What to give an artist: oil paints or a "bag of inspiration"?

Every person periodically experiences a craving for creativity. It is important for experienced and novice creators to feel the support of loved ones and friends. It can be expressed in a thematic presentation related to a hobby or a favorite thing. Plus, paints, canvases, easels, and specialty paper aren't cheap. Therefore, the recipient will be glad to receive help. The article will help you figure out what to give the artist. Ideas are presented that will help please both a beginner, a young painter and a sophisticated professional.

chalk markers

Chalk Markers - Allows you to create interesting images and signs on whiteboards.

For beginners

To get started in any business, you need tools and materials. The future painter needs many things:

  1. Pencils... If graphics are chosen as the defining direction, then there is an urgent need for simple pencils of various hardness. For painting masterpieces, watercolor and color are suitable.
  2. Quality erasers... It is worth buying a professional eraser with a funny name for a nag. It gently absorbs the crayon pigment without damaging the paper. Which is even more important for a beginner than for a professional. Not everything turns out easily and at once, there is a lot to edit, wash.
  3. Nice brushes... Natural pile will not please the beginner for long, as it needs special care. Therefore, a squirrel, a pony is not the best option. Pay attention to the speakers, high-quality synthetics. The brush should be medium in thickness.
  4. Set of watercolor paper... For watercolor, paper 200 grams per square meter and thicker is suitable. Properties are indicated on the packaging. To keep your drawings in one place, and to carry art and materials with you, beautiful, compact albums come in handy.
  5. Dry pastel... Ideal for beginners. It is easy to use. And beautiful drawings will be obtained even by those who first took up a brush. Suitable as a gift for an experienced artist. case for painting
  6. Oil pencils will delight young painters. The pigment is bright, easy to shade, creating unusual effects. The material is inexpensive.
  7. Wax crayons... It is more difficult to work with such material than with a colored or oil pencil, but much easier than with pastels, so this is a good choice for a little artist.
  8. Watercolor... Paints are essential for everyone, not just beginners. Pay attention to the student's watercolor. Children's and professional will not work. In the classic nursery, to which everyone is accustomed from school, faded, not too persistent pigments, colors do not mix well with each other. And the professional one has a light texture, it is well blurred, which will interfere with the beginner master from mastering the basics.
  9. Alcohol or watercolor markers... Good sets with a lot of colors are expensive. But in some online stores and art salons, you can purchase by the piece.
  10. Spacious, compact pencil case for storing tools: brushes, erasers, pencils, markers.
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Donors who are poorly versed in materials can purchase them in a ready-made set. These are sold in art salons. Everything necessary for a successful start has already been invested there.

Graphics tablet

A graphics tablet is a device for the modern artist who embodies their creativity in the digital world.

For children and not only

Children and adults will be delighted with special sets for creativity:

  1. Color by number will help you gain experience in interaction with professional oil paints. Precision of movements in working with a brush will appear.
  2. Sculptural plasticine will develop creative thinking, fine motor skills of hands.
  3. Cautery on wood will help to diversify the visual activity, to develop a new look at their own creativity.
  4. Engraving Kits.

For sketch lovers

This is a new direction in the visual arts. It consists in creating small, vivid sketches on various topics. Sketching is now gaining popularity among artists of all ages and backgrounds. And we will tell you what to give the artist for her birthday, in this case:

  1. Special markers... It is better to take the standard colors in the set, they will always come in handy.
  2. Beautiful sketchbook hardcover. Such a present will stimulate you to paint more, better.
  3. The tablet for exits to the city, to nature.
  4. Training related literature.


A cute sketchbook for perfect sketches.

For professionals

It is especially difficult to decide what to give an artist for his birthday when it comes to a professional. It is important to know all the subtleties of work, preferences, tastes of the master. It is unlikely that someone will present pastels to an author who works with oils or acrylics. But this is not enough. As a rule, an experienced craftsman uses materials from a specific manufacturer, and tools of certain shapes, sizes, etc. Here are some universal gift ideas:

  1. Certificate for a certain amount to an art salon. In this case, the recipient himself will choose what he needs and will be very grateful.
  2. A creative person feels the need for emotions, inspiration. Therefore, no artist will give up art gallery visits, theater, concert of your favorite performer.
  3. Travel to the famous museum of the world... This is an irreplaceable experience, an experience.
  4. High-quality photographic equipment... To create catalogs, maintain a personal blog, the master needs to photograph his work.

It is not very difficult to choose a gift for an artist if you find out in advance his tastes and needs. A creative person is always ready to talk about his favorite hobby. In any case, the recipient will be glad if the gift is chosen with care, love for him and his interests.

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