What to give your sister for her birthday: choosing gifts for young princesses and grown-up queens

The article talks about how to choose a gift for a loved one - sister. After reading it, you will have a clear idea in which direction to look for a gift.

A study was organized at Brigham Young University (USA), the purpose of which was to find out the influence of a sister on human development. The journal Family Psychology published the results of the research - and what happened? It turned out that the presence of a sister greatly improves the psychological state of the child. Thanks to a sister, a person grows up more positive, with good self-esteem, able to sympathize and compassion. Sisters help us become more benevolent, give us the ability to get out of difficult situations and resolve conflicts, which helps a lot in adulthood.

You can talk a lot about the positive influence of a sister on a person, and these will not be just words - there is scientific evidence for this. And once a year, the question will definitely arise - what to give your sister for her birthday? What gift to choose to express your love and gratitude? How not to make a mistake in choosing a gift? Let's figure it out together.

Nice gift for sister

There can be many gifts, but their value is more important

Not all gifts for a sister are created equal.

A birthday gift for a sister depends on several factors:

  1. Sister's age.
  2. Sister hobbies.
  3. The budget you have.

Sister sister strife. Some have an older sister, some have a younger one. Serious and fidgety, sister-rocker and sister who loves to cross-stitch. What to give your sister to please, surprise and benefit?

Preschool Sister

If the little sister attends a kindergarten, then it is appropriate to give a beautiful doll, an interesting book with colorful pictures, an educational toy, a children's needlework kit. These can be modeling kits, kits for making felt toys, decorating kits, paper crafts and much more.

Every girl's dream is a dollhouse. This is not a toy for once, because the house can be decorated, changed the situation, added and removed something. But such a gift is expensive. But if you make such a house yourself, then there will be no limit to your sister's delight and the memory of the gift will remain for her whole life.

Dollhouse for little sister

Even a small dollhouse will delight your little sister

We connect hands

Any woman, regardless of age, loves jewelry. And if you give a little fashionista a beautiful bow, hairpin, bracelet, hand-made ring, you will not be mistaken. The main thing is that the sister is old enough, and the jewelry is not very small - so that the child does not drag objects into his mouth and does not choke.

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Adding emotions

And of course, no one canceled the gifts-impressions. A gift-impression is something that causes us emotions, a smile, joy, happiness. This is not a gift in the conventional sense - there is no object that will remain "for a long memory", there are only emotions. But Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a US researcher, has been studying how our happiness depends on money. And it turned out that over time, the value of any thing in our eyes decreases. But the value of the impressions received is increasing. And when we think about a trip to a circus or a dolphinarium, flying in a balloon and riding a horse, we like them even more.

Horseback riding

A little girl will remember riding a real horse for a long time.

teen sister

With so many options for a little girl, what can you give your sister for her birthday if she is already in school, especially a teenage girl? At this age, even girls of the same age can have completely different tastes and hobbies. But in the first place in our time of nanotechnology will be devices and gadgets. And if your financial capabilities allow you to present a smartphone, e-book or tablet - good luck! If the budget is more modest, you can donate headphones, a fitness bracelet or a fountain pen with a photo function.

The girl is mature

Girls grow up and want to look fashionable, stylish and spectacular. Fashion accessories - an umbrella, a scarf, a handbag, as well as jewelry and cosmetics - all this will come in handy for a growing beauty. But it’s better not to choose clothes yourself - you can make a mistake. It is better to give a certificate for a purchase in a fashion store. And of course, about gifts-impressions - a certificate for the services of an image maker and a subsequent photo shoot will give unforgettable emotions and will be remembered for a long time.

Photo shoot with sister

A photo session can be joint, accompanied by mischievous fun, which will be remembered for a long time.


When a girl grows up, she thinks more and more about her figure, begins to follow her diet and lifestyle. You can give a sports sister a hoverboard, a sports simulator, a gym membership or a tracker bracelet (pedometer), which will not only count steps, steps, but also calories, and even the quality of sleep.

For a real lady

If sport is not a priority for your sister, then beauty remains relevant for a woman for the rest of her life. Perfumes and cosmetics can be given only if you know exactly your sister's taste. And it is also advisable to inquire in advance - suddenly she already has everything, and your gift will simply stand idle and deteriorate as unnecessary. But a certificate for a beauty salon, for massage, manicure, ultrasonic facial cleansing is relevant at any age and at any time of the year.

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Nice variety

What to give a sister aged 20 to 35? A gift for this age group is both simple and complex. Simple - because the sister's character and hobbies have already been formed. You know if she likes to travel or rather stays at home. Seriously engaged in photography or loves to dance salsa. You are aware of her family affairs - she got married, moved to a new house, gave birth to a child. But the difficulty is that the choice of gifts is so great that the eyes run wide.

