Gifts for relatives: 26 best presents for every taste for everyone

After reading this article, you will learn how easy it is to choose birthday gifts for relatives, you will find interesting and original ideas. Here are budget and expensive gifts, depending on age and interests, you can find in the article a gift for mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. It is worth starting from their interests and desires.

mom gift

Gift for beloved mother


Such gifts are suitable for almost everyone. And mom, and grandmother, and brother will be happy with the following gifts:

  • Money - they will always be relevant. As a result, they can become the best present for relatives.
  • Sweets, especially original ones, for example cake pops, Candy standwill appeal to women and children. Men love different chocolates no less.
  • We often think about what to give relatives or friends so that they are shocked. T-shirts with funny captions, with wishes and congratulations are relevant forever. Beloved husband, dear grandmother, the best girl in the world ... Similar gifts are photo mugs or original inscriptions, beautiful pictures.
  • Necessary equipment, ranging from coffee grinder, microwave ovenending tablets, telephones и laptops. More budget option smart watch, toasters, cameras, more expensive - computers or TV sets.
  • Jewelry like watches Will delight both men and women of all ages. Men's bracelets and chains also do not lose relevance. Jewelry is a universal gift, the main thing is to know the preferences of the recipient so that the present will definitely please.

money cake

Funny paper bill cake

  • Certificate to your favorite store. Now they are offered by almost all major chains: from grocery to jewelry. The most difficult thing is to choose a store and the amount you want to deposit on the card.
  • When thinking about what to give relatives, decor comes to mind: graceful figurines, paintings, even beautiful porcelain plates decorate the interior, and when you look at them, those who gave them will be remembered. For younger people it can posters or bright pillows. They are easy to make to order with any image.

For mom and aunt

Mom is the dearest person in our life, and we, of course, are no less important to her, so she will probably be happy with any of our gifts. But still, she is the person who deserves the best gift. Aunts also play a big role in our lives, they are like second mothers, so gifts for beloved women should be worthwhile.

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For example:

  • Bouquet of favorite flowers Of course, it will please your mother or aunt. The more and more diverse it will be, the more she will be delighted.

flowers in a pot

Flowering plants in pots - ideal for flower lovers

  • Flowers in a pot also a good option, especially for one that already has flowers. In fact, it is suitable for those who only have them. Take the one that is easier to care for - and for those who already have all the window sills full - look for such rare and beautiful plants that they have long dreamed of.
  • Certificate to a beauty salon, manicure or SPA salon. Cosmetics, clothes, jewelry stores may also please mom and aunt.
  • You can donate something from cosmetics: nail polishes, makeup remover, hair products, but you need to be careful with this, because women prefer to choose cosmetics themselves. But the elderly will be happy moisturizer, anti-wrinkle serum and other similar means.
  • Mirrors come in different sizes. It is better to give a small pocket mirror along with a cosmetic bag, and a wall mirror in the bathroom, so that it is more convenient to make up alone in the morning, is a good gift.
  • new cosmetic bag in itself a good souvenir, especially if it is filled makeup brushes.
  • Beautiful case for phone or tablet, laptop bag are not redundant. With them, you can give styluses.

case for phone

Do-it-yourself phone case - a warm and original gift

  • Concert ticket favorite artist is a great idea, but in this case you need to know exactly who is the "favorite artist".
  • new the bag not the cheapest gift, besides, you need to know exactly the desires of a dear relative.

