Extreme gifts: everything for adrenaline lovers

There is a category of people who constantly need an adrenaline rush to fulfill their lives. And others, on the contrary, “turn sour” in the dullness of everyday life, not even suspecting that they need only one push to be happy. Both will benefit from extreme gifts. The article has selected the most incredible ideas for such an unusual surprise that will be remembered for a long time.

Rope park certificate

Certificate "To the Rope Park" - for a family of extreme lovers

To the conquerors of the elements

To surprise the hero of the occasion, and with him the entire invited company, you can purchase a gift certificate for extreme gifts. Or, having agreed in advance with friends, organize a trip to the base, where such entertainment is directly implemented. At the same time, the gender, age of the person to whom this surprise is addressed is not important at all. You can conquer the elements, both alone and in love with couples. Such unimaginable adventures they will definitely like:

It was created for training parachutists. Now anyone can experience the power of the wind that blows the ground from under their feet, air resistance, giving an unreal feeling of free flight.

  • Balloon.

Fire and air united here. Rising to the clouds, it will be possible to admire the surroundings from a bird's eye view.

A great idea for the conquerors of the water element. A crazy mix of parachuting and windsurfing will bring a lot of positive emotions.

  • Aircraft piloting.

The surprise is implemented on the territory of the pilot training center. Here, behind the simulator of the An-148 aircraft helm, completely indistinguishable from the real one, it will take your breath away from the frighteningly real height.


The simulator makes it possible to experience all the delights of flight, even for a beginner at the helm

The flame is always eye catching. And when the element of fire, controlled by experienced hands, dances in free improvisation, this is a bewitching sight. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can try to become a fire flower caster.

  • Skydiving.
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Scary and exciting at the same time. Few are able to decide to make a jump, but it is not in vain that they say that having done it once, you will certainly want to repeat it.

Incorrigible romantics

Extreme birthday gifts can be filled with the spirit of romance. The offer to go to conquer mountains or stormy rivers will provide an annual supply of adrenaline:

  • Climbing course.

Remembering the words of the famous song, that there is nothing better than the unconquered mountains, you can learn rock climbing. The first steps taken on the climbing wall will give you the opportunity to test your strength and prove to yourself that any peak can be conquered.

Rafting on the rivers of Siberia and Karelia is a real test of endurance. Such an environment contributes not only to meeting the festive event, but also to testing the team spirit.

This is not a pleasure walk, but a sailing trip against the raging waves, the salty wind. This is the only way to feel like a real pirate driven by reckless romance.

rock climbing

Rock climbing - the conquest of artificial mountain peaks

Thrill seekers

Extreme gift includes not only speed and height. You can really get an adrenaline rush in a mysterious room or an ominous setting. Wishing to surprise and give indescribable emotions, it is recommended to purchase a certificate for an adventure quest.

In a closed space, players, becoming the main characters of a theatrical story, influence the development of its plot. At the same time, they do not completely leave the feeling of the presence of something terrible.

A quest is a task of a sporting nature, where, acting as a team, you must go through a certain route, performing various power and intellectual tasks.

The feeling of uncontrollable fear, when the body becomes numb, and thoughts are carried by a mad hurricane, will be appreciated by fans of scary horror films and computer games.

For those who like crazy speed

The best extreme birthday present for a man is driving a racing car. This direction of extraordinary recreation is developing very successfully. You just need to decide on the vehicle:

  • Rally car.
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It will make you feel like a racer.

On powerful off-road vehicles, it is proposed to make a trophy-raid to places where a car wheel has not yet “stepped”.

riding a buggy

Riding a buggy - speed, jumping over hillocks, mountains of dust and dirt and, of course, adrenaline

What could be cooler than a night ride in a complete jeep?

For older children

Every adult is a child at heart. Surprise, implying a game, is a wonderful moment that returns to childhood:

  • Somersaults and jumps on a springy surface will remind anyone of childish pranks.
  • Rolling inside a giant transparent ball will turn the world upside down.
  • Here all the unforgettable sensations of a childish game are combined: hide and seek and shooting, fear of pursuit and a thirst for revenge.

The main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing an extreme gift for a man or woman is their state of health and character traits. If a person is afraid to take part in an adventure alone, it is worth supporting him and going to an event with a fun company.


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