What to give a programmer: original presentations for computer geniuses

Professional gifts

The article tells about what to give a programmer and how to choose the perfect present. Here are considered universal gifts that will always come in handy, and original gifts, as well as what can be given to children who are in love with technology from a young age.

It is pleasant to receive gifts, but still it is more pleasant to give them. But when choosing a gift, difficulties may arise, because you want to give an original, unusual and useful thing. Programmers are original and non-standard people, with a creative analytical mindset and an unconventional approach to life.

heated mug

Stylish mug with heating - very useful for a programmer. The coffee forgotten by the passionate work will not cool down, but will remain the same hot even after an hour.

Universal gifts for programmers

Universal gifts are things without specific specifics. Usually, such gifts immediately come to mind and can be useful to people of different hobbies and interests. Below are the gifts for programmers who will certainly find a use:

  • Backpack or laptop bag... A programmer is not only a person passionate about programming or computers, it is a certain way of life and a view of the world. People are programmers are always at work, always in business, so when choosing a gift, you should think about the comfortable wearing of a laptop, which they never part with. A comfortable backpack with a special compartment for your iron friend will come in handy.
  • Comfortable office chair - this is the perfect answer to the question of what to give a programmer for his birthday. It's no secret that IT and computer people spend most of their time sitting at a table, buried in a laptop screen. To avoid puffiness, fatigue and discomfort, it is important to get a comfortable computer chair. And if you want to be more original, then you should look at the massage cover for such a chair. Such a gift to a programmer will definitely not go unnoticed.

computer chair

Comfortable office chair with soft armrests and a special head cushion.

  • Folding table for laptop with cooling... These tables are very convenient to use: adjustable height and angle of inclination, a cooling system - this is what any programmer needs. Due to the fact that the table can be folded and unfolded, you can carry it with you and do any activity, for example, sitting on the grass in the park.
  • External hard drive... Ideal for storing important information and files without using laptop memory. A portable drive is a must have for any IT specialist or just a computer lover.
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Original gifts

Universal gifts are a lifesaver in the case when it is very difficult to make a choice, but if the interests and tastes of a person are known, then it is better to give original gifts. It is always more valuable and more enjoyable. In addition, universal gifts are more suitable for a birthday, but what to give for Programmer's Day is described below:

  • Programmers are usually big kids who love to play with new fancy toys. In this case, the programmable drone quadcopter... Such a non-childish toy is capable of performing programmed flights and other autonomous tasks.


A quadrocopter is a flying machine controlled by a special remote control or from a smartphone.

And if a familiar programmer is well versed in mechanisms and loves to "dig into hardware", then this is also an ideal field of activity for experiments and creating new gadgets.

  • In addition, those who like to collect and create new things may like electronic designer... The kits vary in complexity, and as a result, you can get interesting gadgets, such as a clock, a thermometer, or even a robot that will serve up slippers.
  • Programmers are people who strive for constant self-development and improvement of their skills. This is a huge job that requires a lot of time and effort. Online Courses or professional literature as a presentation to help children programmers on the path of improvement and growth. But it is important to know what exactly is interesting to the person who wants to make a gift. And if the field of activity is unknown, then they will come to the rescue specialty store gift certificates and sites that are now available everywhere. Such a gift for a programmer will not only be remembered for a long time, but will also bring considerable benefit to work.

book programmer

Chad Fowler "The Fanatic Programmer" is a book about how to make a career doing what you love.

  • And if it is still not clear what to give to a computer technician, then it is worth considering small but very useful accessories, which will definitely come in handy if you often work with a computer. For example, mini vacuum cleaner for the keyboard. The thing is especially useful if working with a laptop takes all day, and there is not even time to eat quietly. Cookie crumbs, dust, small debris can make life very difficult by hiding under the keyboard buttons, but with a mini vacuum cleaner this is not a problem. The keyboard vacuum cleaner has a small dust container and a USB connection, and would be a great gift!
  • The kit for the mini-vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a convenient thermo mug with an original design on a computer theme or USB lamp... To make the gift original, special attention should be paid to the decor and design. So, for example, online stores are full of small lamps in the form of astronauts and cursors.
  • When the keyboard is vacuumed and lit by a lamp, and there is hot tea in a thermo mug next to it, you should think about the design of the workspace, which should be comfortable and pleasant. Desktop organizer for gadgets will be a great gift. The organizer is equipped with stands for a phone and a tablet, a place for storing wires and flash drives. Placement on the table allows you to conveniently store everything you need in close access.

wooden organizer

Wooden organizer for gadgets on the programmer's desktop.

  • For sociable programmers, you can choose wireless headphones with microphone... Applications and programs for group communication or multiplayer games at the peak of popularity. Here people communicate with each other during work or joint gameplay, so it is important to choose comfortable and high-quality headphones. The wireless option has many advantages, and the range of such headphones expands every season. And for music lovers, you should consider sleeping headphones, which, thanks to their headband-like design, fit comfortably on the head and allow you to enjoy your favorite music in comfort.
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Gifts for young programmers

For children interested in computers and technology, you can find entertaining construction sets and toys. For example, electronic constructors, with whose help young technicians will be able to master mechanics, the principles of technology and assemble their telegraphs, clocks, timers and even robots! This is great fun for kids and parents.

Children's store shelves are full of toys with controls: cars, mini-drones, robots.

radio controlled machine

Radio-controlled car on off-road vehicles in attractive colors.

Computer-themed bedding... A bed with a design that matches the hobby will bring a sound and pleasant sleep and become one of the favorite places in the room. There are many varieties of underwear for programmers. For example, an image of a keyboard or drawn characters of your favorite computer game.

VR helmet - a gift that will be appreciated by any young admirer of technology and modern technologies. This is not only an exciting but also a useful thing, because there are a large number of educational programs for the helmet. For example, you can visit museums around the world or get acquainted with the structure of humans or animals.

There are many ideas for a gift for a programmer, depending on age, gender, hobbies, tastes and budget. In specialized or online stores, you can always pick up something worthwhile and original, but you must never forget that a gift should be created with care, but given with a soul, because only in this case, it will be really valuable.