For dad and uncle

Dad is the best man in the life of a huge number of girls and a role model for his sons. Uncle is only slightly smaller than dad, and sometimes even more. They both deserve a nice gift worthy of them:

  • Almost all men are crazy about fishing, because fishing tackle a good birthday present, especially if it is in the summer.
  • Car accessories: fresheners, DVRs, navigators help the motorist on the road.
  • Socks and ties - a budget option for a business person. New portfolio to work is already a more expensive option.
  • An expensive gift for an anniversary will be hunting or fishing holiday. Go to the forest for a couple of days, while hunting or fishing. These days will be remembered for a lifetime, allow you to relax, relax, meet new people and learn something new.
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bouquet of socks

Bouquet of socks for uncle or dad

  • For a lover to fix something or do it yourself, a good gift will be Tools: nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, screwdriver. It is easy to find many such instruments in stores that your relative dreams of, but has not yet bought. You can always find one like this!
  • Mushroom basket, navigator, pedometer, compass for mushroom pickerborn in summer or early autumn.
  • Concert ticket or sport's event. It is necessary to clarify in advance where he would like to go.
  • Cologne, shaving foam, blades и razor - universal men's gifts for all time. If dad or uncle wears a beard, give him combs and other things for hair care. There are countless of them on the Internet.

For little sister or niece

Choosing a gift for a younger sister or niece that has not yet grown up is usually not a problem. But if such still arise, then here are a few options:

  • Particularly relevant baby sweets.
  • Toys the best gift for all children. If you do not want to give another doll, there are many educational kits with experiments, growing kits plant girls might like it.

Candy Cake

Candy Cake

  • Dresses и other clothes, before buying which it is better to consult with your mother. Hairpins и rubber bands for hair Nobody canceled either.
  • Drawing tools - brushes, paints, pencils, felt-tip pens, colorful albums. ABOUT kits for creativity many girls dream, because it is interesting to try to make soap or a papier-mâché plate yourself.
  • Personal diaries, notebooks, diaries are of interest to many adults, let alone children.
  • О girls' books many dream in childhood. This is an interesting and educational gift, especially if the baby is not very fond of reading. If she reads well, then almost any children's book by age will be received well.
  • Suitable for older girls cosmetics. While the sister or niece is not yet very versed in this area, it is worth helping.

For an adult sister

An older or younger, but already an adult sister is waiting for a gift no less than a little one. We offer several ways to please her:

  • Lamps, photo albums, personalized pens and other little things will please the sister. Also, if you do not know what to give your aunt or niece, then this option can help you.


Table lamp in a beautiful design

  • Flowers, growing kits plant, pots и shoulder blades suitable for a girl who loves to dig in the ground or nature.
  • Fortune candy hit the sister. Something to do on a gray evening.
  • Maybe your sister is an amateur board games and then it remains only to find out the name of at least one, which she does not have. Computer Games on a disc or otherwise bought will appeal to a girl who loves to play.
  • flash drive, hard drives and others information storage media help in both study and work. There also belong notebooks, notebooks, sketchbook.
  • If the sister is not yet quite an adult, then hair crayons и transfer tattoos help update the image. Certificate for coloring or in a tattoo parlor will increase the life of the experiment.
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For a little brother or nephew

The kid who drives cars all day has a birthday soon. There are many options for what to give him:

  • Toys are relevant for all children. Clippers, Robots, puzzles.
  • Books with colorful pictures sure the boy will like it.
  • Dear electric cars, in which you can sit down and manage them yourself, are usually interesting for kids.


Baby car

  • Cars on the control panel interesting not only for the baby, but also for the parents.
  • All children love to draw, so markers, paint, albums are always needed.
  • Boys love sweets no less than girls.

For grown brother

An adult brother is unlikely to be happy with a typewriter or pencils for his birthday, so here are some tips on what you can give him:

  • Gamer will appreciate prefix, purchase game и equipment To her.
  • An adult brother also needs razor, foam after shaving and things like that.
  • cool clothes like him no less than fashion sneakers.
  • For a brother who is fond of sports, excellent gifts will be skateboard, scooter, bike and their accessories whistle, navigator, lamp.
  • Interesting souvenirs for a music lover will be headphones, speakers.
  • In order for the brother to finally do something new, it is better to give him guitar, set of tools. Maybe it will awaken in him the desire to find a new hobby.
  • If you want your brother to become stronger, give dumbbells, certificate to the fitness center.

The above gifts are only part of the ideas, if you look at the person and learn about him better, about his inner world, there will be much more options, and what to give to relatives: both near and far, will be much easier to decide.


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