What to give mother-in-law on March 8: different ideas for different mothers

For relatives

The holiday on March 8 is considered special. Indeed, on this day we congratulate the most beloved women, without whom our life would not be so bright and eventful. If you are married, then in your life there is another important representative of the fair sex - the mother-in-law. This relative requires a special attitude towards herself. So, today let's talk about what you can give a mother-in-law for March 8, so that she would be pleased.

Ideas for a mother-in-law gift for International Women's Day: choose by temperament

Everyone's mother-in-law is different, and therefore it is impossible to formulate any strict rule for preparing a gift that would satisfy everyone. Therefore, let's consider what psychotypes of women are and how to find an approach to each of them.

Strict and unapproachable

The first type is very strict and demanding women... With these ladies, you need to be calm, decisive, balanced and very circumspect. The gift should be chosen depending on what your beloved mother-in-law is doing. If she still goes to the office, then you can give her something for convenience in the workplace. Such a present will always be for future use and you will not be accused of wasting the family budget. This could be:

  • beautiful notepad for notes... Although notebooks are already fading into the background, giving way to fashionable modern gadgets, many people habitually like to write down their plans and affairs on paper. It is better to choose a notebook that is laconic, to match the character of the husband's beloved mother, with white sheets without bright lines, so that your eyes do not get tired when reading the notes. Pick up a beautiful pen for the notebook, preferably so that it can be attached to the notebook itself.
  • electronic photo frame... Such a present will look dignified on your mother-in-law's desktop. And you need to upload more photos of your husband and grandchildren there. Grandmothers love to look at pictures of their grandchildren. Therefore, even if the husband's mother complains that you have wasted your money, she will still be very pleased.

It is better for a strict woman to find out directly what gift she would like to receive on March 8, so you do not have to invent anything supernatural and the mother-in-law will get what she wants.

  • an interesting present will be fitness bracelet - an inexpensive and functional thing. The choice of these accessories is quite diverse today. You can find a model for every taste and color. And such a thing will always come in handy for a business woman. The functionality of fitness bracelets helps you stay connected even during meetings and negotiations. Nice and helpful. And also the gadget helps to monitor your health and your activity throughout the day.

And if a strict mother-in-law does not work, then come up with a gift for her at home.

Moreover, the thing should be not only useful, but also beautiful. This could be:

  • a set of bed linen... Yes, there is no originality in such an idea at all, but a new elegant set of underwear will always come in handy in any household. It is better to take the best quality so that you cannot be accused of greed or stinginess. And choose the color based on the taste preferences of the mother-in-law, and not your own.
  • set of beautiful pans... Such a present will always be pleasant to a woman who carefully monitors the house. Moreover, over many years of life, a huge number of motley multi-colored containers have been assembled in the kitchen, which could be replaced with one set. A set of beautiful dishes will delight any hostess.

When choosing a gift for your mother-in-law in the kitchen, remember that you cannot give anything related to alcohol, otherwise you may be misunderstood.

From the same series you can donate:

  • set of cups for tea;
  • a set of dishes for dinner;
  • coffee service;
  • plaid;
  • blanket;
  • pillows;
  • carpet;
  • cutlery;
  • a couple of beautiful salad bowls;
  • a set of textiles for dinner: napkins, tablecloths;
  • a set of glasses for juices and waters.
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And, of course, one of the most wonderful gifts is jewelery... Let your second mother grumble that you spent a lot of money on a present, but any woman is always pleased to receive one more thing that will decorate her.

Giving rings to a mother-in-law is not very natural. Therefore, look after earrings, a bracelet, a pin, and best of all a neutral neck pendant with or without a chain. It all depends on your budget.

If you want to present a gift with a stone, then here you can find information about what stones are suitable for different signs of the zodiac.

About pendants. Today it is in vogue to wear different pendants in the form of amulets and talismans, which will not only look beautiful on the neck, but will also become a kind symbol for your whole family. You can read about these products here.

Soft mom for everyone

Now let's move on to the second type - this is soft and calm womenwho are complacent about all the vicissitudes, are friendly to the family and never hold evil. They are usually condescending to everything so that the children live in the family and do not run away. On the one hand, it seems that such a woman can be presented with anything. She will not be offended. However, it is still not worth the risk. Better to choose a gift for the soul. So, what can this be.

