What to give a football player: we choose presents for those who cannot imagine themselves without a ball

Looking for a birthday present for a soccer player but don't know how to please him? He is not interested in anything but football, and you know almost nothing about this sport? Then our article will help you, after reading which, you will definitely know what to give a football player. The article contains various options for budget, pleasant, practical, expensive, original gifts in a football theme.

What to give a football player

For the winner you need to prepare the best gift

Practical gifts with an original approach

When asked what to give a football fan, the answer is simple - something necessary and original. Usually, football players devote themselves entirely to sports, and especially at the beginning of their career, they often do not have time to go to the store and buy ordinary household items. But you also don’t want to give just a set of dishes, so you need to somehow beautifully beat the idea, for example, make a print with a soccer ball, a goal and the inscriptions “Goal! Hooray! To victory!" etc. In addition, such presentations will remain in memory for a long time, because every day they will delight the eye of a football fan, reminding him of who gave such an interesting gift.

Here are some practical gift ideas:

  • Plaid / bed linen / blanket. Of course, with a picture of a football theme. Any person needs all these things, so the athlete will definitely appreciate them. In addition, for example, a plaid with a pattern in the form of a football field and pillows in the form of balls will also decorate the interior.
  • Slippers. Just think how nice it will be for a footballer to come home after the next game and put on comfortable, soft slippers. They will also lift your spirits, because they are made in the form of soccer balls. For slippers, you can pick up a terry dressing gown or a set of towels with the symbols of the club where the athlete practices.

What to give a football player

Give your dear sports fan a bathrobe with the logo of your favorite team.

  • Large chair "Soccer ball". You can choose a chair in the form of a bag, an inflatable chair or a chair stuffed with special massage balls. The main thing is that it is comfortable and light. Such a chair will definitely not remain idle, because it can be moved to any room, placed in any corner. The chair can be purchased at the store, and lovers of needlework can make it themselves, because special skills are not needed in this matter. A handmade gift will be especially valuable.
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Inexpensive symbolic gifts

If you want to give a symbolic birthday gift to a football player, but are on a budget, then choose something classic that any athlete will like and need.

  • Gaiters. A useful gift for a football lover, which will definitely not be superfluous. After all, leggings are not eternal, but they are needed almost always.
  • Soccer ball pendant. Football players like to wear semantic jewelry, talismans and amulets. Give an athlete a beautiful pendant that brings good luck, which he will never part with.
  • Gel/shampoo set. Such a gift is suitable if you do not have time to choose something more interesting. In addition, the athlete always needs these things. The main thing is to choose gels or shampoos from the sports series, with different football symbols.

What to give a football player

A brutal man - a brutal set of personal care products

  • Antiperspirant. A useful and inexpensive gift. An athlete always needs an antiperspirant, and besides, it runs out so quickly that sometimes you don’t have time to buy it. Choose an antiperspirant from a good sports company and give a gift to a football player.

sweet tooth

Football players are the same people and also have their weaknesses. If the main weakness of a football fan is sweet, then the choice of a present is obvious. You can prepare a sweet gift yourself, or you can order it from professional confectioners. In any case, the most important thing in our presentation is the football theme. Below are some sweet surprise ideas:

  • Personalized boots, cups, medals made of chocolate. It is better to pack such gifts in gold foil, because it is the golden boot, the ball and the cup that are the very awards that any football player strives for, he will definitely be touched by such a surprise.
  • Cake with football wishes with mastic in the form of a ball and a gate. By the way, if you take care of the gift in advance and find the best confectioner, you can order a mastic figurine from him, carved from a photograph of an athlete. Can you imagine how surprised he will be when he sees himself on the cake?
  • A set of sweets in the form of balls.
  • Cupcakes or muffins, decorated with football symbols.
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But sweet gifts have one drawback. They will be eaten, which means that only positive emotions and memories will remain in the memory. But in any case, the choice is yours.

What to give a football player

Delight your sweet tooth with a delicious and beautiful cake

Good for sports

If you want to choose the most successful and win-win option, then stop your attention on the presentations that will bring specific benefits to the athlete in football. When choosing what to give a football player for his birthday, focus on the most useful things. What could it be:

  • Sports bag - the most necessary thing in the life of absolutely any athlete. This is the very thing without which a football player is unlikely to do. Sports bags wear out quickly, so you definitely won’t go wrong with a present. It will come in handy even if at the moment the athlete already has a bag. One will be, for example, for training, and the other for competitions and trips. Stop the choice on a capacious, but not too big bag, high-quality and not cheap. It is better to choose bags of famous sports brands.
  • Gift Certificate. Of course, it must be in a sports store. The gift is quite simple for you and very necessary for a sports lover. He will be able to find everything he wants in the store: a new sports uniform, sneakers, a bag, accessories, equipment and more. The main thing is that he himself will be able to choose a truly necessary thing, which means that he will appreciate the gift at its true worth and will be grateful to you.
  • T-shirt. Someone will say that a T-shirt is a banal gift. But not just for the players. After all, for them, a T-shirt is nothing more than a personal talisman, so it will be a wonderful gift for a football player. Professional football players usually take to the field in personalized jerseys, while beginners get jerseys with the name of an already famous player they look up to. In any case, the athlete will definitely be happy with a T-shirt with his name. Believe me, seeing such a present, the athlete will experience genuine happiness and joy.
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Expensive gift

There are gifts that are priceless for any athlete, but at the same time they are quite expensive. What is it? Attributes autographed by a famous athlete. Find out from a football player who is his idol, who he looks up to. Maybe it's Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Either way, you can find a celebrity autographed ball or T-shirt. Then there will be no limit to the joy of a football player, because usually athletes dream of getting at least one thing autographed by a famous idol.

What to give a football player

And such a set - a ball and a T-shirt - a man will definitely be happy

Everyone wants to give a memorable and eye-catching gift. Choosing a present for a football player is a difficult task, because you need to please him with a gift, giving joy, and not bewilderment or resentment. But you will definitely be able to choose a worthy gift for a football fan, because now you have a lot of ideas for truly “football” presents in your arsenal.


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