Gifts for drivers

Professional gifts

Choosing a gift is not an easy task, and in this case it is easiest to please the driver. What is the most important thing for a driver? Of course, his "swallow", his true friend, his car. In order for the car enthusiast to be satisfied, it is enough to give some necessary little thing for his “iron horse”.

Based on his character, temperament, driving style, lifestyle and preferences, the choice of a gift for a motorist will depend. A set of tools will be invaluable to one and he will happily spend the weekend in the garage under the car. Another is happy with practical accessories for the car, the third - useless, but stylish gizmos that are pleasing to the eye and complete the image. Further in the article, read what gifts are appropriate for different categories of drivers for a birthday, New Year and other holidays.

a gift to the driver
An ideal gift for a driver, one that he will use every day

Choosing a gift for different drivers

Not every driver has a personal car. A person may not be a car owner, but spend most of the day behind the wheel. Such people should choose gifts based on the specifics of their profession. Let's take a closer look at these options.

Gift for a bus driver

Bus drivers are thrifty people, they treat every little thing with care. Over time, the driver's cab with great experience turns into either an antique shop or a cabinet of curiosities. You can give such a person a set of funny stickers or badges. He will also be pleased with a funny figurine that can be fixed on the rear-view mirror.

Of course, the best gift for a bus driver is a book. Don't be scared. The box looks like a book, in which three cups, a metal flask and a funnel for liquid are neatly stacked. Surely, any driver will be pleased to "read" such a "book" with friends after a hard day's work.

a gift to a motorist

Thermal mug in the car - a stylish universal and practical gift for any driver

Gift for taxi driver

The work of a minibus driver is nervous and stressful, especially exhausting standing in endless traffic jams. In such cases, the driver will need a thermal mug made specifically for the car. This mug not only keeps tea or coffee hot thanks to the double walls, but also heats them up to the right temperature. The tight lid will not allow the drink to spill, and the mug receives energy from the cigarette lighter.

It will be useful for the driver of the minibus and some kind of compact puzzle. It will help divert attention and calm the nerves.

a gift to a motorist

Travel organizers are available in various sizes and configurations.

Gift for truck driver

Truckers spend almost all their lives on the road, so a simple thermal mug is not enough here. The driver of long-distance flights will need a good thermos more. So that the driver does not get bored on the road, you can give him a set of CDs with your favorite tunes.

A trucker often has to spend the night right in the car, so a warm woolen blanket or an insulated sleeping bag will come in handy.

In addition, such a driver can be presented with a massage cape for a car seat - it will help to quickly relieve fatigue and warm up tired muscles of the back and lower back.

a gift to the driver

Trucker as a gift a set of warm socks

Gift for male driver

As a gift for a driver, any accessories for his car are suitable. If this is a happy owner of an SUV who often travels out of town for hunting or fishing, the Anti-Slip System will certainly come in handy for him. The kit of this device includes six tracks that are able to pull the car out of the deepest puddle. This device is especially useful during spring and autumn thaws.

A funny gift will be a device that helps drivers communicate at a distance. With it, you can send a small phrase consisting of letters or emoticons. The device itself is mounted on the rear window of the car, and the remote control to it is on the windshield.

a gift to the driver

For the driver in the trunk, a spectacular practical suitcase with a picnic set is a brilliant gift idea

Gift for a female driver

Most of all, women appreciate beauty, and even car accessories should be beautiful. As a gift for a car lover, bright car seat covers or beautiful car mats are suitable. Like her and a funny cover on the steering wheel. A fragrance for the salon with replaceable cartridges will also come in handy. The muffler attachment in the form of a funny figure will definitely please the girl. And you can also give her a bright, rhinestone-embellished keychain on the rearview mirror, a small toy that is attached to the windshield with a suction cup, or bright pillows for the back seat.

It is recommended to choose a gift for the driver with special care and attention to detail. It is not uncommon to drive most of the time, and in the case of a professional chauffeur, the whole day. Take a closer look at what is not in the car, put yourself behind the wheel instead of the one you intend to give a gift to. This will help you make the right choice of a practical, necessary or stylish present.

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