks more solid, with a special chic:

  • Set "Coffee lover". The set includes a copper cezve (with engraving), an elegant spoon and a coffee grinder. If you know what kind of coffee mom prefers, then get it as a supplement.
  • Named marmalade or chocolate. By the way, you can make such a gift yourself. This is a good present if you haven't figured out what to give your mom for her 60th birthday. From daughter it is especially pleasant to receive “delicious” gifts, because basically, it is the mother who lays down the basics of cooking for them.
  • Flower vase signed by the whole family. You can choose any vase, crystal, glass or ceramics will do.
  • Personalized thermos. If mom loves various trips or she has a dacha, then she will definitely find a use for a thermos.
  • personalized wine box. It will look solid, because it is made in the author's style.
  • personalized postcard. The presentation may be simple, but very touching. By the way, we are not talking about an ordinary purchased postcard, but a large handmade postcard.
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Box for jewelry Jewelry box - to keep the treasures in order
Portrait burned into wood A portrait burned on a tree - an original gift solution
Levitating lampLevitating lamp - an exquisite and unusual gift

Memorable gifts

If you want to leave memories of the bygone days with the hero of the day, then present to her genealogy book. Gather and combine information about all known relatives. You can make a pedigree yourself, or you can order an author's pedigree.

Give mom a joke congratulatory newspaper number. Write there several columns with congratulations, situations from life, add photos. In the years of my mother's youth, there was the Pravda newspaper, and so, getting into the front page of at least one publication was a real event in the life of Komsomol members. Can you imagine what emotions will cover your mom when she sees that it is her photo that leads the strip?

Below are a few more ideas for what to give mom for her birthday. 60 years is the age when you can give even pleasant little things, because the main thing for mom is the care and attention of loved ones.

  • Pillow with a photo;
  • Plaid with photos;
  • congratulatory tablecloth (Different wishes will be written directly on it);
  • Portraitmade from a photograph;
  • Nominal medal, cup or certificates.

When choosing a gift, the main thing to remember is that your mother, first of all, needs to feel your attention and love. Therefore, for her, any gift from you is a symbol of your concern.