Anniversary of 20 years: what a wedding, what a memorable gift

A porcelain wedding is celebrated by couples who have been married for 20 years. What kind of wedding, what to give to the anniversaries, what is the main symbol of the holiday - these questions are asked by the "newlyweds" and their guests. Porcelain tableware and accessories traditionally symbolize comfort and wealth. Families celebrating their 20th anniversary are considered successful, strong, and harmonious.

How to celebrate an anniversary, the main color of the holiday

The celebration of a porcelain wedding has its own traditions and rituals.

For example, before the arrival of the guests, the heroes of the day fill the porcelain vessel with many different coins. Each incoming guest takes a coin from this vessel. With such generosity, the owners of the house “multiply” their well-being.

Breaking old porcelain is considered a traditional rite. Anniversaries take two porcelain cups, in the presence of all the guests they drink tea or water from them and break them “for good luck”. One of the guests gives two new porcelain cups in exchange for the old ones. So at the same time, couples get rid of the negative of the past and acquire a “new happiness”.

It is recommended to celebrate a porcelain wedding in a close family circle. The choice of place is up to the heroes of the occasion - it can be a family home dinner, a banquet in a cozy cafe or a picnic in nature. The main thing is to decorate the holiday according to the style of the event. The table should be set with chinaware, preferably new.

The predominant color of the anniversary is white, other colors can be used as accents. White color should be present in the table setting, in the decoration of the room, in the clothes of the anniversaries and guests. If the guests were not warned about the dress code in advance, the hosts of the event can take care of it themselves - prepare a small white accessory for everyone.

travel to chinaTravel to China - going to this country will be very symbolic, because China is the birthplace of porcelain

tour of the porcelain factoryExcursion to the porcelain factory - acquaintance takes place in the workshop of highly artistic products, visitors can personally observe how porcelain vases and sets are made

porcelain sculpting master classPorcelain sculpting master class - you can create together a product that you will keep for many years

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What to give for a porcelain wedding

The most obvious gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is porcelain. Currently, a huge selection of porcelain delights:

  • sets for 6 or 12 persons (tea or coffee);
  • figurines or interior figures made of porcelain. The main thing is to choose paired items that symbolize a happy couple - doves, angels, lovers, hearts;
  • a vase, a sugar bowl, a porcelain samovar of original design will become not only thematic, but also one of the extraordinary gifts;
  • if giving dishes as the main gift is not an option, you should pay attention to porcelain interior dolls.

It is not difficult to choose a souvenir for a woman for a porcelain wedding, which cannot be said about “male” porcelain gifts. What to give your husband for his wedding anniversary? 20 years of living together is quite a long period, many couples acquire “their” phrases, their motto, their jokes during this time. Based on this, you can choose:

  • a porcelain mug with a photograph of a spouse and a funny inscription;
  • souvenir plate with engraving;
  • porcelain ashtray.

china tableware

A traditional gift - porcelain dishes, can be original if the product is decorated with an author's painting

Gifts not made of porcelain

What to give for a 20th wedding anniversary other than porcelain is an equally popular question. In this case, you should pay attention to the original surprises:

Sweet souvenirs

Currently, edible gifts are very common - beautiful, unusual and incredibly tasty:

  • Fruity or sweet bouquet. Such unusual bouquets have become popular quite deservedly. They are nice to give and nice to receive as a gift;
  • mastic cake, made in the theme of the holiday. On such a cake, a pair of white doves or a tea pair of mastic can flaunt. Anniversaries and other guests will be pleasantly surprised;
  • a set of gift gingerbread cookies or a set of figured chocolate. Forms of gingerbread and chocolate figures can be chosen to your taste, suitable for the theme of the celebration;
  • a chocolate fountain is a good idea for those who can no longer be surprised with cakes or gingerbread.

Handmade gifts

At all times, a handmade gift is considered one of the most valuable and unusual. If needlework is not your type of activity, a handmade item can be purchased at specialized fairs.

