What to give a grandmother for her 75th birthday and please her with a surprise

For relatives

This article tells you what to give your grandmother for her 75th birthday. The most interesting ideas for gifts have been selected, taking into account the whole variety of individual characteristics of women of this age. After reading the article, you will have more than 20 options for not only standard, but also unusual gifts, among which you can find the one suitable for your grandmother.

Pillow with the inscription will constantly remind your grandmother that you love her

The pillow with the inscription will constantly remind your grandmother that you love her.

What gifts at 75 are considered the most valuable

Despite all the variety of presentation options presented below, the best gift for a woman for her 75th anniversary is to feel love, care and attention from loved ones, to see them together - healthy, happy and joyful. In addition, a gift for a woman who turns 75 should reflect her personality, lifestyle and interests. With age, many women tend to practical gifts, however, there is always time to think about the soul.

Lover of music and theater

A great gift for a grandmother who is fond of theater, ballet or opera is concert or performance ticket... What exactly to choose is up to you, be guided by granny's taste preferences.


Women of almost any age are fond of handicrafts. If your hero of the occasion is one of these, you can unobtrusively ask what she lacks to create another masterpiece, and thus find out exactly what to give your mother for the 75th anniversary. It can be knitting needles, hooks, hoop or sewing machine с overlock... Such a present will last for many years and become a source of inspiration.

кресло The presented rocking chair will become a favorite resting place for the grandmother.

apron The hostess grandmother will be delighted with the presented personalized apron.

tea Care is shown in the little things: Grandma will be pleased to receive delicious and healthy orange tea with cookies.

Cooking lover

Almost all grandmothers are engaged in cooking. cookbook with original recipes is a good option, but you can go further and present to her as a gift participation in culinary courses - online or even real. Granny will probably be interested in learning something new in order to pamper her household in the future.

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An active grandmother

Yes, there are such activists at the age of 75. Some of them may be running, hiking, swimming or skiing. Knowing about your grandmother's hobbies, navigate the situation and give her new ones кроссовки, backpack or windbreaker - will probably come in handy.

You can go further if your grandma is still healthy. Balloon flight or hang-glider - a minimum of physical activity with a lot of impressions.

Inveterate fashionista

Does your grandmother still follow fashion news and periodically update her wardrobe? Great, support her gift certificate to your favorite clothing or footwear store or choose a new one for her handbag or boots yourself. You can do it together, it's even more interesting!

A sweet gift will be pleasant to every granny

A sweet gift will be pleasant to every granny.

Lover to relax

Is your grandmother more into the sea or mountains, big cities or quiet, secluded villages? By answering this question, you can find the perfect vacation option for her. Everyone will be satisfied. A trip to the sea will perfectly relax and strengthen the body, and the city rest is full excursions and sights that will not let you get bored and will be remembered for a long time. If desired, you can combine or go on vacation together.

Another option is to get your grandmother a ticket to a sanatorium... There she can usefully spend time, get medical treatment. Healing air, individually selected procedures and rest from the bustle of the city perfectly recuperate.


Is your grandmother fond of brands? Collect coins, calendars, postcards? Fine, then you know exactly what to give a woman for her 75th anniversary - a new one rare trophy in her collection or ticket to a thematic exhibition.

Connoisseur of hand-made

Grandchildren, let's start! Almost any grandmother will come to affection and admiration, having received a children's gift made by her own hands. Warm scarf, beads, applique, рисунок and any other craft will not only bring joy, but can also be useful in life.

newspaperThe original newspaper "Pravda" from the past with a note about the birthday boy as a gift.

plaid A natural warm blanket made of merino wool will warm your grandmother on winter evenings.

a photo A photo frame in the shape of a tree with images of your loved ones will decorate your grandmother's bedroom.

Adults, keep up! Who said that a gift created with his own hand is necessarily a child's gift? Nowadays, an adult also has a lot of opportunities for creativity. It will be interesting to make lamp, stand for roast, to tie plaid - all this will remind the elderly person of the care that his relatives give him.

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Talk to your grandmother. Incidentally ask, perhaps there is something that she has long dreamed of. Surely there is. It could be trip to the historical homeland - to the village where she was born, or horseback riding or dog sled... Anything! If you give her a dream, it will move her and become the best manifestation of your love.

