What to give a mother-in-law for 45 years: 34 best gifts for an anniversary

For relatives

Forty-five years is not too old, especially for a mother-in-law, father-in-law or mother-in-law. He says that the marriage with the second half took place quite recently; this also means that there was no time yet to get to know these new family members well and intimately. Therefore, the question of what to give a mother-in-law for 45 years is very relevant for many young daughters-in-law. This article is intended to answer this and other similar questions and help the reader find the perfect present for his father-in-law, mother-in-law and even mother-in-law.

Gift for athletes

Forty-five years is not yet so long that the hero of the day renounces the well-known motto faster, higher, stronger. Father-in-law, mother-in-law and mother-in-law will surely be happy with a gift that will highlight their athletic side.

  • If the birthday boy (or birthday girl) loves exercise equipment, the option is obvious - gym membership... Desirable - annual. It is desirable that there be a bath there (although this is basically more for the father-in-law than for his wife or mother-in-law; on the other hand, few women will refuse to take another steam bath or hamam). This also includes fitness club subscriptions - this is more suitable for ladies. And here pool pass will be a great gift for an athlete of any gender.
  • A good gift option would be high-quality кроссовки... This is also suitable for sportswear, and some other presentation options: for example, bottle (sports) for drinking, which will be convenient to take with you to the gym or on a bike ride.
  • Speaking of which, sports equipment is a very good present. Bicycles loves both old and young. You can also give a sports father-in-law pear, and mother-in-law or mother-in-law is wonderful pilates mat... Home velosimulators suitable for those relatives who love cycling, but do not really like any attempts to get them out of the house.

Exercise bike

For those who strive to improve their health, exercise on a stationary bike will be a great help, and a subscription to the fitness club will appeal to the hero of the day.

Gifts to the best

Quite a banal option, and, nevertheless, he perfectly answers questions like what to give a father-in-law for 45 years. T-shirts with the words: "The best mother-in-law in the world", "The best father-in-law" albeit somewhat tasteless, but can become another brick in the foundation of strong relationships with relatives of a beloved or beloved.

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Mugs with similar inscriptions, in principle, are also suitable. Even more useful items in everyday life for the best relatives will not be superfluous: for example, the father-in-law will surely like it bath hat (and ideally - a set of hats and mittens-holders) with the inscription "The best father-in-law in the world." And mother-in-law and mother-in-law are unlikely to mind quality apron... The main thing is that the gift is made of good materials.

Nice robes Is always a great choice. Terry dressing gowns are always needed, they are warm and cozy, and thanks to modern printing houses, you can print the famous "Best mother-in-law in the universe" on their backs. Such a robe will be worn with both pleasant impressions and pride.

Bath cap

A handmade bath cap is an exclusive and useful purchase for a gift.

Gifts to order

There are many things that can be made to order. So they are better, as gifts-present: an individual order always indicates that the donor tried personally and specifically for the given birthday person.

  • Carved chess can be an excellent present for a father-in-law, as well as a mother-in-law with a mother-in-law. Board games, especially the old ones, to which chess belongs, are always held in high esteem by the older generation. Set of checkers and backgammonhowever, it can also be appreciated: you just need to take a closer look at the individual preferences of freshly baked relatives.
  • Portraits tastes better for women. The mother-in-law and mother-in-law will certainly be glad to receive their own portrait as a present for their birthday, especially one made in some unusual style. For example, an ordinary oil portrait is, of course, good, but it will become even better if it is embroidered or laid out as a mosaic. Such painstaking work will definitely be appreciated.
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Medallion jewelry with photos of loved ones It is not difficult to find daughters, sons, grandchildren and granddaughters now, but such a present will definitely move a mother-in-law or mother-in-law. Men are less susceptible to sentimentality in this regard, but still some of them may also like these medallions.

Carved chess

Carved chess will please the father-in-law if he is fond of them.

Gifts for home

Relationships with mother-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law are often built on a household level. Even more: it is everyday communication with new relatives that should proceed most favorably, this is the key to successful relationships. From here you can start, trying to find an answer to the question of what to give a mother-in-law for 45 years and others like him:

  • Good ones, quality pans и pans will never be superfluous in the kitchen of the mother-in-law. It is best to give priority to world famous companies: Gipfel, Tefal. However, other things - more expensive - will be greeted by the mother-in-law and mother-in-law in the kitchen with delight. These include microwave oven, multivariate, toaster, mixer и blenderand shaker.
  • It is better to give the father-in-law high-quality tools for repair... It is desirable, of course, not one hammer, but a whole set. If you want to opt for one thing, then screwdriver - an excellent choice, as well as drill... Also, the father-in-law will probably be happy with the new TV.

New tv

A new TV with a clear picture - the father-in-law or mother-in-law will like it.

  • new Washer - like dishwasher, - will also not be superfluous in any house. True, before giving (and in a good way - buying) such a gift, you should make sure that the newly-made relatives have enough space at home to install these gifts - nevertheless, the washing machine and dishwasher take up enough space. This also applies to such extravagant gifts as fridge or plate: they will not be superfluous, but what they will fit into the kitchen is not a fact.
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Finally, speaking about gifts to mother-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law, it is worth mentioning that any gift to them is an opportunity to establish communication. Very often, the parents of a lover or beloved take the soul mate of their daughter / son, as they say, with hostility, so the opportunity to provide a present is a great way to correct a sad situation. The main thing is attention and love, and then the mother-in-law will also love her son-in-law in return.