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Best ideas care-made gifts:

  • An icon of Peter and Fevronya embroidered with a cross or beads. Being the patrons of the family hearth, the saints will become a strong talisman for the "newlyweds";
  • a wooden photo frame made in the form of a family tree;
  • wedding napkins with embroidered initials of anniversaries;
  • handmade wedding-themed soap in white tones;
  • a pair of hand-embroidered terry dressing gowns;
  • decoupage wine box for champagne;
  • handmade bedding set with embroidery.

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hand-made keychain from "porcelain"Hand-made keychain made of "porcelain" - from a mixture of glycerin, white hand cream and PVA glue

portrait matryoshka to orderPortrait matryoshka to order - this gift will not only cheer you up, but also complement the design of the house

Gifts - emotions

When wondering what to give for a porcelain wedding, do not forget about unforgettable impressions. This is a very relevant gift for couples who "have everything":

  • Relaxation massage certificate for a couple. This is an incredibly pleasant, relaxing procedure that will help you get rid of all worries for a while;
  • thematic photo session in the studio or outdoors. Thanks to such a gift, the anniversaries will have pleasant memories in the form of beautiful photographs;
  • a walk in a hot air balloon is a great opportunity to give the “newlyweds” a feeling of weightlessness and flight;
  • pair jump with a parachute (for couples who love extreme types of recreation);
  • a voucher to the sea is a gift that anniversaries will certainly like. It will be especially pleasant for couples who, for a number of reasons, have not had a rest together for a long time;
  • weekend tour - the perfect surprise for couples who love travel;
  • a date on the roof as a gift is suitable for couples in whose lives romance has disappeared.


Beautiful author's cake with meaning

Gift for friends

What to give friends for a porcelain wedding is one of the pressing issues. After 20 years of marriage, only reliable, loyal people remain nearby. The gift with which they will come is not so important, how important is their presence on such a joyful holiday as an anniversary.

For friends, you can come up with a lot of options - from comic souvenirs to expensive exhibits. It all depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

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Gifts - jokes:

  • t-shirts for a couple with funny inscriptions or photos;
  • wedding portrait - cartoon;
  • "hedgehog gloves" - kitchen potholders in the form of mittens, decorated with paper clips;
  • "pood of salt" in a beautiful silk bag.

Gifts for home comfort:

  • Sets of tablecloths and cloth napkins. It is good if they are made of natural fabrics and fit the interior of the heroes of the day;
  • picture in the living room or bedroom. It is better to choose a neutral theme - landscapes, still lifes;
  • silk bed linen in pastel colors;
  • shoe rack or chest of drawers, suitable for the interior of the "newlyweds";
  • rocking chair of original design made of natural materials.

If we talk about more expensive gifts, you should pay attention to household appliances and electronics:

  • Dishwasher;
  • separate freezer;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • bread maker or multicooker.

gold jewelry with enamelEnamel gold jewelry is an excellent replacement for porcelain products

clock "porcelain"Porcelain Look - White watch with ceramic case looks like it's made of porcelain

porcelain candle holderPorcelain candlestick - an unusual and original product for home interiors

Gifts for the soul

If friends are passionate people and have some kind of hobby, this fact should not be ignored. On the contrary, gifts for your favorite pastime will greatly delight the anniversaries.

There is only one advice here - you need to proceed from what the couple is fond of. If both are engaged in gardening, you need to give everything for giving:

  • exotic tree seedlings;
  • swing or gazebo for moments of relaxation;
  • everything for the barbecue area;
  • modern greenhouse.

If the couple is fond of collecting, find rare items for the collection or a modern collection album.

If a couple does not have a common hobby, and each family member is fond of something of his own, you need to choose a gift specifically, for each hero of the day. But you can arrange such gifts in a single style.

When gathering for a wedding anniversary as a guest, it is important to know that 20 years of marriage is a porcelain wedding. What to give for the holiday is up to you. You can turn to traditions and present a gift from the material that the anniversary is named. And you can move away from traditionally accepted souvenirs and give unforgettable emotions or something you need in everyday life. The main thing is to choose and give a gift from the heart.


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