What to give a guitarist: 45 gift ideas for beginners and professionals

When a holiday is approaching, I want to please a loved one with a gift that would please him. It is worth considering the interests and preferences of a friend. In any case, a gift associated with passion will show the level of care and attention of the giver. Choosing a gift for a musician is difficult, especially when you are not well versed in this hobby. People involved in creativity have a special mental organization and are very sensitive to their instrument. Consider what to give a guitarist for every taste and budget.

Themed cake
A themed cake is a good start for congratulating a guitarist on the occasion.

Beginner musician

At the beginning of learning to play the guitar, the musician is full of enthusiasm and invests a lot of effort and money in his training. It is a good idea to support him at this stage with a useful or pleasant gift:

  • Guitar. For a novice guitarist, such a present will be very useful and enjoyable. However, do not forget that the guitar is a specific gift. Therefore, it is better to take a friend to the store with you so that he has the opportunity to choose and “try on” the instrument.
  • Educational materials. To become better, a beginner musician needs practice. Understanding music theory will help you create your own songs and arrange others. A beginner will not interfere with literature, video recordings of lessons, enrolling in a course with a specialist or a self-instruction manual.
  • Guitar stand. Guitarists often skimp on instrument holders and stands. Even cheap racks last quite a long time. Therefore, a reliable, functional and simply beautiful stand will be a great gift. It takes up little space in the room, which is very convenient. There are also folding stands and holders for several guitars.
  • Metronome. The device measures a certain rhythm at a given speed. Electronic metronomes are small and fit easily in the palm of your hand. In addition, they have many other functions: a tuning fork, an accent and its shift.
A metronome will help a novice guitarist
A metronome helps beginner guitarists practice rhythm
  • Music album. A guitarist must know sheet music and basic musical theory. For learning, he will definitely need a musical album. There is a guitar tablature - a simplified musical notation that contains not notes, but guitar strings, guitar strings and individual fret numbers. Learning to record music in the form of notes and the process of reading is a painstaking and lengthy process.
  • Tuner. The device allows you to quickly set up the tool with perfect accuracy. You can adjust the sound with it even without special training. It is essential for any guitarist. When choosing a tuner, you should pay attention to the convenience and ease of use.
  • Finger trainer. A good present can be a device for training the fingers, simulating the tension of the strings. The guitar is the best trainer, but it's not as compact. The finger trainer will help the novice guitarist to practice.
  • Concert recording or biography of a favorite musician. There are many problems on the path of a beginner guitarist: the movements of the hands and fingers are not yet coordinated, the notes do not sound the way you want. Nothing lifts morale like a worthy example. It will be easier for a musician to overcome obstacles if he sees real success achieved by hard work. All of his idols were once rookies too.
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Concert tickets
An option could be tickets for a performance by a famous artist

Experienced guitarist

Experienced guitarists probably have a set of essentials. You need to choose something more unusual as a gift. It would be a good idea to consult with the hero of the occasion, because who, if not him, knows what he wants and what exactly will fit the existing equipment. You can pick up a present, with the help of a seller of one of the specialized stores, or stop at one of the options below:

  • Amplifier. Devices come in various capacities. Their cost depends on this characteristic. Choose the brand that best matches the guitar.
  • effects pedal. With this equipment, you can change the sound while playing the guitar. If the instrument is acoustic, you need to clarify whether it is possible to connect a pedal to it. It is necessary to take into account the style of music, because pedals are different for different genres.
  • Headphones. This is a necessary attribute of all music lovers. With good headphones, you can rehearse day and night without disturbing your neighbors. Recording guitarists will also love this gift. High-quality recording, mastering and mixing is impossible without good headphones.
  • Strings. Such a gift will come in handy, but it must be borne in mind that the strings of an electric and acoustic guitar are different. It is recommended to find out in advance which musician prefers material, caliber and company. It will be original to give neon strings. Their peculiarity lies in the beautiful glow under ultraviolet light.
Strings are never enough
There are never enough strings, but you need to know which ones your guitarist prefers
  • capo. Changing the tone of an acoustic instrument is possible with this device. A capo is a great option for a present, because even if the guitarist already has one, one more will not be superfluous.
  • Studio Recording Certificate. This gift can help the guitarist to improve his musical development and even promote his musical progress.

For home

A person who is fond of playing the guitar does not have to give things for a hobby. In addition to rehearsals, the musicians cook, decorate the house, and relax with friends. You can simply choose a surprise with an element that will match the desired theme:

  • Statuette. A table clock with a guitarist or a treble clef, a stylized bust of a famous musician - nowadays there is a wide selection of various figurines. You can order a unique figurine-cartoon with the face of a loved one.
  • Lamp. The guitar-shaped 3D LED night light will give a soft light and attract attention. An image glowing in different colors seems to be voluminous due to the drawing of lines on a transparent plate. Such a decorative lamp can be placed in the bedroom and in the music studio.
  • Vinyl record for decor. A connoisseur of musical art will be pleased to receive a vinyl record with a gold or silver coating. Such a gift will become an original decoration and create a creative atmosphere. You can choose a ready-made version or cover the record with the guitarist's favorite performer.
Vinyl record clock
Or a wall clock made from a vinyl record
  • Cup or plate with symbols. A creative cup with an extraordinary design is suitable for any holiday. It can be with a guitar-shaped handle or with an image printed on it. A mug and a plate with your favorite animal-guitarist will not leave any musician indifferent.
  • Cutting board. On a guitar-shaped board, products will be cut to the rhythm of good music. It can also be used to serve food.
  • painting from photo. If you need to decide what to give a guitarist for his birthday, then opting for this option is a great solution. For a good picture, you just need to choose the right moment and photograph the silhouette of the birthday man with the tool. You can use a group photo with friends or a photo of your girlfriend with a musician's guitar.
  • Флешка. For storing audio recordings and recording results of a guitarist, this attribute will come in handy. A flash drive in the shape of a guitar will delight the eye and remind you of a musical instrument.
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Accessories and clothing