Gift for an adult sister

Knowing the preferences of an adult sister, it is easier to understand how to please her.

Universal gifts

There are not so many universal gifts. This:

  1. Money.
  2. Certificate for a store or services (SPA center, fitness room, subscription to the Philharmonic, etc.).

And you can also add gastronomic bouquets to the list of universal gifts, which are rapidly gaining popularity. Flowers combined with the birthday girl's favorite fruits, or a bouquet of seafood - all this looks fresh and exotic. And at the same time it has practical benefits: they can and should be eaten.

Original presents

But if we talk about original gifts, then the choice is wider.

The word "original", according to the dictionary, means - "inimitable, unborrowed, original." That is, unlike the others, the one that emphasizes the individuality of the sister.

Gifts associated with memories are very touching. A digital photo frame with photos of the birthday girl, a pillow with a photo print of family photos, a plaid. You can order a personalized T-shirt or bathrobe, or you can make a box of memories. Paste an ordinary shoe box with a cloth or self-adhesive film, decorate with ribbons and lace and fill it with little things dear to your heart - old photographs, shells and pebbles that you brought from the sea, tickets from a joint trip to the theater. Such a box will delight a little girl, and touch an adult woman.

Memories box

Also in the box you can hide the "reasons" of love for your sister

Do-it-yourself exotic

By the way, here it is appropriate to recall gifts from the category of hand made. What can you make a birthday present for your sister with your own hands? Such gifts can be divided into several types:

  • caring cosmetics, body cosmetics;
  • jewelry, bijouterie;
  • portrait on canvas, in the style of pop art, etc.;
  • Stuffed Toys;

Aromatic bath bombs will be a nice gift for your sister. Their production completely depends on the flight of your imagination: when you add different ingredients, the bombs will have different properties (from the effect of relaxation to the state of cheerfulness). And most importantly, to make such a bomb, you only need soda and citric acid. And you can find them in every kitchen! You can also make a scrub, a set of soap or lotion - fortunately, there are enough recipes on the Internet.

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Best friends with jewelry taste

Although they say that a girl's best friend is diamonds, costume jewelry is in no way inferior in popularity to precious jewelry. Coco Chanel also said - “Women with good taste wear jewelry. Everyone else has to wear gold.” And you can trust her in such matters!

Jewelry for sister

Beautiful jewelry will only emphasize the image

Jewelry today is produced by many iconic fashion houses: Chanel, Dior, Armani, etc. The jewelry of these manufacturers is not far from jewelry made of precious materials in terms of price. But the most interesting thing is that the jewelry itself is not so expensive, the main thing in this case is the brand. And if you make such jewelry yourself and create your own brand?

So what do you give your sister for her birthday with your own hands? Of course, jewelry. If you have already mastered the basics of beading, have an idea how to work with ribbons and beads, polymer clay, leather and felt - feel free to start creating! If you are far from the basics of needlework, give your sister a set for creativity. There is just a huge selection for every taste and budget. If your sister doesn’t know how either, but is interested in such things, give her a certificate for a needlework master class. Who knows, maybe your gift will open a new world of creativity for her or even become the start of her own business.

Buy painting

A wonderful idea for a gift is a portrait. Once the portrait was available only to the nobility, rich people. Now, with the development of technology, it is possible to create a portrait in digital form. It is cheaper than painting, and very interesting, stylish.

Portrait of a sister

What beauty does not dream of her portrait?

According to the sister's photo, you will be made a portrait in the style of pop art, sketch art, in the style of anime and cartoon, a classic portrait, a portrait in the image of your favorite characters. The portrait of your choice will be printed on canvas, cardboard, fabric - at your discretion. Perhaps your gift will open a gallery of family portraits at your sister's house?

soft friend

Soft toys can be both an addition to a gift and an independent gift. Here you need to take into account age. If a little girl and a romantic girl will like a big teddy bear, then for an adult woman such a voluminous souvenir can become a burden - it takes up a lot of space, and, frankly, is not really needed. Although there is another type of soft toys - pillows. Cat pillows, owl pillows, elephant pillows. Such toys will become not just an element of decor, but also a true friend - because they are so comfortable to hug. There are cushions in the form of caterpillars, dachshunds and other cute animals. And if you make pillows in the form of soft letters, then such toys will acquire a developing effect.

travel pillow

And if your sister is a lover of roads and adventures, she will definitely like a soft travel pillow in the form of a funny animal

When choosing a gift, try not to get lost in a sea of ​​ideas. Calculate your resources (financial and technical). Can you realize your idea? After all, a gift should please, not disappoint. And, regardless of the age of the sister, her marital status, the presence of children and social status, she will always be your best friend and closest person. Therefore, choose a gift with love, with all your heart and you will succeed!


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