What to give for Miner's Day: 30 ideas for father, husband, son and friend

Not many people know miners. People who are invited to their professional holiday often do not know what to give for Miner's Day. This article will tell you which present will be most appropriate on this day. It has different types of gifts: expensive and inexpensive, unexpected and traditional. You will be able to choose the one that suits your friend miner.

For a miner, his professional holiday is very important

For a miner, his professional holiday is very important, as well as for his family, which sees him off and waits for him from each duty with special excitement.

Popular gifts

When choosing what to give your loved one for Miner's Day, you can turn to traditions and experience. After all, if there are such presents that most miners like, then perhaps they will also appeal to the one you want to give.

Representatives of this profession are often given:

  • X of gold or other material
  • anti-shock watch with backlight;
  • thermos;
  • good alcohol;
  • subscription in the pool, bath or sauna.

The latter option will help a man who works very hard to enjoy after many hours of great physical activity. Subscriptions can be of various kinds. It is necessary to focus on the hobbies of a person. For example, a sports lover should give a certificate to the gym.

And you can also give a quality lamp, beautiful family photo, a ticket to a sanatorium to recuperate, trip to resort or another country. You can also give amulet in the form of a talisman or mascot. He will protect the worker from problems.

A gift that will impress

When choosing what to give a miner for Miner's Day, you need to take into account that many men really appreciate pleasant emotions. It is worth congratulating the miner by giving him a ticket to his favorite musical group or ensemble. Such a surprise will entertain, fill with strength. A man will receive a lot of positive emotions.

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An excellent present is family dinner or with close friends. During it, you will certainly remember past years and joyful events.

A man who loves meat will definitely be impressed by the surprise box with different types of cured meat.

With hard work, vitamins in the body should be enough and boxing with exotic fruits will help with this.

Or maybe you need an emergency resuscitation? Gift certificate for skydiving.

Unexpected gifts

Also great gifts are:

  • heated mug from the cigarette lighter and USB;
  • lunch box heated;
  • mittens for smokers;
  • stacks in the form of a skull;
  • iron souvenir pick.

Handmade present

Thinking about what to give dad for Miner's Day, you should stop at a hand-made present.

The donee will gladly accept a thematic gift. Such a gift will be filled for a long time. You can hand it to the miner yourself painted helmet. It is worth writing warm congratulations on it, attaching a photo, etc. Such a do-it-yourself gift for Miner's Day to dad will show that his child is proud that he is a representative of such a courageous and necessary profession.

He will also rejoice mug with good wishes. In order to make such a present, you need to take a one-color mug. It is better to choose white. Then it needs to be wiped with a glass cleaner, and then the image is applied using a special marker designed for painting on porcelain. To fix the inscription, the mug must be placed in the oven for 30 minutes at 200оC. As a gift for Miner's Day with your own hands, it is worth investing all your skills. After all, miners value labor and skill.

100 reasons to love

A gift that will warm with its warmth every day: let your man read mini messages with good wishes before work, they will become a kind of amulet for him.


Gift awards are a great answer to the question of what to give a miner husband. After all, souvenirs are always original.

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You can give:

  • Award figurine. The present looks majestic and elegant. The unique engraving will make the presentation even more entertaining and personal.
  • Order. The stores have a huge range of similar products. Having chosen a suitable present, the donor may give the miner the best gift on his holiday. The most suitable present in this case is the Order of the "True Professional".
  • gift cup. Each representative of this profession deserved the highest award for their difficult and hard work. This solid and meaningful attribute will become a unique decoration of any room. By purchasing a Gift Cup with an individual engraving, the donor will be able to express their own attitude towards the gifted person. For the Gift Cup, you can order a congratulatory inscription. On it you can write the most important and touching words. The gifted undoubtedly deserved them, because every day at work he proves his diligence and masculinity.

"Set for a real man" for any holiday will be appropriate.

A beautiful video postcard with the best photos that is dear to your miner will become a memorable gift.

A personalized purse in the form of a clutch will become a solid present.

funny gift

When choosing what to give your husband for Miner's Day, you can give preference to all kinds of funny things on topics close to the profession. One of these products is beer helmet "BOSS". This headdress is very different from the one worn by the spouse at work. With this helmet, you can enjoy a beer after a hard day's work. Those who created the helmet came to the conclusion that after working days, most miners do not have enough strength to hold even a mug of their favorite drink in their hands, so there are special hoses here. They will get rid of the use of hands, as well as give comfort and relaxation to your spouse.


For a true man, the holiday itself matters. Try to gather at the table all close friends and beloved relatives. At the table, tell him how much you appreciate and respect him. Remember that a cheerful feast and a warm attitude will be the best present for a representative of a great profession.


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