What to give a brother for 20 years: TOP-41 gift ideas by hobbies and character

In this article, you will learn what to give your brother for 20 years, depending on his hobbies, tastes and character traits. The most interesting and original ideas for buying a gift are selected here, and after looking at this publication, everyone will find at least one idea to their taste. A list of possible gifts for a brother who likes to fantasize, or who is an athlete. Also, for an impressionable or comedian, music lover, gamer and even a fan of board games, it will greatly simplify the preparation for the brother's anniversary.

cake with the inscription

Author's cake in the form of a birthday calendar

For programmers and gamers

Programmers are special people, and gifts related to their activities will be most acceptable to them:

  1. Флешка. This is the simplest gift, but no one will say that it is unnecessary. Remember how many times you yourself could not find it at the most crucial moment.
  2. Keyboard lamp. Often, programmers sit at monitors not only during the day, in daylight, but also at night. So, do not doubt that this will be a very necessary gift for your brother.
  3. USB slippers or heated mug. Such slippers will not let your feet freeze when working at a computer, and a mug will keep your tea or coffee warm even when you have forgotten about them for a long time.
  4. You can also consider such an option as personalized notebook "Book of Ideas". This is where your brother can quickly capture ideas that come to his mind.
  5. Games. The main thing is to choose the right genre.
  6. In-Game Gift. Almost all online games have micro transactions that involve the purchase of virtual goods for real money. If your brother plays something like this, then this will be a very good gift.
  7. Cup, trinket, T-shirt with your favorite game characters.
  8. Game accessories. It can be a mouse, mouse pad or keyboard.

flash drives funny

Cool flash drives for brother

For motorists

If the car is your brother's best friend, then he will definitely appreciate:

  1. Holder for your mobile phone. Your brother will be very pleased to receive such a gift from you, because in this way you take care of him, reducing the risk of your loved one getting into an accident.
  2. Back massager. Motorists spend quite a long time behind the wheel, which can cause back pain. To prevent this, you can present such a rather original gift.
  3. Automatic start system. Perhaps the most expensive gift offered, but very convenient. With the onset of cold weather, many car owners are faced with the problem of engine heating. How nice it will be to wake up in the morning, drink a mug of coffee, go out and immediately hit the road.
  4. Car vacuum cleaner. A great gift for a brother for 20 years, if he is still a lover of order.
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For the music lover

Melomaniac will like:

  • headphones, you can have some unusual ones, with an original design, but the main thing is to check that they are comfortable;
  • portable speakers, they will allow you to listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere;

headphones music lover

Headphones for a music lover

  • ticket to a concert of your favorite band, it’s better to buy two at once, so that the brother has the opportunity to take a friend with him for the company, and maybe even you - it’s more fun together;
  • acoustic system or musical instrument, on which the birthday boy has never played. It's never too late to learn something new.

For comedians

A brother who loves to joke may like funny fun cups and mugs, funny t-shirts. They can be easily found both on the Internet and in the store.

However, one must feel and see the line between funny and vulgar or vulgar. So, if you are afraid that you may not make the best impression, you should think about choosing another gift or consult with relatives or friends.

For impressionable

Surely, these gifts will be the most unusual and memorable for a very long time for your brother. From this series can be distinguished: horse rides, skydiving, race, diving. For those who do not like extreme sports, suitable Certificates to visit the cinema, theater, circus, massage or SPA services.

horse racing

A visit to the horse races will be a pleasant surprise if the brother loves equestrian competitions

For tourist

If your brother is a fidget who is always looking for adventure on the road, the following will come in handy:

  • A good set of dishes for hiking and travel. On short trips, you can get by with just a cup and a spoon, but if your brother is a long-term traveler, then this set will be very useful here.
  • Tourist knife. No trip or trip is complete without a knife, so you can never go wrong with one.
  • Flashlight. As soon as night falls, lanterns come to the aid of tourists. This is the second most important piece of equipment (after the knife).
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For sports

For athletes, you need to choose a gift according to his hobbies, but the following can become universal:

  1. Knee Wraps or sport gloves. To make sports activities safer, you can use these elements. Perhaps this is more of a gift to a brother from a sister. It will be very nice to receive it from her sister, because in this way she wants to protect her brother.

knee pads sports

Athlete's knee pads

  1. Sportswear (T-shirts, socks to change, high-quality sneakers).
  2. dumbbell set. Now there are different types of dumbbells, so that the gift is more unique, it is better to buy collapsible weights.
  3. Fitness bracelet.
  4. Shaker good quality.

For board game lovers

Yes, board games are quite popular among young people, and even older people. And in this case, you can donate:

  • New games (Cluedo, Wild Jungle, Stone Age, Carcassonne, etc.). Something new is always a vivid impression.
  • 3D sculptor.
  • Puzzles in the form of a globe.
  • Dice for the game in Kosti.

backgammon table

Backgammon and dice

For dreamers

Such a person needs everything unusual and colorful:

  1. Linens with unusual colorful images.
  2. Virtual reality glasses. This gift will be happy not only for dreamers and dreamers, but also for any other person. The same is true for the next gift.
  3. Lucid dream mask.
  4. Panel for photos. There you can place memos, favorite photos, postcards, or just pictures with beautiful places.

In conclusion, we can say that when choosing a gift for your brother, you should think through everything perfectly. And it may not be as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to look at the world through the eyes of your brother, and then you will understand everything. Now you have gift ideas for your brother for 20 years and all that remains to be done is to choose the most suitable one.

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