Christmas gifts for football fans

Professional gifts

For some football fans, this game is more than just a sport. And although winter is on the calendar and football battles are postponed until spring (at least in the northern hemisphere), a real football fan will not at all mind finding something related to his passion under the tree on New Year's Eve among the gifts. But how to please him and what to give to football fans is described later in the article.

fan gift

Happy New Year greetings from Messi, Suarez, Marciano

Degrees of involvement and levels of fanaticism

There are several types of football fans and stages of "neglect" of the disease. Some boys have just come into this world, others totally live in the interests of the players and find meaning in following their favorite team, moving around the cities and countries where matches are held with their participation. Therefore, toys that will please the kids will turn out to be a banal excuse for a seasoned fan. You can really please a football fan by figuring out where a loved one is located in this hierarchy.

Rookie Fan 

If a person only joins the game of millions, then he will be completely delighted with a soccer ball or a scarf of his favorite team, as well as a T-shirt with the number and surname of his favorite player, or the inscription "football is my game."

football fan gift

Attributes of your favorite club (Barcelona) are always appropriate for a fan

Seen fan

But you won’t surprise a sophisticated football fan with such a gift - he has long abandoned kicking the ball, the scarves of not only the local team, but also one of the giants of world football have long been laid out in a conspicuous place, and in the closet the Cristiano Ronaldo T-shirt proudly covered the Lionel Messi number. Here you will have to apply more imagination.

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If you surprise a fan with a soccer ball or a T-shirt, then it would be nice if these football attributes were autographed by famous football players. But if there are no close acquaintances to prepare such an exclusive gift, you have to go the other way.

A valuable gift for a football fan can be a beer belt called a "mini-bar". It can easily accommodate up to 6 cans of foamy drink, without which watching a football match is a dull sight. In addition, by storing the “fan dope” in this way, you can free your hands, whistle, applaud and wave your scarf. In addition to belts, there are also beer helmets that can also store beer and other drinks, and the pipe taken out of the vessel will allow you to “reinforce” yourself or quench your thirst without using your hands.

fan gift

The signed ball by the team players can now be bought and ordered for delivery

And the TV replaced the clearing for us

If for a football fan, empathy for the players has long been reduced to watching television matches, then you can take care of his comfort near the TV. An inflatable chair in the shape of a soccer ball is a great gift for a soccer fan. Such an armchair can become one of the favorite items in the apartment for the fan, where he will spend unforgettable hours near the TV screen.

And if such a gift is too expensive, then you can limit yourself to a photo in the style of puzzles with the image of famous football players. With this activity, you can not only entertain yourself in the absence of television broadcasts of the Champions League, but also, by collecting a picture and pasting it on cardboard, decorate the walls of the apartment.

A good option for a gift would be a disc with a record of the most interesting football matches of the last decades or the final of the world championships. In those cases when a fan not only yells loudly at the TV screen, but also nervously smokes, shaking off the ashes on an expensive carpet or upholstery, an ashtray in the shape of a deflated soccer ball or a goblet will be a good gift.

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fan gift

Wonderful handmade car pendant made of two leather balls

Our youth team

For a person who does not have time to sit near the TV screen for a long time, but who, on duty, manages to fix the server and watch football battles online, a mouse stylized as a soccer ball for a computer or a flash drive for storing information will be a pleasant surprise.

If he already has all this, an alarm clock will do, from which every morning, instead of the same type of calls, the call “Ole-Ole !!!” will sound. or the melody of the song "We are the champions."

You can also pick up a gift that will not get lost not only under the New Year tree, but also in the home of a football fan - a portrait depicting a friend or close relative (the one for whom the souvenir is intended) surrounded by football players of your favorite team or celebrating a goal scored. And even if it's just a "photoshop", but the person will be pleased.

Football fans are extremely enthusiastic, emotional individuals. To please them with a correctly chosen gift is a real pleasure for each party. It is enough just to pay attention to the talking details and it will become clear what such a fan needs and put it under the Christmas tree.