If the mother-in-law works, then:

  • arrange for her relax day: Send your beloved mom to a hairdresser or beauty salon where she can enjoy herself and her visual transformation. You can even keep your mother-in-law company in the salon and arrange a "bachelorette party": chat heart to heart, have a glass of sparkling wine and just have fun.

Lunch or dinner prepared by yourself is always a good gift for the hostess. Give your mom a break from household chores and take care of all the work.

  • have a big family dinner and invite all relatives. March 8 in our country is a family holiday, the same as the New Year. Therefore, it will be very pleasant for your beloved mother-in-law if you prepare a delicious dinner on your own. But in addition, be sure to buy a small gift. Let it be some kind of care product or cosmetics of your favorite brand.

For the soul and relaxation, you can prepare a trip to the country or to a sanatorium. The goal is to get the whole family together and spend time together.

Choosing a mother-in-law gift depending on your relationship

Choosing a present for your husband's mother largely depends onwho this woman really is for you, and what kind of relationship has developed between you. Who are you to each other:

  • acquaintances;
  • girlfriends;
  • stranger;
  • mom and daughter.

If you do not communicate closely with your husband's mother, i.e. just familiar, then it would be advisable to donate neutral items associated with some hobbies. For example, the following will fit perfectly into the interior of the house:

  • original decorative figurines;
  • floor vases;
  • wall or table clock;
  • pictures;
  • household goods.

If you are in a close relationship with your husband's mother, you can talk about everything openly and honestly, she supports your aspirations, experiences, then you are real friends... In this case, purchase something from the "personal" category for her. It can be:

  • expensive perfume;
  • jewelry with precious stones;
  • cosmetic and care products of well-known brands;
  • handbag;
  • lipstick or powder;
  • hair care technique: iron, hair dryer.

If you communicate well, then you probably know about her tastes and will be able to present her with a nice present.

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It also happens that it seems like a mother-in-law for a married woman - a stranger and distant person... In this case, the present should be universal, without any personal hints or subtext. For this case, the best options would be:

  • expensive chocolate;
  • a set of expensive sweets or cookies;
  • good coffee or tea;
  • a set of cups and tea;
  • souvenir (candle, notebook, pen).

You can buy mother-in-law by March 8 a book by her favorite author... The husband should know the writer and the work. Moreover, choose a book in a good colorful binding, possibly a gift edition.

A mother-in-law can become very dear to a woman and one of the closest people (almost like a mother). In this case, you need to pick up an expensive surprise by March 8.

Perhaps the husband's mother does not yet have some kind of household appliances, but you have the opportunity to buy them. This could be:

  • blender;
  • Dishwasher;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • food processor;
  • mixer;
  • air conditioning;
  • the tablet;
  • coffee maker;
  • microwave;
  • grill.

The best gift for a woman of any age is a piece of jewelry.

An excellent presentation option would be gold or silver jewelry.

For example:

  • earrings with mother-in-law's favorite stones;
  • silver necklace made of pearls. This product always looks great on women of any age and for any style of clothing;
  • red thread bracelet with pendant. Such a product is considered not just a decoration, but also an excellent protector against magic, evil eye, damage;
  • pendant with the first letter of the mother-in-law's name;
  • wrist bracelet with original charm.

Jewelry made from semi-precious stones will bring health benefits:

  • amber beads. The sun stone is not only magnificent in its color, but also very useful for health;
  • necklace from aventurine, turquoise, grossular, cacholong;
  • bracelet made of cat's eye, selenite, carnelian, etc.

If you want to give something original, then make a surprise with your own hands. Weave a beautiful piece of beaded jewelry in advance or embroider on a napkin. You will put a piece of your soul into such a present, so the mother-in-law will surely appreciate your efforts.

Choosing a gift for a mother-in-law depending on her hobbies

If you have already given your mother-in-law a lot of things and do not know what to choose this time, then pay attention to her hobbies. Your favorite business will tell you what you can give.

Mama husband's needlewoman? There are many options:

  • sets of threads for hand embroidery;
  • Knitting;
  • hooks and knitting needles;
  • high quality fittings of various designs;
  • sets for weaving macrame;
  • sewing machine;
  • overlock;
  • various fabrics;
  • good scissors;
  • a collection of fashionable patterns;
  • knitting patterns;
  • painting set;
  • paints for painting on ceramics, glass or fabric.

