A gift to the head for 50 years from employees: 45 presentable ideas

Professional gifts

A gift to the manager for 50 years from employees is a rather important and extensive topic. In the end, it is from the boss that both the working process in the team and the atmosphere depend; it is this person who can make work both heaven and hell. Therefore, choosing the right gift for the boss is extremely important, and, no matter how difficult it may seem, it is actually quite simple. This article is designed to help you choose the best gift for the leader for the anniversary.


Dagger of the Teutonic Order - souvenir weapon

A gift to an athlete

The current fifty-year-olds often in terms of physical fitness will easily give odds to the young. In the Soviet Union, it was fashionable to be athletic, fit, set an example for subordinates, so many chefs have retained the habit of playing sports since those times. Therefore, the answer to the question of what to give the boss for 50 years, if he is an athlete, is quite obvious.

At this age, a gym and a gym as a gift are not particularly needed: men over fifty have long been accustomed to building up mass “at home”. They are much more suitable for new high-quality dumbbells and kettlebells, as well as mats on which you can stretch and pump the press. Clothing and sports shoes would also be a good option: in the event that the team of his subordinates is not very sure about the size of the body and legs of the boss, you can give a gift card to a sports store. Thus, two birds with one stone will be killed at once: and there will be no need to be afraid that the gift will not fit in size, and attention to the individuality of the chef will be expressed.


White fashionable sneakers for a man - a confident athlete

A good option is to give a sports equipment. Among fifty-year-olds, cross-country skiing is more popular than mountain skiing or even snowboarding. They should also come with running poles - they are much longer than ski poles - and boots with fastenings on the "toe": it will not be too difficult to buy such even as a gift if you find a good consultant. For fans of wrestling, a good gift would be either a new kimono (and on its back, for an additional fee, you can embroider something like “the best chef”), or shields, or a gift card to the inventory store.

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Gift for the traveler

People love to travel, and fifty is not an exceptional age. It's time to start having fun, because the boss's salary just allows for expensive (and sometimes frankly expensive) trips and purchases! Therefore, the question of what to give the boss for his 50th birthday, if he is a travel lover, should not stand out in particular.

First of all, this, of course, is the travel itself, but where - the choice is only up to the donor.


In order to diversify life, you can give your boss a certificate for kayaking

There are many options, and if you chip in with the whole department, you can give your boss a truly unforgettable adventure trip. You just need to remember to attend to the issues of obtaining a visa - for example, they will simply not be allowed into Schengen or China without it - and booking accommodation, and you can find plane tickets without any problems.

In the case when a gift is given not by a whole department, but by a specific employee, not everyone manages to show off. And, frankly, many people cannot afford their own vacation. You can give the traveler boss something useful for travel, but not so expensive.

First of all, of course, we are talking about suitcases. It is preferable to choose on wheels and with a retractable handle, and also not too large: airlines will have to pay for excess dimensions separately, and fines for this can be extremely unpleasant and high. Essential items will not be superfluous, without which you won’t go on a trip too much: a trimmer, for example, and for women bosses (or bosses) - a folding hair dryer or curling iron. Cosmetic bags and travel bags are also needed, as are small sets for cutting nails. A portable first aid kit, however, is also a good option.


High-quality suitcase for business trips and family travel

A separate category of travelers is hikers. If it is known for certain that during the holidays the chef goes fishing with his best friends or conquers the mountains on foot, this is an opportunity to give a lot of good, high-quality and, at the same time, inexpensive things.

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A backpack and a tent are the most necessary things for a hike. Regarding the backpack, it is worth saying that a hard back is preferable; about the tent - that it is worth looking for a tent with a dressing room. A sleeping bag must withstand temperatures of at least -15 degrees Celsius, and if we are talking about a person who goes hiking in the mountains, even more. A bowler hat or kan is also needed in this event, such a gift will always come in handy. It will not be superfluous to give something for a side hiking hobby: a fishing rod / spinner for a fisherman, a good knife for a mushroom picker.

Fishing tackle set

A set of fishing tackle - hooks, a variety of baits and a spinner

Gift for animal lover

Most people in their fifties love animals and have them at home. If it is known for certain that the boss of the house has a dog or a cat (or some other animal), the answer to the question of what to give the boss for his 50th birthday will be extremely simple.

For a dog, you can give a new leash, collar or harness - depending on the size, dimensions and breed of the dog. Also personalized bowls for food and water will not be superfluous. Dog lovers will also be happy to see toys for their dogs, as well as a supply of good - or rather, excellent, and therefore expensive - pet food.

The cat owner can be solemnly presented with a cat house in the form of a town, a cat toilet, a few scratching posts and - again - good food. The boss, the person who keeps tarantulas at home, can safely give some kind of tarantula, but you should take care of buying a terrarium, substrate in it and food for the spider, as well as drinking bowls in advance. The head - the holder of snakes, iguanas and geckos can be presented with a terrarium lamp or live - or frozen, to whom that ethics allows - food.


New terrarium for the boss's beloved pet

The boss who keeps parrots at home can be given a good, spacious cage, as well as a manual for teaching parrots to speak human language. Of course, parrots usually do not understand what they are saying, but it is quite possible to make them repeat any phrase. You can also give the parrot itself: Jaco will look pompous and good. The variant of the Cockatoo parrot is also not bad: these two species are large, beautiful and quite representative. True, you should find out in advance if the chef and his family are allergic to bird feathers, otherwise the “gift” will turn into a tormentor.

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In conclusion, it should only be noted that a gift to the boss cannot be picked up for "fuck off", since the work process in the team directly depends on this person. Therefore, it may be worth throwing a little more, so as not to suffer later. On the other hand, it’s also not worth being hypocritical and fawning, so it’s just worth making sure that the gift to the boss is just good.