40 interesting ideas for what to give your brother for his 50th birthday

Fifty years is a very respectable age. The celebration of such a date must be approached extremely consciously; This also suggests that the gift must be selected very carefully. It cannot be too cheap, but at the same time it must fall into the individual preferences of the hero of the day, so there may be a problem with what to give your brother for his 50th birthday. This article is intended to solve it and help the donor decide what to present in such a case and on such a significant date as a present.

Holiday cake

Birthday cake for the hero of the day

Gifts for the soul of the company

At fifty, many people are the so-called "life of the company." If not a single party still takes place without the donor's brother, if he is called for all holidays, and in every house he is a welcome guest, it is quite possible that gifts from this category will suit him:

  • So, if a brother has a dacha, then BBQ (some unusual, forged to order) and skewers (with personalized engraving on the handles) will definitely appeal to him, because he will be able to gather even more friends for barbecue.
  • Alcohol in many companies is the key to good communication. And let the Ministry of Health and doctors warn that drinking after fifty should be extremely moderate, it is unlikely that one donated bottle of good cognac can significantly spoil the health of the happy hero of the day. The same goes for wine, brandy и whiskey.
  • Big table It will also be a great gift, because you can gather a lot of friends behind it for a wide, fun feast. As, by the way, and a portable device for barbecueand household appliances on kitchen: will allow you to cook in large quantities and tasty. These include plate, oven (if they are not already built into the stove), microwave ovens, toasters и shakers, mixers и multicookers.

Multicooker - a good gift option

A slow cooker is a good gift option for busy gourmets

  • Bath set is also a great option. In the end, anyone who loves a bath and a good company will definitely be delighted with a set of new hats, mittens in the form of mittens и seat towels. Yes, and fragrant steam room oil (for example, juniper) will be a great addition.
  • Finally, at this age, people still love to sing in karaoke. Such a prefix and microphones for it can very, very please a person who turns fifty.
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grumpy gifts

If a brother is one of those older adults who like to grumble, then at fifty he will be closer in spirit to those who are at seventy. He needs gifts, so give the appropriate ones:

  • Rocking chair - on the one hand, playful, and on the other - in fact, a cool gift for a grumbler. People love such chairs regardless of age, but a fifty-year-old brother who always complains about boredom and illness will be able to pose as a dying man in a rocking chair with special artistry.
  • New blankets - it’s better to have a set right away - they’ll also fit perfectly. Like heater.
  • Body massagers - wooden or advanced, electronic - the grumbler will surely like it, and he will grumble much less.

Massage pillow

Massage cushion for car seat

Also, oddly enough, but such people love TV. Even if they don't watch government channels, they can use it as a monitor to search for something on the Internet (if the brother somehow manages to be quite advanced).

Gifts to a respectable

Solid men over fifty are a very interesting stratum of society. If the birthday brother has always been a business person, then he will be interested in gifts and presents from the list below:

  • First, it is, of course, watch. You can give both good wristwatches and more symbolic pocket ones on a chain, as a sign of belonging to "high society".
  • professional camera - also a great gift for those who are passionate about this art form and hobby.
  • No less excellent will be a good one chess set: they are carved, made of wood, made of ivory - all these options are extremely suitable. Both a high-status person and just a quiet erudite will like them, and even more so (this set of chess, to be more precise) a chess player will be happy with them. Especially the arrester.


Camera for photography enthusiast

  • Ornamental weapon set - for example, pistols or sabers, - it will perfectly fit into the interior of a respectable, businesslike person, will please the eye and show the height of his status. So, thinking about what to give your brother for 50 years, it may be worth stopping at this option.
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Gifts for a hard worker

The easiest gift option. Everything you need to keep your home in good condition: screwdriver, drill, possibly, saw... Good set of tools, in a word. Good bag for these same tools.

Home first aid kit also suitable as spare set of nails. It is unlikely that a hard worker whose hands itch will be against such presentations. You can also opt for quality safety glasses. Good ones gloves for guard hands are fine too.

The main thing is to give your brother a gift for such an anniversary, as for any birthday or holiday, you need to love. And everything else will follow.


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