Married for 29 years: what kind of wedding is it and what to give a married couple for an anniversary

The symbol of the twenty-ninth wedding anniversary is velvet. This fabric is very soft, strong with a peculiar radiance. It is believed that feelings between spouses resemble this expensive and high-quality material. Velvet is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Many couples celebrate this date on a grand scale, but there are those who prefer a modest celebration in a narrow circle. Let's take a closer look at what kind of wedding is celebrated for 29 years of marriage, and what to give a married couple on this day.

Anniversary Velvet
The main theme of the holiday is velvet products

Traditions associated with the twenty-ninth wedding anniversary

If we consider the number 29 from the point of view of numerology, then the number 2 is unity, and 9 is the direction to perfection. The result is a favorable prediction of strengthening the alliance and relationships.

Each country has its own special traditions of celebrating this date. In America, the symbol of this day is new furniture. It is clear that during such a period of living together, the old furniture has already worn out and needs to be replaced.

Since the wedding is velvet, it is customary for spouses to wear clothes made of this fabric and walk around in it all day.

If a married couple organizes an identity, then the table should be covered with a velor tablecloth. This is one of the main conditions for the celebration.

All items of clothing used on this day are not thrown away, but are inherited by children if they are already married. There is a belief that this tradition will make children's families stronger, and they will also be able to celebrate this date.

Black velor is not used on this day. It is considered bad luck to wear clothes or use household items of this color. Lighter tones should be preferred.

You can not give a velvet wedding
On this day, black decor cannot be used.

The celebration of the twenty-ninth anniversary should not overshadow the 30th anniversary. But it is desirable to organize a holiday in such a way that the couple and close people have pleasant memories of this day.

It is not necessary to gather everyone at the festive table and organize a gala dinner. You can go out into nature, have a horseback ride, a picnic or an evening of entertainment. The main thing is that everyone should be interested.

Symbolic gifts

Since traditions require gifts made of velvet fabric, the following options are most often presented to a married couple.

  • Covers for furniture

This option must be agreed with the owners. First of all, you should find out the dimensions of the furniture, as well as the colors. Most cases are made to order. To do this, the master must come to the house and take the necessary measurements. Such a present will definitely be used for its intended purpose, and will remind you of a significant event for many years.

The furniture cover can be changed every season. This will allow you to make changes to the interior in relation to the time of year. There are no many home textiles

Another one of the traditional gift options. Color, size and other parameters are best agreed with the hostess. Otherwise, expensive fabric will simply take up space in the closet.

  • Decorative pillows on the sofa
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If a guest is often in the house of a married couple celebrating a velvet wedding, then he can purchase pillows on his own. Before deciding on such an option, you need to make sure that it is appropriate. If there are about a dozen of these products on the sofa, then perhaps two more copies will become superfluous in the collection.

Velvet pillow
The pillow should match the decor of the room.

Beautiful products with embroidery or initials will undoubtedly please the spouses. Simple and easy-to-use wipes can not be washed in hot water or left in the sun for a long time. The advantages of products include high wear resistance, quality and reliability. With proper care, the napkin will last more than one year.

  • A velvet tablecloth will become a source of pride for the hostess, and she will certainly use it for its intended purpose more than once.
Velor tablecloth
Tablecloth is also a good option

Book or photo album with velvet binding

This product is best made to order. Over the years of married life, a lot of interesting pictures have probably gathered that can become worthy content for a memorable album. Two diaries are also a good option.

Gifts from spouses

After so many years of living together, it is very difficult to surprise each other with a gift.

For him:

  • the bow tie from velvet (the set may include a ticket to the theater, where a man “walks a new thing”);
  • bathrobe from velvet;
  • chess set or pen in a case upholstered flock;
  • swish or stylish a jacket.
Gastronomic bouquet as a gift
A little surprise will be a nice addition to the holiday

For her:

  • jewelry decoration in a velvet box;
  • gloves;
  • handbag or a small velor clutch;
  • dress;
  • shoes;
  • casket for decoration.

It is not at all necessary to purchase a present made entirely of flock. This fabric may only be used for packaging. For example, it can be a box or a case. You can also donate clothes with velor inserts.

Living gifts

First of all, it is worth remembering that before deciding what to present for a velvet wedding, it is necessary to take into account the interests and capabilities of a married couple. This is especially true for animals.

The coat of the animal is so short that it resembles expensive fabric. Sphinxes are very pleasant to the touch, but together with them, they require special care. The option with a British kitten is also suitable.

Sphinxes are very beautiful
Sphinxes are very beautiful and amaze with their unusual appearance.

On sale there are animals of different colors. They are nice, friendly, do not create problems in everyday life. The most important advantage of this pet is silence. He will not bother with loud screams or screams. But to keep a chinchilla, you need a cage. Also, the animal needs attention.

Chinchilla as a gift
Few will refuse such a cute and soft pet.
  • Amur velvet tree

The plant is grown in open ground, and it is appropriate to purchase it only if the couple owns a country house. The tree can reach 25 meters in height. On the outer side of the trunk is a velvety cork layer. The plant exudes a pleasant aroma, its bark, bast, leaves, fruits are often used in folk medicine as an ingredient for medicines.

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Amur Velvet
Amur velvet can become part of a decorative composition. The rest of the plants on the site stand out beautifully against its background.
  • Angelfish black velvet

This is a type of fish that has a velvety surface of the body. But such a present is possible only if there is an aquarium. Also, before you start a fish, you should carefully study the conditions of its maintenance and with whom it can coexist.

