Crepe wedding, what to give for the most enduring anniversary - 39 years

Everyone knows the names of anniversary weddings. However, there are less known, but no less significant, dates. This article will focus on one of these anniversaries - a crepe wedding. Below we will consider such questions as: a wedding of 39 years, what kind of wedding, what to give spouses for this holiday. Readers will be offered a variety of gift options for every budget and taste. The heroes of the occasion, their children and other people close to them will be able to draw useful information.


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Holiday Symbols

It is no coincidence that the crepe wedding was given such a name. Crepe fabric has a special strength. Its threads are very tightly intertwined. Such characteristics of the fabric symbolize the strength of the relationship of the spouses who have lived together for 39 years and the unity of their souls.

Few people celebrate this holiday, considering round dates to be more significant. Nevertheless, this anniversary deserves attention and is a great occasion to arrange a wonderful holiday in the circle of relatives and friends.

There are not so many traditions of celebrating this wedding. One of the main ones stems from the name of the anniversary. It is desirable that on this day the spouses wear crepe clothes. An accessory made of this material will suffice.

Decorating the interior, it is worth laying a crepe tablecloth. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, it will be a wonderful table decoration for the holiday. Otherwise, the traditions are similar to the customs of celebrating other wedding dates: the figure corresponding to the number of years lived must be present at the celebration. You can use 39 balloons in the decoration of the room, and decorate the birthday cake with candles in the form of the numbers "3" and "9". As on any other wedding anniversary, the guests shout “bitterly” as many times as the couple have lived together for years.

crepe curtains

Curtains made of crepe and satin - a symbolic gift from the material of the same name with the anniversary

A crepe wedding, what to give - this question will certainly be asked by close people and friends of a married couple. This date leaves wide scope for imagination in choosing a gift. You can prepare a surprise for every taste: from a practical present to a hand-made memorable souvenir.

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Spouses gifts to each other

A gift in the traditions of the holiday will be an object crepe fabric garments. A woman of any age will bring positive emotions a new thing in the wardrobe in the form of Dresses, blouses, skirts or accessory (shawl, scarf tippet). A man will please shirt or stylish tie. Good wear resistance of the fabric will be a nice bonus to the beautiful appearance of the product.

Gifts for home

Practical gifts have always been very popular. Together with memory, they are beneficial for the household. Using the donated thing, the owners will remember the past event with warmth.

Home textiles will be a wonderful present for this anniversary. Crepe fabric has high strength, excellent external qualities and is environmentally friendly. A nice addition to these qualities is the resistance of the fabric to creasing, thanks to which it does not need ironing and always looks neat.

Here are some examples of crepe fabric gifts for the home:

  • bedding set;
  • plaids, bedspreads;
  • tablecloths, napkins;
  • blinds.


A dishwasher is a very good gift for a wedding anniversary at home.


A great choice would be the idea of ​​making a gift with your own hands. For such a presentation, crepe paper, which is presented in stores in a rich assortment, is perfect. Due to its special properties, crafts made from it perfectly keep their shape, turn out to be voluminous and look very realistic. There are many tutorials on the Internet for making bouquets, ornamental trees, panel and other interesting crafts.

Other gifts

It is possible to present a married couple on this day with a non-thematic gift. Knowing the preferences and tastes of the spouses, you can please them set of dishes, small household appliances, money certificate to your favorite store. And in order for the present to be in the traditions of the anniversary, it is recommended to present it in a paper crepe package or simply tie it with a crepe ribbon. Among the gifts "for the soul" are very popular theater tickets.

cartoon dolls

Adorable little sculpture of the whole family from a cartoon doll

Gifts for parents from children

It is the children, as the closest people to the spouses, who know how to please them and make the gift touching and unforgettable. Some solutions are offered for those who have questions: 39 years old, what kind of wedding and what to give parents for this anniversary. Children can donate:

  • decorative pillows with crepe pillowcases, which can be decorated with photo printing or acrylic painting;
  • beautifully designed photo album;
  • photo collage from photographs that capture especially significant events in the life of the spouses.
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Having asked the question - what to give for a crepe wedding, do not forget that the main thing is to pay attention, share positive emotions. In this case, any present will leave warm memories in the soul.


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