What to give a photographer: TOP-45 best ideas for beginners and pros

If among your friends and relatives there is a person who does not see life without a camera, and he invited you to his holiday, then our article will help you figure out what to give to a photographer who is just starting a career, and to someone who has been taking photos for more than a year hunting. After reading, in your piggy bank of ideas there will be more than 40 gift options for a friend with a camera.

pillows - cameras

Pillows - cameras will fit perfectly into the creative room of the photographer

Machinery and equipment as a gift

In no case do not give the photographer large equipment and additional accessories for it, if you are not sure that this item is really needed and suits his camera. There are two options here: the first is that you yourself are well versed in photographic equipment and perfectly understand what your colleague really needs. The second - the person himself repeatedly mentioned this or that piece of equipment or perhaps asked to give a certain accessory.

Photography is a costly business. You should not spend money on an expensive gift for a photographer, which will eventually gather dust on the shelf. The decision to donate camera a friend who has been dreaming about it for a long time or wants to update his old model should be balanced and confident, and never spontaneous. It is best to discuss the future purchase with the person for whom it will be perfect. Photographers are picky people. Someone wants to work only with a certain brand of photographic equipment, while someone is used to using the same lens models.

What large technical equipment can be offered to a photographer to discuss a future gift:

  • camera;
  • lens;
  • tripod;
  • extra flash.

tripod for the camera

2 in 1 Portable Aluminum Alloy Tripod and Selfie Stick Monopod


  • Different photo filters for lens will help to interestingly brighten up and improve the final picture without additional processing in special programs.
  • Flash drives and all kinds of adapters are also important and useful attributes of a photographer's life.
  • An unusual option showing the care and attentiveness of the giver will be special winter shooting gloves. Usually, models without fingers or with a removable warm pocket for them are chosen.
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How to please a beginner photographer

There are more than enough options for what to give a photographer for his birthday. With the choice of a presentation for a person who has only recently started photographing, everything is much easier than with professionals in their field or those who do not know what they want at all. Such people will be happy with small auxiliary accessories that you yourself do not always have time to do or simply forget to buy:

  • Bag for the camera - is one of the main things for a photographer. After all, it is in it that all the most necessary equipment during the filming is stored. Carrying it with you without a special bag is very dangerous and inconvenient.

The bags come in different sizes. From a small shoulder bag that only fits the camera itself and has a couple of small pockets for an extra battery and a spare memory card. To large backpacks and suitcases that can fit a tripod, various lenses, flashes and other auxiliary accessories. It is not only convenient, but also safe for transporting equipment. Such bags are equipped with special divisions, pockets and soft sides that protect the contents from shock, water and other unpleasant incidents.

  • Educational books. It just sounds boring. In fact, in recent years, book publishers have released a huge number of beautiful books with inspiring illustrations, examples of photographs of masters of their craft, as well as useful tips and interesting stories. The camera is a very complex and sensitive instrument. Each model requires its own specific approach. Professional units have a huge number of various settings and shooting modes. You can also understand and learn them with the help of the instructions contained in each box. But it is much more interesting to read about it in an illustrated book. Where experts will talk about their experience, the correct setting of light, various methods of setting up equipment and building a frame.

photographer's book

Austin Kleon Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work Books for Creative Expression

  • Various master classes. Also a good gift option for a beginner photographer. They tell almost the same thing as in the books. Teachers share their mistakes and achievements, show illustrative examples, help to understand everything right on the spot. A nice bonus is that at the master classes you can find new interesting friends with whom the young photographer will associate his favorite business. Yes, and understanding a new field is much more interesting with someone than alone. In the same place, among those who came, you can find a couple of people who will agree to patiently pose in exchange for the same or another service.
  • Lens cleaners. The most popular and really necessary accessory for caring for a camera lens is a special double-sided brush. On the one hand, under the cover, there is a smear for accurate and thorough cleaning of the lens, and on the other hand, there is a retractable brush that helps in the fight against arrogant small dust particles.

optics cleaning kit

Optics cleaning kit: dust blower, lens cleaning pen, cleaning wipes, heavy-duty liquid

