Balloons for an unforgettable holiday: design ideas

To the wedding

What could be better than colorful, bright and weightless balloons? It is the balls that are given in addition to gifts for birthdays and other holidays, because they cheer up and return us to a carefree childhood. Even a simple combination of them with home delivery can bring a lot of positive emotions, but few people know that such helium balloons can be used to create a unique and very interesting composition that will not only please, but also surprise. So, a gift from balloons - what can you do with your own hands and most importantly how?

Balloons for a child

Cartoon character composition

We all love balloons, so why not make something original out of them? Balloons are certainly very beautiful on their own, but in our article we want to offer you some creative ideas for decorating them. And it’s worth starting with birthday balloon bouquets. Such a gift will interest both your child and an adult serious person. That is why such compositions are ordered for any occasion, whether it is an adult or a children's holiday.

For a child’s birthday, you can build or buy a ready-made favorite cartoon character from balloons - your baby will definitely be delighted with such an unexpected surprise, especially if the height of the figure is large. You can add a small balloon bouquet to the hero's hands. If the child is a sports fan, then you could think about sports and order balls using the appropriate paraphernalia or sports equipment.

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IdeaThere are also bouquets on the occasion of the baby's birthday. For example, it can be a large air stork carrying a baby in its beak, or simply the inscription “thank you for your son / daughter”, “happy birthday”, etc. By the way, the price of such figures is usually much higher.

Bouquets of balloons to decorate the holidays

Banquet decoration with balloons

Balloon flower arrangements are also often used simply for decorative purposes at events (not only birthdays, but also anniversaries, March 8 and other themed holidays). One has only to place a few of our most beautiful bouquets of balloons in the hallway or living room, as they immediately emphasize the festive interior of the entire room, create an incredible atmosphere of celebration.

Balloon decoration is used not only for birthdays, but also for weddings. If you are planning such an event, then with the help of such beautiful compositions from balloons you can stylishly decorate the banquet hall where the celebration will take place. Order the delivery of the composition to the destination and decorate it. Decorating weddings with these elements usually looks very original, beautiful and interesting. They seem to create an atmosphere of lightness, which means they will help all guests and newlyweds to tune in to an unforgettable continuation of the banquet.

How to make an "air surprise" for a birthday inexpensively


Each of us at least once saw how circus artists manage to twist balloons in the form of sausages into incredible shapes. At first glance, this seems complicated, but if you try to do something similar on your own at least once, in the future it will no longer be a curiosity for you. This process even has its own name - twisting. So, what you need to make a bouquet of balloons for the birthday of a child or an adult (all this can be ordered with home delivery):

  • Six pieces of five inch balls.
  • Five or more ten inch balls.
  • Five green balls and six different balls for modeling.
  • Hand pump.
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Basic Provisions

Let's start by learning the basics. The following are the rules that require strict observance not only in our particular case, but in general, they cannot be ignored in any way when making a balloon arrangement for a birthday. When working with balloons in this technique, you need to remember the following:

  • Never inflate the balloons to the limit, otherwise they may burst at the most unexpected moment and simply spoil the whole composition even before the birthday delivery;
  • Twist the balls in only one direction;
  • Start twisting only from the base, i.e. "neck" of the ball.

After reading the rules, you can directly start making our compositions for a birthday or other holiday.

Beautiful flowers from balloons for a birthday - we make a bud

Buds from balloons

Making balloon bouquets always starts with preparation. First, prepare one red (pink, purple, burgundy, etc.) balloon and inflate it so that only about three cm of the base of the balloon remains deflated. Tie up the balloon. Anyone can do this, but we want to present the easiest way. It is necessary to wrap the tip around the middle and index fingers, thereby forming a loop, and pass the end of the ball into it. Then:

  1. Take two of these balls and tie them with a double knot at the ends. You should have a ring. It must be folded in half and twisted at the fold several times;
  2. Prepare a folded ball, divide it into three parts and twist it in two places;
  3. Give the ball the shape of an accordion. Grab the resulting accordion with one hand in the place where it is twisted, and with the other hand scroll the ball in the center. That's all - our airy birthday flower is ready!
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Making flower stems

Beautiful stalks from balls

Well, what is a flower without a stem? To create it, take one green ball. It should initially have the shape of a sausage. The longer the ball, the greater the height of the composition, the price also depends on its size. Inflate it, while leaving a few cm at the base. Make a knot in this place, and at a distance of about 10 cm from it, bend the ball. Track the level at which the knot is now, and twist the ball in this part. Purpose: to make the node invisible.

To complete the picture, you can build small petals. To do this, take about 10 cm in the middle of the stem, twist it several times, straighten the resulting leaves. So, the flower will look complete and you will only have to collect the finished flowers into a single bouquet. After that, you only need to deliver a gift to a person on his birthday!