When choosing jewelry, you should focus on the musical taste of a friend, if he plays rock, he is unlikely to be happy with a gift with a chanson theme:

  • Medallion or brooch. A necklace with a pendant in the shape of a guitar or with the emblem of your favorite band is a real find for those who love music. A musical style brooch will help make your wardrobe unique.
Pendant in the shape of a guitar
Pendant in the shape of a guitar - a symbolic gift
  • Scarf. Multifunctional gift can be used as a headband, scarf, bandana. The scarf can be tied to a bag or a guitar to add a special touch.
  • Thematic phone case. Practical option. There are cases for every taste. It remains only to choose a pattern or inscription, texture and design of the product.
  • T-shirt. It looks quite trite, but if it shows your favorite band or a stylish guitar, it will become a source of pride. To choose a sweatshirt or wristband according to the same principle is not difficult.
  • Interesting thing - interactive t-shirt-guitar. It can be played like a real musical instrument. The kit includes a mini-amplifier and a magnetic pick.
  • Wallet with compartment for picks. Mediators are a necessary thing, but they are constantly lost. The presence in the wallet of a special compartment for them will please the musician. As a gift, you can purchase a case or holder for picks.

Gifts are universal

There are some items that will suit the beginner and experienced musician. The guitarists themselves often do not have the time to purchase them. It can be both useful items and just funny gizmos:

  • guitar case. It is necessary for the transportation and safety of the instrument. Cases come in three types: hard, semi-hard and soft. The main thing is to choose the right size. The purchased case can be decorated with your own hands. So the gift will become personalized, original and useful.
guitar case
When choosing a guitar case, you need to know exactly its shape and size.
  • Stickers. As a gift, stickers for a guitar, fretboard, pickups, soundboard or socket are suitable. These decorative elements are sold in a wide range: flags, spiders, dragons, unusual patterns and inscriptions. There are stickers that glow in the dark. On stage or rehearsal, the musician will shine not only with talent, but with a unique and beautiful instrument.
  • Strap for guitar. A good present would be a guitar strap. It is an essential accessory for any guitarist. In the music store you can find comfortable and beautiful straps at affordable prices. The straps that come with guitars are usually uncomfortable and not very reliable.
  • Mediator. Nice and inexpensive and a gift for a guitarist. It is useful to know in advance the thickness and size of picks used by the musician. You should pay attention to the shape and material, because there are even ribbed anti-slip picks. Perhaps the guitarist prefers some particular kind of this attribute.
  • Guitar care products. Without proper care, the tool is more susceptible to external influences. Various elements of the guitar require careful care. There are products for strings that will extend their life by 1,5 times: napkins, special chemical mixtures and fixtures.
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Guitar care products
A professional guitarist will accurately evaluate cosmetics for caring for his favorite instrument
  • A large amount of dirt accumulates on the lining of the hyphae. It is used for cleaning lemon oil и special brushes.
  • Hardware care products: polishing wipes, lubricants и cleaning products. They will help you avoid costly repairs.

Note! Dirt from the body of the guitar, chips, as well as polishing the instrument can be done using a variety of special preparations. Before buying such a gift, it is better to consult with a store specialist.

  • Certificate. If it is difficult to choose a gift, you can always visit a music store and purchase a gift certificate. The guitarist certainly will not refuse to buy something necessary for himself. In addition, you can give a gift-impression. For example, a pleasant surprise for a guitarist will be a ticket to a festival, participation in an exciting quest, a visit to a bar or a philharmonic society, a subscription to a studio recording.
  • Ukulele. The Hawaiian four-string guitar will be a nice extension of the guitarist's musical skills and arranging abilities. Such a present is sure to cheer up any musician.
Ukulele for guitarist
Ukulele will bring variety to the life of a musician

Intangible gift

When looking for a gift for a guitarist, do not forget about handmade gifts. Having given a little of your time and showing imagination, you can create a unique present:

  • Photo Album. Handmade photo album decorated with pictures from concerts, rehearsals and gatherings with friends. It can be supplemented with drawings, strings, guitars, logos and notes.
  • Poetry. A friend will definitely appreciate a poem or musical composition in his honor. It can be a laudatory ode, or a comic song. Creativity can be of any nature.
  • Collage. A variety of materials can be used in this capacity: vinyl records, photographs, drawings, watches. The gift will become a memorable and unusual element of the interior.
  • Tasty dish. If the guitarist has everything, a themed cake or salad with musical elements will please even the pickiest of people.
Candy guitar
A sweet tooth can make a guitar out of chocolates and dragees

The number of guitar accessories is constantly increasing. Each musician has a unique way of becoming, but the general patterns of development remain. A gift associated with a favorite thing will certainly become dear to the guitarist. Approaching the choice wisely, the right and high-quality present will please the hero of the occasion and turn the holiday into a dream come true!


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