And if your mother-in-law is in the shower real designer, then you can give her a beautiful painting or decorative figurine. So that a woman can spend her leisure time in an interesting way, she can be presented with a camera, rare illustrated publications or a tablet for working on the interior.

When choosing a gift, remember that the main thing is not the budget, but attention to the person dear to you.

If mother-in-law disappears for days in the country, then choose a gift for her on the appropriate topic. You can watch:

  • special tools;
  • comfortable sun lounger;
  • rocking chair;
  • various seeds;
  • flowers;
  • seedlings of trees;
  • wicker baskets, trays, dishware stands;
  • scarves, scarves, stoles;
  • parasol;
  • swing;
  • comfortable shoes for home and summer cottages;
  • original watering cans for watering flowers;
  • figurines and vases for the design of a summer cottage;
  • a set of plant care products.

All these ideas will bring a lot of emotions and a lot of fun. And do not forget that you should always admire the dacha when you come there, so that your mother-in-law knows how much you value it.

Choosing a gift depending on the woman's age

Very much on the choice of the gift influences your mother-in-law's age. If your second mom is young woman, then she will be pleased to receive a thing for her birthday that can emphasize her beauty and youth. The most suitable options would be perfumes, cosmetics from well-known manufacturers, and jewelry.

If there is no money for an expensive gift, then choose something small but of high quality. For example, let the bottle be small, but the perfume in it is selective.

An original and pleasant surprise for a young lady by March 8 will be portrait with her image... Take care of this option in advance. Choose the most beautiful photo with your husband that she definitely likes. Next, give it to a portrait painter and ask for the picture to be even more beautiful than in the photo, so that unnecessary wrinkles, facial flaws and other unpleasant little things are not visible. After that, arrange everything in a beautiful frame and wrap it in colorful gift paper. So that no one can guess what's inside.

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If age a woman solid enough, say, 50 years or more, then the following are suitable as a presentation:

  • beautiful indoor flowers;
  • stylish pots for indoor plants;
  • vases or stands for fruits, vegetables, sweets,
  • a subscription to a massage room - both pleasant and very healthy;
  • holiday voucher at the resort.

What should not be given to mother-in-law on March 8

For a gift to the mother-in-law do not choose too expensive things, which will cost you the whole family budget, say, for a month. But it is not worth saving on a present either. A gift that is too inexpensive will create unnecessary emotions and may think that you are a greedy person.

There is a category of gifts that in no case can you give for the holiday. These unsuccessful presentations include:

  • cheap robes... If you want to present a bathrobe, then it is better to choose a warm quality item that will last more than one year.
  • underwear, tights, pantaloons, leggings... These items should be excluded from the gift list altogether;
  • substandard nightgowns... Cheap textiles are always a losing choice. After the first wash, they either shed or shrink.

All of these items belong to the category of personal items that a woman can always purchase herself.

Attributes of extreme sports will be considered an unsuccessful gift idea for a mother-in-law: rollers, skis or skates - these things are very individual. Some mums will just be happy if they have to go skiing and stretch themselves, while others will complain about their daughter-in-law's bad taste.

Also, you should not give things or objects, that even indirectly will remind you of the shortcomings of your second mother:

  • Libra;
  • gym certificates;
  • vitamins;
  • slimming underwear;
  • a subscription to attend classes in aerobics or swimming.

Unusual and original gifts for mother-in-law are taboo. Here the folk wisdom works: "The quieter you go, the further you will be."

There is also a double opinion about souvenirs.... Some are very fond of such gifts, and some believe that they are given purely due to a lack of imagination and budget. This category can include:

  • refrigerator magnets;
  • Photo frame;
  • candlesticks;
  • Stuffed Toys.

And remember one unspoken rule: you need to choose the same gift that is chosen for you. For example, a mother-in-law always gives you a bunch of small gifts: shampoo, mascara, gel, a towel and another chocolate bar, the same set should be given to her in return. If you buy not a list of presents, but only one, even a very expensive one, they will say that you are too economical. And never forget to give flowers, this is March 8th.