What to give the chief accountant for his birthday: 36 options from colleagues

Professional gifts

The chief accountant is not the last person in the company. It depends on him how big the salaries will be and when they will be paid, it is through him that all calculations and money flows go. It is simply necessary to respect and love the chief accountant, so many people have the question of what to give the chief accountant for his birthday. It is actually not as difficult as it seems: it is to help sort out the large assortment of possible gifts for the chief accountant, and this article was written.

box of chocolate

Gift box of chocolate to the "Best Accountant".

Gifts for a woman accountant

The gender distribution in this position is approximately fifty to fifty. In this connection, in exactly half of the cases, employees think about what present to give to the chief accountant-woman for her birthday.

If you run into exactly the gender of the chief accountant, you can choose from many options. Subscriptions to beauty salons и solarium, pool и gymIn fitness club и cosmetology procedures - quite expensive, but good options. If you want to save money, you can always give a basket of good, quality personal care products... It doesn't matter if we are talking about shampoo or face mask - Korean brands are the best in this market, they are worth paying attention to.

We must not forget about sets of varnishes for nailsas well as electrical devices that help a woman look amazing: hair dryers, ploys. Gift cards to shoe and lingerie stores - a gift that the entire department will have to throw off, but it will definitely be worth it.

Set for manicure

Manicure set - for perfect nails.

Gifts for a male accountant

Just like a woman, a man-accountant can be given self-care kit... In some cases, it is simply necessary to do this. However, men's gift baskets are cheaper and usually include shampoo, head / face and body gel, shaving foam, multiple looms, and cologne.

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Cologne can actually be purchased separately. Nowadays there are quite expensive brands of eau de toilette, for which - again! - you will have to throw off several people, however, such a gift will definitely be appreciated.

A gift to a male chief accountant can also be made on the basis that men go to the baths more often. What to give an accountant who loves a sauna is a simple question: robe with the name of the hero of the day embroidered on the back... Also fit slippers, buckets for pouring water over stones, hats - on them, too, for a fee, you can make some kind of inscription, - kilt towels.

Bath set

Bath set - kilt, towel and slippers.

Gifts for the accountant-athlete

Sports do not distinguish between gender, everyone is involved in sports. You can also build on this when choosing what to give the accountant for his birthday.

Sports equipment now costs decently. If it is reliably known what kind of sport a person is engaged in, it can be bought as a gift to the chief accountant. Examples of such projectiles are snowboard, skiing, a spear, nunchuck, throwing disc… The list is really huge.

You can donate equipment. Climber equipment и hockey player, tennis player и skier - things are quite highly specialized and are not sold in every sporting goods store, but if you ask around on the forums, you can find good ones.

Will not be superfluous and gym membership or a water complex: they will allow any person to keep themselves in shape, so if there are doubts about what to present to the chief accountant, this option is simple and convenient in its execution.

Climber equipment

Mountaineer equipment is not a cheap hobby for an accountant.

Cheap gift for an accountant

Sometimes there come times when you need to save money. Sometimes the birthday of the chief accountant falls at this time. One of the solutions to this problem is a DIY gift for the accountant.

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First of all, it is worth remembering about bouquets. The most popular bouquets are, of course, bouquets of flowers, but they can also be bought at a regular flower shop. And here bouquets of sweets and others you can easily collect sweets yourself. It is believed that combining sweets from different types of chocolate is best: there are many tastes, and such a candy bouquet looks interesting and presentable.

You can also do bouquets of socks or stockings: it looks unusual and impressive, but in fact it is not very expensive. Also, do not forget about polymer clay crafts: for sure, there will be at least one girl in the team who is engaged in such a thing. It will be cheap and easy.

Of course, do not forget about the standard set of gifts for the accountant: mug, phone stand, Photo frame, Bonsai (bonsai), containers for pens and pencilsas well as themselves good pens (for example, from Parker). But such gifts are inherently quite trivial, therefore, in order to please the chief accountant, it is recommended to choose something else.