  • Additional memory cards and batteries. Sometimes, during long shooting, the camera has time to run out of battery, and the memory card will fill up. And if there is no spare tire at hand, you have to turn off the shooting. That is why almost all photo business professionals always take spare accessories with them. They don't cost much, but you can't go wrong with them. It is better to take a memory card with the largest amount of space. And to buy a battery, you should specify the brand and model of your friend's equipment.
  • Certificate for renting a photo studio. It's always a nice bonus. Taking pictures on the street, of course, is beautiful, but sooner or later all untouched places in the city end. Yes, and sunlight or rainy weather does not always allow you to do exactly the kind of shooting that can be done in a studio with artificial light, interesting decor and various little things.
  • Phone lenses. Buying a lens for a camera as a gift is quite expensive and not always a justified option. A present in the form of a compact lens for the phone will serve as a replacement for him.

phone lens

A macro lens for your phone will allow you to take pictures from a distance, even when there is no professional camera at hand

Walking in nature or going to a celebration, the photographer does not always take a heavy camera with him, and then he may regret the missed shots for a long time. But the phone is always at hand and everyone. In addition, a telephone lens is not expensive and almost always fits any phone. And the quality is affected very noticeably and weightily. It all depends on the brand of the phone and the location of the built-in camera in it.

  • Remote control and cable to connect the camera to a computer or phone. Two very useful and inexpensive things.

Nice non-technical gifts

In addition to the fact that it is very difficult to find suitable large equipment or accessories for it for another person, do not forget that for such joys you need to have good money in your pocket. You always want to make a person pleasant, but it’s not always possible to spend a lot on this good deed. It is important to remember - a good gift is not always an expensive thing. A simple gift for a photographer chosen with love and attention can bring much more pleasant emotions than a rash and unnecessary expensive purchase:

  • Cake baked to order with the birthday boy's favorite toppings and a camera figurine on it is a great birthday present for a photographer.

cake - camera

Cake-camera with images of the birthday boy inserted into an edible film

  • Photographers spend a lot of time at the computer, processing photos for a long time in special programs. In parallel, many of them like to drink coffee or tea. That is why it is a win-win option to buy camera lens mugs. The gift is not only symbolic and original, but also very useful, as well as necessary in the household.
  • Another interesting option is piggy bank in the form of a lens. It is only important to tell the recipient what such a thing really is, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents and consequences. Indeed, due to the careful study of details and external similarity, such accessories are very similar to real lenses.
  • An important attribute in the life of lovers of beautiful shots is the phone. He is always there and will help at any moment to capture a picturesque picture or a joyful moment of life. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to be waterproof underwater photo case or ordinary case with the image of retro photographic equipment, symbolizing the type of activity of its owner.

Other nice little things with photo paraphernalia.

The easiest way to pick up a holiday souvenir for the fair sex. After all, this role can be given to various jewelry or other decorations. It can be:

  • rings;
  • suspensions;
  • earrings;
  • bracelets;
  • watch;
  • hairpins and decorative bands.

pendant - camera

Gold-plated pendant with a camera pendant and a gemstone in the lens

For men from this list, only watch, bracelets and beautiful signet rings. In rare cases - earrings or clips. It is important to remember that on all these products one way or another there should be a reminder of the recipient's favorite hobby.

There are many more pleasant little things that can be handed over to the photographer. The main thing is to approach with imagination and attention to the wishes and needs of a person. So, for example, can be used as a gift themed bedding set, various vases in the form of retro cameras, framework for ready-made and memorable photos, stickers, backpacks, postcards, drawings and many many others.

You can also do something nice and original with your own hands. For example, рисунок, figurine made of clay or papier mache. If a creative person, in addition to photography, also loves literature, you can give him novel or detective, where the main role is played by a brave or romantic photographer. You can also donate photo exhibition ticketto help you get inspired. Go to the museumdedicated to this topic. Or attend a thematic event about the history of photography itself, or about interesting people who used it. All this inspires, and inspiration is the engine of progress for a creative person, which is every photographer.

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