What to give a military man for his birthday: 21 original gifts

The birthday of a military man is always a difficult, but joyful day for relatives and friends. But organizing it correctly is another challenge. It is not easy for the average person to correctly assess the nature and specifics of the profession. Get rid of this headache. The article lists and categorizes the best options for what to give a military man for his birthday.

Wrist mechanical watch

Wristwatches are always needed

Practical gifts

Based on the principle of "practicality" it is worth thinking, first of all, about the person to whom the gift is intended. The most important feature is application. Options with a military theme are possible:

  • Weapon. It makes no sense to buy a real military arsenal for a birthday. Weapons are required to comply with many characteristics for their actual use. But melee weapons are ideal. It will be a great home decoration. Gives masculinity, style and becomes an excellent occasion to start a conversation.
  • Watches. You can find out what time it is now everywhere. But this is the line of thought of an ordinary person. In the field, wrist or pocket watches are indispensable. The choice clearly falls on the mechanics with discreet colors. In addition, they can be worn on an ongoing basis outside of service.
  • Camping set. A high-quality flask, convenient charging for a mobile phone and a soft sleeping bag - this is just a fantasy in the service. But a birthday present will make the dream come true. You need to be guided by convenience and compactness, and not by brand and price.

Tourist set

Hiking set

Graceful gifts

People live by stereotypes, but when it comes to the immediate environment, you need to abandon them. The military is also no stranger to beauty. Considering that few people are guided by this principle, an elegant present also becomes unique:

  • Precious metal cufflinks, tie or chuck for him - a great option for decorating a ceremonial costume. The defender of the fatherland must be irresistible in official processions and events.
  • Folder made of genuine leather. The military has another life - the office. Soldiers at all levels are constantly required to fill out paperwork, respond to administrative requests and maintain records. A convenient, reliable and beautiful place to store such pieces of paper is always useful.
  • Neat gemstone seal. Service is a significant part of the life of a military man, so they always honor the memory of their regiment. This will help the seal with the symbol of his kind of troops.
  • Table decorations. It's not about flowers or a mirror. A bust of one of the famous commanders will be a serious and elegant gift. An interesting option would be a dummy tank or a copy of a submarine.

Marshal figurine

Modern gifts

Military technology, style of training and service keep pace with modern technology. Army men love to watch movies, listen to music and read. Therefore, the gifts are appropriate:

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  • A laptop. A universal thing for a soldier on vacation, because. represents the maximum functionality. If we take into account that you can only fully relax in your bed, then the fact that the laptop needs to be constantly recharged is simply leveled.
  • EBook. An economical, small and convenient reader will come in handy in those short breaks that fall away from home. Through it, you can even go online and pick up exactly the literature that interests the birthday boy at that moment.
  • Флешка. A standard USB memory stick is not even considered a good option. But now on the Internet you can find many services that can make a unique flash drive with the symbols of the respective troops. It's always nice to remember the good times.

rugged laptop

Military, rugged laptop, shockproof

Thematic gifts

Classics of the genre - gifts associated exclusively with the professional activities of the birthday man. They should be regarded as a kind of symbolism that performs an aesthetic load rather than a practical one:

  • State paraphernalia. This category includes everything that symbolizes the native country. You can offer a coat of arms or a flag. Sometimes the choice falls on the portrait of the current President of the State. These gifts are most appropriate for employees of departments.
  • Panel. This is a stucco or carved composition of ceramics, which is intended to permanently fill the space on the wall. This is exactly what you can give a military man even for an anniversary.
  • Liquor sets. This is not alcohol, but what it is used from. Crystal, glass or even ceramic goblets with military symbols are a solid set in the arsenal of any serviceman.

Camping flask

Flask for alcohol

Cool gifts

They say that whoever was in the army does not laugh in the circus. But this is a prejudice. The guys from the army also like humor, albeit a little specific:

  • Camouflage helmet with special clips for goblets. In the common people, it is called a beer helmet. This is a great help in a theme party, which will immediately show who is who.
  • Cup in the form of a grenade. The essence of the joke is that grenades are taken very seriously at the training grounds. This is specially taught. But at home, a grenade-shaped cup constantly keeps the military in good shape.
  • Apron with the inscription: "Commander-in-Chief". The purpose of an apron is to become smudged and dirty from food in order to protect clothing. In a circle of friends, such an officer with an apron evokes mixed feelings of respect and laughter.
  • Comb in the form of a pistol. The essence is similar to a cup in the form of a grenade. Pointing weapons at people, and even more so at yourself, is strictly prohibited. But this does not apply to the comb. Such an attribute brings a smile to the face of even avid warriors.

soap set

A set of soap in the form of a gun, grenade and other items

Active Gifts

Entertain yourself with active recreation useful and effective. This category includes gifts that you need to actively interact with:

  • Alarm clock in the form of a shooting range. At the heart of its mechanism is hits from a laser pistol to turn it off. This simultaneously keeps the shooting skills of the military at the level and helps not to wake up important events.
  • military helicopter model. The military is still a man. And as they say: the most difficult part of a boy's childhood is the first 40 years. Exciting battles with friends or a fun pastime with a girl or children await him.
  • Puzzle. It is sometimes pleasant to move the gray matter at your leisure. Especially during the absence of the Internet or when all other types of entertainment are already bored.
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Remember that soldiers are people too. They have their own characteristics, traits, emotions and desire. Each individual birthday of each soldier is a unique event. To take all this into account, you need to be guided not only by practical recommendations, but also by your heart.

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