Fish as a gift
You can choose several beautiful specimens and give them together with an aquarium

Paired gifts

Before making a choice, it is worth considering what the spouses are fond of and how exactly they prefer to relax. It is important to take into account not only hobbies, but also the character traits of both husband and wife.

  1. Blankets two singly or large double plaidwhere you can hide together and watch your favorite movie together. The fabric should be warm, soft and cozy.
  2. A set of bed linen good quality.
  3. Steam baths towels with embroidery.
  4. Paired souvenirs.
  5. Digital Frame.
  6. Tray-table for breakfast in bed.


Such gifts cannot be put on a shelf next to books, but they will be remembered forever and will take a place in the hearts of spouses:

  • Most often, on such a significant date they give vouchers to the resort in the velvet season. This is the best option if it is difficult to decide what to give parents for a velvet wedding. In autumn, the flow of tourists decreases, the sun is no longer so aggressive, and the sea is still warm.
Velvet season at sea
A few weeks near the sea will help restore peace of mind and health
  • Tickets for the theater premiere will also be appropriate. A great excuse to walk a new outfit and enjoy the performance.
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant will allow a married couple to remember their youth and spend time with each other. One option is a date on the roof.
  • Congratulations on the radio or in the newspaper to which you have subscribed.
  • Weekend in a country boarding house.
  • Certificate in a massage or SPA-salon.
  • Yacht ride.
  • Balloon flight will give a lot of positive emotions and wonderful memories. There are many companies that are ready to organize a romantic adventure.
Balloon flight
If the holiday is celebrated in the warm season, then a walk in the early morning will bring pleasure and be remembered for a lifetime.

Present your own hands

If there are no special ideas about what to give for a velvet wedding, then you can present an item made by yourself. At the same time, it is worth remembering that velor is very capricious, and working with it is not as easy as it seems. If a person does not have needlework skills, then you should not even start. In this case, you should order the product from an experienced craftsman who will not spoil the fabric and do the job.

Hand-made products
Handmade products will decorate any interior

Product options:

  • Picture frame, lined with flock. If you wish, you can make a real photo collage. Together with the frames, you can present a certificate for a photo session.
  • Embroidered pillowcase on the sofa cushion.
  • Stuffed Toys.
Paired souvenirs
Such a souvenir will always remind you of the wedding date and will not go unnoticed.
  • Tailored velor dress. Such a present is appropriate as a present from a daughter. If there are no sewing skills, the product can be ordered at the studio. A surprise will not work, but in this case, the hero of the occasion will have the opportunity to choose a shade or make their own adjustments to the style.
  • Beads, brooches, hair accessories. All of these items can be made to order without any problems.
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Velor goes well with natural stones
Velor goes well with natural stones


If close friends have a velvet wedding and it’s hard to figure out what to give, then the easiest way is to buy a cake or other sweets. It is better if the confectionery is made to order.

  • Easiest to bake or order cake. Baking can have different sizes and decorations. Also, printing on rice paper has recently been in trend, with the help of which the surface of the cake is decorated. Thus, you can put any photo or a beautiful congratulation on the cake.
Cake Red Velvet
The classic version of the cake is "Red Velvet"
  • Chocolate or handmade candy no one will be left indifferent. You can order sweets with fillings such as nuts, exotic dried fruits, alcohol.
Handmade sweets
The most delicious sweets are obtained when they are given from a pure heart.
  • Bunch of Dried Fruits or candy can be made by yourself. There are many master classes on the network, and for manufacturing you will need everything that is at hand.
Sweet bouquet
The most important thing is beautiful decoration and fresh products.

List of unwanted presents

  1. Mirrors. It is believed that they bring bad luck and illness to the house.
  2. Flowers that have thorns on their stems. If there are roses in the bouquet, then the sharp parts of the plant can be removed with a pruner.
  3. Clock. There is a superstition that they measure life in the opposite direction.
  4. Candles and other combustible and flammable items such as lighters.
  5. Knives and sharp items that can hurt you.
  6. Empty vases and fragile things.
  7. Antiques. It is believed that he retains the energy of the previous owners, and does not always bring prosperity and well-being to the house.
Decorative pillowcases with initials
Decorative pillowcases with initials

Rumor has it that you should not arrange too pompous celebration for a velvet wedding. Superstitious people believe that in this way you can frighten away family happiness and invite trouble. It is not necessary to celebrate at home, you can arrange a holiday in a restaurant. It is important that among the guests were the closest people.

Bright, cheerful colors are used to decorate the room. Velor is often used for decorations. The predominant tones are red and burgundy. Gifts are also wrapped in this fabric.

Fruit bouquet
A great addition to sincere congratulations

To celebrate the 29th wedding anniversary on a grand scale or not, it is up to the spouses to decide. But in life there should be a place for a holiday. And after almost three decades of marriage in particular.

In addition to gifts, it is necessary to properly congratulate the couple. It is not so important which form of congratulations will be chosen. It can be a song, a poem, a prose. Most importantly, the words must come from a pure heart.

Every year of living together is a special stage in a relationship. To pass this test successfully and with dignity, it is worth showing love, respect and support to your partner. A wedding anniversary is a spiritual and bright celebration. It is important that the atmosphere at the celebration is warm and positive, and the day is remembered for many years.


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