16 Gift Ideas for Your Brother at 35: Cool and Practical Gifts

A brother is a person with whom it is always interesting, on whose shoulder you can always rely, with whom many childhood memories are associated, whom you want to please on a solemn day. And if at a younger age there were no difficulties in coming up with a surprise, now the choice of what to give to a brother for 35 years becomes a problem.

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to invent new and new presents, because you and your brother have been together for more than 30 years. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it becomes difficult to cope with the choice of a gift on your own, because most of the ideas have already found their implementation. You can find interesting information on this question in the following article.

sound column

Shower column

Original gifts

35 years is the age when a young person can appreciate creativity. Therefore, you can act without hesitation and give the following gifts:

  • waterproof speaker.

If your brother likes to cheer himself up in the morning with music, you can present him with a column. After downloading his favorite hits, he will be able to enjoy the hits of the best performers anywhere, even in the shower. This model is not afraid, even if it is completely in the water. After your gift, nothing can come between brother and music. Just do not forget to coordinate the present with loved ones, because they will also have to be involuntary listeners.

  • Gloves for touch devices.

The disadvantage of such gadgets is that they refuse to work in the cold or in contact with water. To always keep up with the times, a brother simply must get gloves from you. In them, the fingertips are treated with a special solution and you can use the phone without problems.

phone gloves

Touchscreen gloves for phones

  • Excursion to the past.
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You are mistaken if you think that time cannot be returned. Give your brother childhood memories, take a walk with him in those places that you walked at an early age, buy your favorite popsicle, ride a Ferris wheel or boats, such memories are worth a lot, and a loved one will be immensely grateful to you for them.

DIY gifts

There is always room for fantasy here:

  • Collage.

In continuation of the previous surprise moment, you can collect baby photos and combine them into one picture. Eyes sparkling with joy will immediately remind your brother of your joint childhood pranks, and every time he looks at this collage, he will receive a portion of positive. And that's exactly what you want.

  • Candy pyramid.

If your brother has a sweet tooth, then most likely he dreamed of a bag of sweets as a child, now you are able to fulfill his dreams. You can present a package of the most delicious sweets, or you can arrange them beautifully, and then completely rely on your imagination.

  • Cake.

Men love sweets no less than children or women, find out which cake or cake for your brother is the most delicious and favorite, and bake it yourself. He will definitely appreciate such a sign of attention.

honey cake

Honey cake with berries

Sailboat from banknotes

If in childhood boys collect coins in a piggy bank, then for a real man something more serious is required, for example, hang glider or sailing ship. Accordingly, the wings and sails should not be made of paper, but of banknotes. You determine their number and denomination, but, as you know, the more the better. Here is the answer, what to give your brother for his birthday at 35 years old.

Practical gifts

At this age, most likely, the brother already has his own house or apartment or plans to acquire housing in the near future. Therefore, practical gifts will be simply necessary for him:

  • Tool kit.
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This is exactly what every self-respecting man should have, because you never know where you will have to tighten the tap or change the lock. And with your help, both nails and keys will always be at hand.

  • BBQ set.

It is important to be able not only to work well, but also to relax. And what's a holiday without a barbecue? The brother will appreciate your care, and every time in nature he will remember what a surprise he was presented with for 35 years.

barbecue grill

barbecue grill

  • Laptop cooling pad.

If outdoor recreation for some reason did not work out, then you can transfer it to more comfortable conditions and lie down in front of the laptop on the couch. And in order not to worry about overheating of equipment, the brother will use a cooling pad, which you will hand him.

  • wifi cctv camera.

If you value safety, then this gift for a loved one will be the most necessary. With it, the brother will be able to watch his house or apartment for a whole day. Who knows, maybe your choice of this particular surprise will save him from the trouble of being robbed.

Cool gifts

  • Scooter style suitcase.

Airplane and helicopter - such miracles happen not only in fairy tales. And the age of 35 allows you to bring comfort and variety to life. Without a doubt, this was the gift my brother had dreamed of all his life. It also has the added benefit of being light weight and not expensive. Stay ahead with the developers of new products.

Skate suitcase

Skate-style suitcase with built-in scooter

  • Office pillow in the form of a folder.

If there is no way to relax at home, then this can be done during working hours, and the original design of the pillow will lull the vigilance of even the most captious director. Outwardly, the pillow cannot be distinguished from the working folder.

  • Keychain for finding keys.
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If a brother is getting ready for a long time, and then he is also nervous about finding the keys to an apartment or car, then give him a keychain that responds to a whistle or voice. Now it will take much less time to get ready, and the nerves will remain in order.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas for surprises, the main thing is your desire to please a loved one and make his holiday unforgettable.


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