What to give for Tanker's Day: congratulations to your favorite defenders

Professional gifts

On the day of the tanker, it is customary to congratulate employees of the tank troops, tank builders and everyone associated with these professions. The article contains the best ideas of what to give a friend or loved one for a tanker's day.

What to give for Tanker's Day

Surprise your man with a delicious gift

Gifts with symbols

The simplest solution is to give themed souvenirs:

  1. Sweatshirt with a picture of a tank - a very practical and cozy thing for mid-September.
  2. Mug with print or with a metal logo. You can buy a ready-made version or order a cup with a photo and an individual congratulation.
  3. T-shirt with the inscription Or a picture of a tank.
  4. Set of metal glasses or glasses, as an option - with engraving.
  5. Logo towel tank troops.
  6. Souvenir with the inscription "For achievements in tank building".
  7. Thermocup, which works on the principle of a thermos and retains heat. The car version of the mug can be heated from the cigarette lighter.

Gifts for virtual tankers

What to give a guy for Tanker's Day and is it worth congratulating if he is a fan of the game "World of Tanks"? This holiday is celebrated not only by the military, but also by the participants of this popular game. In this case, virtual congratulations will be even more useful and enjoyable.

In order to make a gift, you need to register in the game, go to your personal account and find the "premium store" tab. Here's what you can give to a gamer on a tanker's day:

  1. Premium account - gives the player a new hangar with expanded functionality, allows you to get more experience and silver for playing games and create clans.
  2. Game currency.
  3. New tank. The best of them are KV-1S, AMX 50 Foch and E57 Heavy Tank.

Chocolate set Chocolate set - harsh chocolate for tough men

personalized purse Personalized purse - for stylish defenders of the Motherland

Yearly stock of socks A year's supply of socks is the perfect gift

Cool gift for a man on the day of the tanker

A do-it-yourself comic gift for a tankman's day will please a man. Here are some ideas:

  1. Slippers in the form of tanks. Can be sewn, felted or crocheted.
  2. Sock tank. To turn a banal gift into an original one, you need to roll several pairs of socks into caterpillar wheels, wrap with another sock and attach a tower. You can use a flashlight or a bottle of your favorite drink as a muzzle.
  3. In a similar way, you can do candy gift or canned beer.

Hobby gifts

What to give your husband for a tanker's day if he has hobbies that are not related to this profession? In such a situation, you need to approach individually:

  1. A person who is fond of modeling can give model of tank for plywood assembly.
  2. A good gift for a gourmet would be tank shaped treats - cake, sushi or salad.
  3. Painting depicting a tank - a choice for those who love to draw.

A practical gift for the day of the tanker

To make a gift for the day of the tankman happy every day, it is worth giving an item that is often used:

  1. Флешка in the form of a miniature tank.
  2. Computer mouse in the shape of a grenade.
  3. Diary with an unusual design, for example, with camouflage colors or the image of a weapon.
  4. Alarm clock in the form of a helmet, dynamite or grenade, which can be thrown against a wall without risking being broken.
  5. Beer glass engraved or printed.
  6. Mousepad.
  7. Piggy bank in the form of a grenade - not only original, but also a useful thing.

Lacoste Gift Set Gift Set Lacoste – a gift for those who appreciate quality and style

Die Hard Pack The Die Hard set is a cool gift for tough guys

Named charger Named charger - for mobile guys

What to give a former tanker?

A good present for a former employee of the tank troops is a model of the tank on which he served. You can choose a suitable gift for the day of the tanker and in the military department:

  1. Metal lavaliers tank emblems.
  2. car pennant with tank symbols.
  3. Chest sign. You can buy in a specialized store or find an icon on the Internet.
  4. Trinket. It can be metal, plush or plastic.
  5. Collectible souvenir weapon.

One of these gifts, bought in a store or made by yourself, will definitely please your soulmate or tanker friend. The main thing is to choose a gift with sincere interest and attention.

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