Photo lover

Bring all family members together if possible. It will be especially valuable if relatives come, whom the grandmother has not seen for a long time. Order a professional family photo session... This is a gift that will stay with you forever and will help your memories not fade over time.

The most practical grandmother

Is money the best gift? For an elderly person who is used to saving on himself for the sake of his loved ones, it is quite possible. Give Grandma the opportunity to pamper herself the way she decides.

Glasses are the right gift for your grandmother

Glasses are a necessary gift for a grandmother.

The most technical grandmother

A laptopto download Skype and chat with your friends and family for hours? Plasma TV with a recording function, so that you can save and review the desired program at a later time? Electric fireplacewith whom you can comfortably spend time in a rocking chair? Great gift options if your grandmother knows about technology or is ready to learn it.

Taking care of your health

Taking time for your health is typical, perhaps, of all women at the age of 75. Such an age, there is nothing to be done. You probably know a lot about the characteristics of her body. Based on this, appropriate vitamins or drugs, orthopedic accessories, cosmetical tools, treatment courses or researchwhich she did not dare to afford ... Grandmother will tell you sincere thanks for taking care of her health.

Jewelry lover

Does grandma like to dress up, wear jewelry or any other jewelry? Okay, pick her up ring under earrings or vice versa, to make a kit. Perhaps this is not the most pragmatic gift, but its symbolism is obvious. Over the years, jewelry can become a real family heirloom, providing a connection between generations.

kettle Present a personalized teapot for your beloved grandmother and come visit her for tea more often.

candy Personalized sweets are a sweet gift for your grandmother.

plaid A warm blanket with sleeves is a gift of care from grandchildren.

Household grandmother

Is it trite? Let it go. The main thing is functional. She may need meat grinder, or hairdryer, or satellite dish, or new spectacles, linens... Present her with a practical, necessary item of good quality that will make her life more comfortable.

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For a lover of delicious food

What woman doesn't like great food? Surprise. Free her from cooking and invite to a good restaurant... Food can also be ordered home if the grandmother does not like public places.

Take on the hassle of celebrating your birthday. Gather a table, invite your grandmother's relatives and friends. Cake with symbols will be an excellent final stage of the festive celebration.

Aesthetic grandmother

Vase, picture and any other decoration will become a manifestation of your imagination and individuality, and will bring something new to the interior of your grandmother's home, it will be a pleasant reminder of the anniversary.

Science-oriented grandmother

Has your grandmother worked her entire life as a research assistant, teacher, or just a fan of scientific discoveries or research from afar? Then this is a wide field for the activity of choosing a gift. For example, if she is a biologist, give her guide book for plants or birds... If a philologist - new spelling dictionary, which reflects the latest changes taking place in the language.

Even queens wear headscarves. Such a gift will be a joy to every grandmother.

Even queens wear headscarves. Such a gift will be a joy to every grandmother.

Summer resident-gardener

Digging in the ground is one of the favorite activities of older women. And in the garden there is always a thing that does not exist yet! For example, it could be seeds of a new trendy variety, which an experienced enthusiast should definitely try to grow.

Plant lover

Beautifully designed bouquet - a traditional gift for any woman. Flower in a pot, in addition to its beauty, it is also good because it can live for years and become an object of care for a grandmother. If you feel that one bouquet or flower is not enough, you can exercise travel to the arboretum, Botanical Garden or to the flower show.

If you want to show your originality, an exquisite gift to your grandmother for 75 years - Bonsai... She will definitely not remain indifferent to this Japanese art.

sugar bowlHigh-quality tableware is a useful and necessary gift.

stone garden A stone garden is an expensive gift that will suit a florist grandmother.

fruit A delicious gift box with fruits will suit every grandmother's taste.

Thus, there are a lot of options for gifts for a 75-year-old woman. This article is just generalized hints that can be realized in a specific excellent gift, if you show your imagination and start from what your grandmother is fond of and what she lacks.

If you are still not sure about the choice of a specific gift and cannot decide what to give a 75-year-old woman for her birthday, try talking to her and find out directly what she needs. Many people calmly respond to such questions and know perfectly well what to answer to make it easier for you to choose.