What to give grandfather for 80 years: memorable gifts and useful gifts

Finding a worthy birthday present is not an easy task. After all, no one wants to lose face and give something completely useless, and it is very difficult to surprise people of respectable age. Therefore, if you do not know what to give your grandfather for 80 years, then be sure to read this article. Here are the most relevant and useful ideas.

Gifts from the past

If you are looking for a gift for 80 years old grandfather, then pay attention to retro gifts. Anniversary will be pleased to receive as a gift "Piece of Memories". Indeed, for an elderly person, the past is necessarily associated with youth, where everyone would like to return at least for a second. So give the hero of the day such an opportunity, present him, for example, music Center in retro style. Everyone, regardless of age, loves to play music, so such a gift will be useful, and the interior will be interesting to dilute with its appearance.

Another wonderful gift from the past will be picture, painted in oil, from a photograph of a man, where he is young. Alternatively, you can beat the picture with some theme.

Present in the form of an award

80 years is a very significant anniversary, because the fact that a person has lived to such an age is already a kind of achievement. So maybe it's worth rewarding the hero of the day for such merits?

Most likely, a man has been awarded more than once in his life (no matter for small or large merits). But it’s much more pleasant to receive an award on your birthday, moreover, from loved ones. There is a beautiful and interesting Order "For the Capture of the 80th Anniversary". In any case, it will be appropriate, and most importantly - unexpected. Thanks to such a gift, the birthday boy will feel your care and respect for his person.

Order for 80 years

The order will be a good memorable gift


When wondering what to give a man for his 80th birthday, don't overlook genealogy book or tree. With age, people begin to think about their ancestors and how their family was formed, they like to look into the past. As a gift, you can choose a complete family tree book with photographs and short biographies, according to which the hero of the day can make a family tree, or you can simply limit yourself to a family tree. Perhaps the hero of the day will want to turn such a book into a real relic and pass it on to his children (grandchildren).

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Also suitable family tree collage. To do this, you will need a drawing paper and several photographs of the hero of the day, his relatives, and also his ancestors. But the essence of the family tree collage is that the photos should be “alive”, for example, a captured moment where everyone is laughing or playing football. Paste the drawing paper with photographs, sign the names and dates of birth.

So, if you don’t know what to give your grandfather for 80 years, then feel free to choose a “pedigree” present.

Literary Presents

Elderly people are very fond of reading, maybe because of an excess of extra time, or maybe because they want to “absorb” as much knowledge as possible. Be that as it may, an 80-year-old man will love a literary gift. It may be a rare deluxe edition of books or eBook (only if the grandfather's vision does not deteriorate).

Comfortable rocking chair

A comfortable rocking chair will appeal to a grandfather who loves to read

In addition to ordinary books, you can choose a brand new soft book as a gift for 80 years for a man. кресло or rocking chair, warm plaid or lamp.

Money is never superfluous

If you don’t know what to give a man who has everything for 80 years, then just present him money, but do it effectively. How exactly, you can read below.

  • Chest and shovel. Buy or build a small chest that you will fill with money (take both bills and coins to make it look prettier). Then attach a small shovel to the chest. You will get a kind of treasure chest, which will become a rather original present for the hero of the day. By the way, to make the gift even more interesting, you can put gold bars in the chest (purchase in a fun store or make it from improvised means).
  • family bank. Take a beautiful transparent jar, fill it with banknotes and coins. Glue the emblem "Bank ... (surname of the hero of the day)" on the jar.
  • Money cake. We turn the bills into tubes and put them in "cakes". There can be as many “cakes” as you like, depending on the amount that you have.

money cake

Beautifully decorated "cake" will please the grandfather

  • A bouquet of money. It is necessary to carefully fold the bills into flowers and tubules (future stems). Collect all this and pack it in beautiful wrapping paper or foil.
  • Money bag. All that is required of you is to carefully fold the bills and put them in a bag. The bag can be beautifully decorated and tied with a gift bow.
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So, we looked at a few examples of what to give grandfather for his 80th birthday. We hope you have found the most worthy present. Remember, even if you do not have a large budget, you can give an inexpensive but nice gift that the hero of the day will definitely appreciate. After all, the main thing is attention and care.


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