48 gift ideas for Oilman's Day: original and versatile

Every year oil and gas industry workers celebrate their professional holiday. In merit of their labor activity, many present them with souvenirs and memorable presents. Consider what to give for the day of the oilman is original, unforgettable and impressive.

Oilman's Day Cake
Congratulations can start with the presentation of an original themed cake

Professional gifts

Festive souvenirs have become the hallmark of oil workers, many have them on their desktops, while others use them at home. If the hero of the occasion is not against such gifts, you can pick him up in the office:

  • business card holder. The originality of the present is that it is made in the form of an oil rig pumping "black gold". Such a present, as a rule, is made in the form of a bronze souvenir.
  • Statuette of a gas workerinstalling a pipe or something similar. It is made of bronze, stone and glass. You can present to the worker. The stand is most often made of stone or marble. It can be custom engraved.
  • Table clock in the form of a drop of oil. A similar option is useful to an office worker - a manager in an oil production and processing company.
  • Sculpture from bone. Carvings of people and oil rigs will appeal to a person who loves art. The exclusivity of the gift is the material from which it is made. These are moose antlers.
  • Drop paperweight. The item is designed for intensive use, so it is often made of marble or concrete. As a highlight of the gift, a nominal engraving or the inscription "Happy Oil and Gas Industry Day" is made.
Marble paperweight
Marble paperweight with drop and cistern
  • Graceful handle. The inscription with congratulations will look best here. For the office, it is better to choose durable parker handles.
  • Diary with thematic cover, for example, a reproduction of paintings on the oil and gas theme by the artist Marcel Shaidullin. The difference of this gift is that all the illustrator's paintings are made with oil, which will surprise and please the head of the oil industry.
  • Thermos company logo and photo printing. Such a present will be useful for oil workers, on the road or at work there is nothing better than a good hot drink: tea or coffee.

For home use, you should choose:

  • A plate of a panel with an "oil" landscape. Brownish-golden tones will perfectly fit into a modern classic interior.
  • Key ring. The originality of an object is in its form. A barrel or a tank of oil perfectly reflects the nature of the holiday.
  • Glasses, goblets with a thematic shape and an inscription. With congratulations and engraving, these liquor accessories will never be forgotten. An alternative option is cups in the form of an oil refinery.
  • Mouse pad with reproductions of sketches by famous artistsdrawing on the theme of the oil industry: workers in helmets, oil rigs, laying pipelines and much more.
Or just a custom-shaped rug
  • Plaid with an inscription, for example, this one: “Not by oil alone!” will surprise a woman working in the oil industry. It can be beautifully thrown over a chair and thus update the interior.
  • Panel with a thematic photo: "Production". The originality of the gift in the use of Swarovski crystals, which will make it truly expensive and exclusive.
  • Shoe spoon in the form of a worker and a drill. Such an item is simply intended for everyday use by a wealthy "oil" boss.
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Universal gifts

In the case when you don’t want to give souvenirs with an oil theme, as there are a lot of them: a person already has everything, universal presents suitable for any holiday will do:

  • Digital photo picture frame with relatives and friends. It can be made of wood and painted white. This shade will suit almost any interior.
  • Globe Bar. A stylish item designed to store drinks. The 2 halves of the globe are separated to give access to collectible whiskey or brandy. Intended for a person who knows a lot about good branded alcohol.
Desktop Globe Bar
Small desktop globe bar
  • Grandfather clock with barometer and hygrometer. The object is a weather station, with its help the done man will feel always ready for the vagaries of the weather.
  • Watches with Swiss or Japanese movement. The first option is for connoisseurs of the classics, the second is urbanistic, for fans of future technologies. A watch can be complete with cufflinks, a bow tie and much more, which will be appreciated by a man.
  • Tea or coffee service. Such a gift will never be superfluous, it is intended for a hospitable hostess who manages both at home and at work.
  • Belt with engraving. An excellent option that will surprise a stylish man. When choosing, you should pay attention to specimens with stingray skin, calf or something similar.

Gifts for taste and mood

Grocery baskets, sweets, and boxes of snacks are also good options to give for Oilman's Day. Among them, such gifts stand out in particular, in which you can find everything that harsh men like so much:

  • Set of honey and herbs with clock. This gift will fill you with strength and energy, which is so necessary after a hard day. The kit may include flower and buckwheat, linden honey. Fragrant herbs for mood and calm, a case for accessories with a watch, a mug or a thermos. The exclusivity of such a presentation can be in the logo and a beautiful image of an oil rig or a gas worker.
Set of honey with tea
Honey set with tea and hazelnuts
  • Cake with mastic figurines of workers and congratulations "Happy gas worker's day!". Something healthy is chosen as the basis for the cakes, based on honey, nuts and chocolate. Such gifts raise the tone and bring pleasure.
  • Surprise box. The set can be a lot of chocolates, sweets, cookies, marmalade, nuts and marshmallows. As an addition, all chocolates can be personalized, and fortune cookies.
  • Bouquet of cheese and sausages with beer or soft drink. The basis can be Salami sausage or smoked sausages, hard cheeses for every taste. All this is strung on skewers. In addition, you should use peanuts, chili peppers for decoration.
  • Big box for men. The composition includes dried meat of various types and varieties: venison, bear meat and many other delicacies.
  • Fruit basket of exotic fruits. It can contain everything that the hero of the occasion has not yet tried: lychee berry, passion fruit, mango, avocado and much more.
  • Set of several types of tea: 6 or 8 flavors. This item is for lovers of green Chinese tea, hibiscus, various flower petals and more.
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Set of unusual tea
Unusual set for making delicious tea
  • Coffee set with coffee maker and cup. A personal present for a coffee lover may contain several varieties of coffee, a cezve, sweets, a saucer and a cup, and something else at the discretion of the donor. An alternative expensive option is a coffee machine. This machine runs on coffee granules and will be a great option for those who do not want to bother with brewing.

travel gifts

Often, the work of oilmen is associated with business trips and the road. To make such trips comfortable, you can give:

  • Pillow with massage effect. Vibro pillow will make the process of the trip as comfortable as possible. The worker's neck will be grateful.
  • Blanket with sleeves, during road stops, the man will be warm. And if you add a car mug to this present, it will be the height of bliss.
  • Thermocup will keep the temperature of the drink, whatever it is: hot or cold. In the hot summer, such a drink will refresh, and in the winter it will warm. The mug should be chosen with the ability to connect to the cigarette lighter and USB.
  • Lunch box. It will allow you to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet, which will preserve health and give good health. When choosing, you should pay attention to those containers that can be heated from the network.
Heated lunchbox
Heated lunchbox keeps lunch warm
  • Cooler bag. An additional option for keeping food fresh. Such an accessory is made of foil, which allows you to keep warm inside, as well as protect food from spoilage.
  • Car radio in the car. A similar gift option is one of those that you must have in the car. Equipped with a CD drive and a slot for media - flash drives with the ability to connect a smartphone.
  • Powerbank to charge your phone on the go. It can be waterproof and solar charged, making the gift even more precious.
  • EBook. Reading helps to distract and relax after work, gives hope for a good future and helps to spend time usefully. As a filling, you can download light funny stories into it, like O. Henry, Moliere's plays, stories by Dickens and many other writers who will open the world of literature from a new side to man.
  • Massage cover for car seats. During the trip, the bulges on the surface will help to massage pain points and increase muscle tone.
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Massage cape for car seats
Massage cape for car seats will help keep the driver healthy

Impression gifts

Oil industry workers rarely have a good rest, because most of the time they are busy at work. For such indefatigable workaholics, it is possible to provide entertainment and impressions that the donee can implement at his convenience:

  • Certificate in SPA salon. A great gift for a woman working in an oil company. Relaxation will be provided by oriental treatments and oils.
  • Circus show. A concert of illusionists, a performance with animals, various tricks and acrobatics will please the donee, because it is always a pleasure to watch the performance live.
  • Theater or opera tickets. A musical performance will surprise a serious person and please him, especially if he belongs to the category of wealthy people.
  • Football or basketball game. A ticket to the event will be truly appreciated if you present it to a fan of the team that will play this match.
  • Photo shoot in the image. Various decorations and living environments, such as a pond with fish, animals or birds, can be used as a background. Such a gift will make a person feel like a hero of a fairy tale.
Family photo session
A family photo session can also be a good option for
  • Certificate in the bath-sports complex. Training and the opportunity to take a shower, as well as sit in the sauna - a nice gift for those oilmen who appreciate active and passive recreation with benefits.
  • heavenly gift. Represents flights on a hang glider, parachute, airplane and helicopter. One of the options a person will be able to choose and spend time fun and extreme.
  • Racing on quad bikes or autocars. Designed for those natures who love speed and thrills. The race can be off-road or vice versa.
  • Dinner on the ship. A romantic gift for a beloved man or woman working in the oil and gas industry. The gift will be remembered for a long time if you make a photo session during the trip.
  • Paintball trip. Modern entertainment, from which oil workers can get the most out of it, since it is always held in the company of friends and like-minded people.
  • Travel trip with friends with mountain climbing, kayaking or something similar that will surprise and delight a man or woman working in the fuel industry.
  • Surprise musical. It can be a dance show or a vocal performance, or maybe a whole concert for those to whom the gift is intended. In this case, this present simply must be memorable and original.
Song as a gift
A beautiful song will leave a good impression for a long time

Gifts for the day of the oilman can be different, the main thing is that they are truly useful for those to whom they are given. Instead of awarding medals or certificates, you should pay attention to practical things that will be used more than once.

In this case, gifts-impressions stand apart. A way to gift a trip with family or friends will not go unnoticed.

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