Anniversary of 15 years: what kind of wedding, what to give spouses, ideas for the holiday

To the wedding

Fifteenth anniversary of marriage, what kind of date is this? A few years ago, such a date was called glass, now it is crystal. Perhaps the reason for this is the association of love with the subtlety of crystal, crystal clearness, beauty of feelings. For 15 years, the couple walked hand in hand, keeping feelings and emotions in a relationship. After all, happiness is a thin thread that must be protected. A crystal anniversary calls for special gifts. Therefore, it is worth telling in detail about what kind of date it is 15 years old, what kind of wedding, what to give and how to celebrate the event.

crystal swans

Crystal swans are the perfect symbol of a 15th wedding anniversary

Crystal wedding traditions

A family anniversary, namely 15 years of marriage, should be celebrated noisily so that guests and relatives receive a lot of positive emotions from the event. It all depends on the finances of the family. The main thing is to make a joint decision. The holiday should be remembered for many years.

The list of invited guests should include friends, relatives, witnesses, those people who are dear to the couple. The presence of children and parents is not even discussed. Guests are invited in advance if the wedding anniversary of 15 years is planned. What kind of wedding is this, what to give to the newlyweds? As mentioned above, the wedding is called crystal, as for the gift, the choice is wide.

How is the preparation for the celebration:

  1. The place of celebration must be determined in advance: a restaurant, a banquet hall, a cafe. Don't skimp on wedding decorations. The atmosphere around should speak about the essence of the celebration.
  2. Crystal glassware is used, which corresponds to the name of the anniversary. Usually, newlyweds keep their crystal glasses from the wedding all their lives, it is symbolic to use them.
  3. Fun, entertainment program, competitions should be shouldered by the toastmasters. It can be a positive friend or a talkative relative.

    extreme for two Extreme for two - a date, after which the cooled feelings will flare up again

    romantic evening Romantic evening - to be alone, away from daily worries and just enjoy each other

    journey Traveling is a great opportunity to go together to where you have long wanted to.

  4. In the warm season, you can have a picnic in nature. Everyone present, for sure, will enjoy barbecue, games, competitions in the fresh air.
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Spouses do not always want to spend this day among a large number of people. In this case, options for a family vacation or celebration away from the hustle and bustle of everyday problems are considered.

Children grew up, became independent, you can leave them in the care of relatives and go on a trip with the other half. Perhaps the couple was already planning a trip, but it did not take place for some reason, and 15 years of marriage is an excellent opportunity to carry out the plan.

Gift choice

15-year anniversary of marriage - a crystal wedding. What to give spouses? This is an urgent question for invited guests, because spouses who have lived together for so many years definitely deserve to receive an original gift:

  1. Suitable to give as a gift crystal or glass, which will indicate the purity of family life between a couple. It can be a vase, glasses, a set for table setting.
  2. According to tradition, during the celebration, the newlyweds break a glass object. According to another sign, a married couple should get rid of old dishes that absorb negative energy. New cookware sets fit the best.

crystal glassware

Luxurious crystal tableware symbolizes the fragility of the relationship that the couple has been able to maintain for so many years.

  1. Floor lamp or lamp with crystal elements looks expensive and stylish. The lamp is a symbol of the hearth, illuminating the common home.
  2. Figurines crystal in the form of an animal, a human figure are considered a good gift. It can be figurines of birds that personify fidelity, strength of relationships, purity of love.
  3. To decorate a wedding present, engraving with the words or names of the spouses is suitable.
  4. If the question arose about what to give for the 15th wedding anniversary, then you can take into account elite alcohol in original bottle.

Household appliances are considered a useful gift. It will come in handy at home. For example, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster. The main thing is to arrange everything beautifully.

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Gift for spouse

It is always pleasant to receive a gift, it is much more pleasant to receive it from the second half. What to give your husband for his 15th wedding anniversary? You need to take care of this in advance. It is advisable to choose an expensive, well-designed, memorable thing. You can get by with a universal tool: perfume, hygiene kit, belt, but it is unlikely that the husband will be very happy.

surprise box A box with a surprise is a gift for a romantic man with goodies. You need to use force to open it.

Lacoste #1 Lacoste No. 1 - a set of a real man

gym membership A gym membership is a great gift for those who love sports. It is especially nice if the couple will work together

For a smoking man, a handsome one is suitable cigarette case, crystal ashtray. A beer lover will appreciate the original and creatively designed mug. The engraving chosen by the wife will enhance the look. Such a surprise will definitely be remembered.

Many women know that giving their husband perfume for their 15th wedding anniversary is a bad idea. It's a shame if a woman who has lived with a man for so many years makes a mistake in choosing a fragrance, because people's tastes often change.

It is enough to think about what gift for the spouse will be desired. Men, like teenagers, are delighted with the new mobile phone, game console, camcorder, car accessories и notebook. For an economic man, electric tools are suitable, for example drill, perforator.

Men appreciate elite alcohol, expensive cognac complete with glass and stand.

Gift for my beloved wife

Choosing a gift for your wife is a responsible part. Often men do not like to rely on their own imagination, but follow the proven path: they ask their spouse what she wants. So what to give your wife for a crystal wedding?

Women love to receive fragile, crystal, glass gizmos. Crystal represents this date. Jewelry with stones and diamonds - a good choice. It is also worth noting fur products.


Any woman will be delighted with a beautiful ring with a brilliant stone.

On a solemn day, you need to think through every little thing, women love romance. To bed, flowers on the pillow in the morning, room decorated with balloons - all this will be appreciated by the second half.

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On such a responsible day, you can not do without flowers. The second half will understand everything, looking at the gentle and beautiful bouquet. Naturally, the main attribute of the anniversary are the words of devotion, confessions of endless love, spoken to the wife.

Place for celebration

15 years of marriage must be celebrated widely, with a large number of guests and food, in a beautiful hall.

First, a place is chosen for the celebration. There are many options, it all depends on the financial capabilities of the family. In the cold season, the choice will fall on a cafe, bar or restaurant. In spring and also in summer it is better to go on a picnic with a big company. Such a holiday is useful for adults and children.

Decoration should match the theme of the celebration. If this is the fifteenth anniversary of marriage, then the style of jewelry is selected wedding. The choice of toastmaster is no less important. The organizer of the fun is usually a cheerful, open, positive family member or a hired professional.

country hotel Country hotel - a place for a quiet celebration alone with nature

yacht The yacht is a romantic and peaceful platform for those who love the sea

Balloon Hot air balloon - what could be even more exciting than flying in a hot air balloon with your loved ones

If the newlyweds do not want to spend the evening noisily, then it is better to go to another country or city. It is advisable to arrange a trip for a few days.

The fifteenth anniversary of marriage is an important milestone in a relationship. If you look at the object through the crystal, it takes on an unusual non-standard shape. So the relationship between a man and a woman after 15 joint years becomes just as unusual and magical.