What to give for teacher's day - primary school teacher, class teacher

The article selected ideas for purchased and hand-made gifts for the class teacher - everything that is considered “within the limits of what is permitted” will not become a burden on the budget and will not cause embarrassment for the teacher himself.

Unfortunately, we realize the importance, value and significance of the first teachers years later. But this fact is recognized by all unconditionally. Dear Primary School Teachers and Class Teachers! You are the greatest treasure, our foundation and the glue of life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work!

Where does the choice begin?

A teacher's day gift to the class teacher is usually given collectively. A personal gift will be taken personally. He is chosen by one person with the consent of the parent committee. The thing is usually inexpensive within 3 thousand rubles. From this amount we will proceed.

A teacher in our country is not a rich person, so it is better to give a gift practical. The durability of the gift also matters, the memory will remain for a long time.

Another option is to do something their own hands. You should be clear about this with most parents. There is no matter more changeable than the moods of individual parents. Although, a gift for teacher's day to the class teacher from the class (children), it is just appropriate to do it manually. Gift school principal maybe for teacher's day souvenir.

for teacher's day

An unbearable teacher's portfolio can be full of sweet surprises, and not just notebooks, at least one day a year

Teachers rarely share their hobbies with children or parents. With one notable exception. When a person loves the subject being taught or some topic in it. A geographer might love travel books, a biologist might love to talk about some kind of plant, and a mathematician might like Scanavi's problem book for college admissions. Since we do not know, most often, what the recipient loves, the gift is preferably original.

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So, let's try to wake up the fantasy.

Purchased gifts

Sweets and tableware

Candies and flowers nice gift, but teachers get them all the time. By the way, since there are always flowers, it is necessary vase. Sweets are nice to spread on beautiful dish. You can pick it up cups and teapot.

Samovar with electric power, the thing is at the same time practical (in fact, a teapot of a special shape), necessary and unusual. There are stylizations for old Russian motifs, modern coloring, and nothing will stop you from ordering on a plain portrait the owner herself.

for teacher's day

And the pen is not only for writing notes in the diary and putting deuces - a gift made of chocolate in the shape of a pen will be a pleasant moment for the teacher and is inexpensive

Certificates, tickets

For the teacher to choose himself, you can give certificate in a cosmetics store, jewelry. On the one hand, the opportunity to choose, and on the other, no longer money. A certificate for a computer store for a man.

Concert tickets great for music lovers, and theater tickets for almost everyone. You just need to find out if the person went to the play. It is best to take tickets for events not yet held in the city. Unusual and colorful visit to a show similar to the circus du Solei. You can give a young or middle-aged teacher water park tickets along with her family.

Costume jewelry, brooches, necklaces, SPA set procedures should be chosen if the teacher is a woman. New Year's swag, a set of original Christmas toys will always go into business. At least for variety.

for teacher's day

High-quality elegant jewelry to face a woman teacher

In the case of special merits, you can give a ticket to a summer vacation, but with expensive gifts you need to be more careful so that they do not cause a certain embarrassment.

Useful little things

Tablecloths, shawls, blankets, bed sets are always appropriate. Nice umbrella will help you go to work in comfort. Handbagwhere it is convenient to carry notebooks and cosmetics, backpack for a man they are good when the former ones are apparently worn out. Here, the best is about the same style. The older the person, the more true this rule is.

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Would be a great gift inexpensive smartphone, if the teacher has an old push-button, board. Suitable for existing smartphone new case... Qualitative camera may also come to the court.

The teacher must always control the time. elegant watch with reminders, smart watch will replace mobile phone well.

for teacher's day

An album for graduation or at the end of school for a good memory - an invaluable, touching gift with your own hands

Convenient leather folder with compartments for business cards a pen with a built-in flash drive, a more versatile gift.

Teachers are traditionally given gift books. It can be a good or bad gift. A biologist who is fond of nature will appreciate some atlas of rare fish in the Amazon River. But this is not always the case.

Decoration any woman will love it. It is important here that they fit the style of clothing and appearance. Be sure to imagine her in a casual outfit and with this jewelry. You need to choose what you do not have to try on. Necklaces, brooches, hairpins, pendants. Not bad will be knick-knacks made of stone.

If you know for sure that a person loves oriental jewelry, then consider such an unusual thing as lariat. A good choice would be decorative boxes. Jugs and bottles, made in a variety of styles, will serve cosmetic purposes. Choose old Russian, oriental or Chinese styles, depending on the preferences of the future hostess.

for teacher's day

Organizer with a calendar - a universal practical gift for a teacher

Gifts for health

  • The work of the teacher is on his feet, he does not manage to sit down so often. present massager, foot massage bath. An elderly person needs an electronic tonometer.
  • Thermos useful to all teachers, but check that the gifted person has it. Heated cup from USB will help to keep warm if the heating is suddenly turned off in winter.
  • With sufficient finances, you can give electric fireplace. Beautiful, unusual and warm in both senses.
  • Wall mounted weather station will help a person with a dependence on the weather to take action in time and just serve as a decoration.
  • For those who are fond of some kind of spiritual practice will be a good gift quality incense. An Orthodox believer or lover of antiquity can be presented an icon stylized in the old style. Even better if it is dedicated to the saint of the same name. A Muslim should be given coir for prayers.

for teacher's day

Divinely pack a small present with your own hands, create a unique design masterpiece and, perhaps, discover your talent - 2 in 1, and a gift and an opportunity

With your own hands

Handwork will show special respect for the teacher. Although you can personally buy what you need at the craftsmen's exhibition. Going to the exhibition will bring you pleasure in itself.

  • Embroidery, knitwear first candidates. They can be very different in purpose. Scarves, pillowcases or original mobile phone case. Wall knitted pocket, hats, sweater, mittens or even a knitted cup cover. Knitted dolls are better not to give. They may not come to the court, and they collect dust too well.
  • With skill, you can do flowers made of wire and beads, glue a small box of matches, sew pillow or do decorative basket for kitchen. Lamp in the shape of a star will give a cozy atmosphere. Clay figurines decorate the bookcase. There are art pottery workshops where you can order something special. The most common purse needed in the household, and it’s nice to wash your hands soap handmade. It can be made in the form of flowers, figurines and many other forms. Painting dishes or a picture will decorate the situation, cheer you up.

for teacher's day

The most vivid memories of the teacher are the gifts made by the hands of his wards. Use your advantage, do not miss this opportunity while you are in school

  • Artificial handmade flowers they decorate an apartment not much worse than real ones, but they can stand indefinitely. There are a classic look, stylized as houseplants, trees or ivy.
  • A man is pleased to receive decorative weapon. Even if the saber is made of wood, but skillfully painted and decorated, the person will be pleased. Write on it a congratulation to the teacher. In the store, buy a hunting or fishing knife and finish the handle. The easiest way - burn out drawing.
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If you lived with a teacher until graduation soul to soul, then film the classgive a big photos class in a beautiful frame.

A good teacher is like a second parent. He cooks for life and deserves all respect. The right gift for a teacher will warm not only his soul, but also yours. We wish you success in your choice!


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