A gift for a traveler: what to give to a city tourist, and what to a "savage"?

This article will help you choose a gift for a traveler. Even if you yourself rarely get out into nature and prefer to spend weekends or holidays in the warmth and comfort of your own home, it is not so difficult to find a bright and useful present that will appeal to an avid tourist and adventure lover. It is only important to take into account the character of a person and the specifics of his trips, because a Swiss knife is hardly useful for a resort lady, and a guide to Ireland is hardly useful for a mushroom picker.

World Map

World map Wall Decoration Brown reflecting 6 continents, 169 countries and 65 islands - for marks in the form of photographs, places where you were lucky to visit

Hiking lover

When a passionate fan of hiking with a tent, gatherings by the fire and a free life in the forest is among friends and relatives, it seems rude not to attach importance to his hobby and get by with the presentation of an ordinary nice souvenir that would remain gathering dust on a shelf idle. Of course, when choosing what to give a traveler, you should rather focus on additional accessories, since the main items of camping life, such as a tent, sleeping bag, awning, vary quite a lot in characteristics, and a person who is not versed in this topic may make a mistake when buying. If the birthday person asks you for any of the above, it is better to offer to go to the store together so that you only pay for the goods at the checkout.

Among hiking accessories, a particularly popular gift is stylish mug unbreakable material: stainless steel or high-quality plastic will do. If you wish, you can choose a funny print yourself and order the image to be applied to the surface. You can also give a traveler a birthday present flask for water or alcohol, especially in a case with a convenient mount. An extended version of this gift can be considered the so-called picnic set, which often includes a flask with glasses, convenient folding forks and spoons, sometimes bowls and other utensils. It is better to choose a set that is light and compact.

travel bag

Travel bag - on long forest and mountain hikes with an overnight stay, such a convenient bag for toiletries will come in handy

Will never be redundant spare flashlight, in particular, forehead. Rarely goes unused jackknife: the blade should be sharp and firmly seated in the handle, you should not give cheap, almost toy options that cannot cut anything harder than sausages. Thematic book Also a great gift for a traveler. Autobiographies of famous adventurers like Thor Heyerdahl or tales of forest experiences such as Henry Walden. Wilderness survival guides or collections of tales to share around a campfire might come in handy.

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Fisherman and hunter

If a person goes out into nature not only to wander through the forest and breathe clean air, but also go fishing or experience the excitement of hunting, the range of possible gifts expands accordingly.

The fisherman will be glad too much float or shine, in also, spare lineHowever, before buying, you should find out what kind of fish is found in those reservoirs whose banks attract your friend, and how exactly he fishes - with a regular fishing rod or with spinning.

Winter fishing or a long wait for the beast, when it is impossible to leave the position, threatens to chill the traveler, so they will be a good gift a warm sweater or padded jacket, soft thick socks. In some situations, suitable thermal underwear, although it does little to help an immobile person.


A waterproof rain poncho is a must-have for a fisherman, because it's the best bite in the rain!

City tourist

Quite often, friends and relatives are fond of traveling abroad or around the country. To the fact that it would not be shameful to give a tourist a birthday, we can include travel pillows и headrests, which will give rest to the neck during a long flight or bus ride. A good present will be Sleep mask, both fabric and gel, which not only hides the light source, but also soothes the eyes. The choice of masks and pillows is now very wide, there are classic options, and cute ones, with the image of unicorns and fluffy animals, sometimes it is possible to apply a picture of your own choice.

Another interesting gift that is equally suitable for a beach couch potato and a brave explorer of the surroundings will be a good quality camera. After all, the traveler will have to pay great attention to the moments that he would like to capture. An addition to this present can be a small photo albumwhere the best shots will be placed.

travel pillow

Travel pillow - allows you to sleep comfortably in transport


For a person who travels in search of thrills and loves extreme recreation, it is better to give not things, but the opportunity to experience new emotions. Certificate for a parachute jump or bungee, paragliding or hot-air balloon, pay a couple of hours horseback riding, rent jet ski or maybe, motorcycle show ticket? Giving a lasting impression is now no more difficult than buying a souvenir.

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Whatever travel the hero of the occasion is inclined to, he will be flattered by the desire of loved ones to support his hobby and make travel more comfortable or more exciting. You shouldn't torment yourself trying to think of what to give a traveler for his birthday: from a mug to a photo album, from a sweater to a parachute jump, attention to a person and knowledge of his character and inclinations will not make a mistake with the choice.