40 years: what is the wedding anniversary and what to give to parents, friends and relatives

To the wedding

40 years from the date of the wedding is an important anniversary in the life of the spouses. After all, the couple, who have lived together for so many years, were able to bring bright feelings to each other through many difficult situations and build a strong family. No wonder 40 years of marriage is called ruby wedding.

Ruby has long been considered a stone of faithful and devoted love, a happy family life.

This red-colored gemstone is one of the hardest minerals in nature. Therefore, the ruby ​​personifies the well-established strong relationship between spouses and their mutual tender affection, which does not fade over the years.

It is customary to give for a ruby ​​wedding gifts associated with the anniversary symbol... First of all, it is, of course, rubies and products with them... However, such a gift is considered quite personal, and besides, not everyone will be able to afford it. Therefore, spouses mainly receive precious stones from each other or from very close people.

Always relevant for 40 years of weddings will be useful and pleasant presentations of bright and saturated shades of red - from pinkish to purple. Thematic will also look like the design or gift wrapping in the appropriate color scheme.

Any gift can be accompanied by a beautiful a bouquet of red flowers for the hero of the occasion - roses, tulips, peonies, chrysanthemums, lilies.

What to give parents for 40 years of wedding

If parents adhere to traditions and wear wedding rings, then children, like the most dear people, can give them a special gift for their 40th wedding anniversary - paired rings with rubies... In this case, the main thing is not to be mistaken with the size and be sure that the parents did not prepare the same gift for each other. The rings can also be commemoratively engraved.

For 40 years, parents have met together more than one significant event in the life of their family: weddings, holidays, trips and travels, the birth of children, their first steps and the path to adulthood, the appearance of grandchildren. And, for sure, in the family archive there are many pictures... Therefore, another good option for children is to give their parents the opportunity to mentally return to the best moments of their lives on their ruby ​​wedding anniversary.

40 years of marriage is a great occasion for good and pleasant family memories.

From the selected photos you can make, for example:

  • slide show;
  • photo collage;
  • a loose-leaf calendar with the designation of important dates in the life of the spouses.

Slide show it is easy to do it yourself, but when making printed versions, you cannot do without high-quality printing. At the same time, the presence of red in the design of the layout will remind the heroes of the day about the ruby ​​wedding anniversary.

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Excellent signatures the photographs will include wishes and congratulations from family and friends. To keep the memory of the holiday, you can ask them to make video message with warm words addressed to the spouses.

If there are short videos from the life of parents in the home archive, you can edit from them film, which will be watched with interest by all those invited to the holiday.

Will take a special place in the house portrait of the heroes of the daywritten by a professional artist. As a sample, you can choose a photo of newlywed parents or a joint photo with children and grandchildren.

Children also often give their parents practical things for a ruby ​​wedding, knowing that such a present will be in demand. A good option is Appliances... A modern dishwasher, robot vacuum cleaner, TV, blender, bread maker, microwave oven, steam or multicooker, air conditioner can really make the life of the heroes of the day easier. To buy expensive home appliances, you can team up with relatives and friends.

When choosing a technology as a gift, you should consider how well parents are versed in modern devices.

Perhaps it will be more convenient for parents to use a simpler model than a multifunctional one.

40th wedding anniversary is an additional opportunity for children take care of the health of parents... Depending on their physical capabilities and well-being, you can give:

  • a ticket to a health resort;
  • a subscription to a fitness club with a suitable training program, to the pool, to the spa center, to yoga classes;
  • massage course or home massager;
  • sports equipment or equipment for the home;
  • medical devices, such as a high-quality electronic blood pressure monitor or inhaler;
  • vitamin complex;
  • tap water purification system, humidifier or dehumidifier, salt lamp.

Parents who want to exercise their intellectual abilities and memory may be happy to visit Foreign language courses... And learning the language of the country they are going to visit has undoubted practical benefits.

If spouses like to spend their evenings watching good movies or TV shows, you can subscribe to online cinema.

Will definitely please parents with a gift made by children personally... It is quite inexpensive to make such a present, but you need to have some talents and skills. With all your love and warmth you can:

  • draw a joint portrait;
  • knit paired warm scarves of red shades, sweaters, socks;
  • make embroidery on clothes, pillowcases, towels;
  • bake a birthday cake.

If the heroes of the day have grandchildren, their participation in the making of the gift will be especially pleasant.

What to give relatives for a ruby ​​wedding

As a gift to relatives for 40 years of wedding, you can choose things and objects that bring comfort and beauty to the house. It is good if they are either completely in the color of a ruby ​​wedding, or have a pattern of shades of red. In this case, it is better to be guided by the tastes and preferences of the heroes of the day. It is worth paying attention to:

  • interior items: lamp, picture, candlestick, candles, aroma lamp, flower stand, vase, wall clock, original figurines;
  • home textiles: bed linen, towel, blanket, bedspread, tablecloth;
  • dishes: a whole set or paired cups, glasses;
  • useful home devices: weather station, scales (kitchen or floor), electric kettle.
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Paired bright umbrellas not only will protect spouses in rainy and inclement weather, but will also help them maintain a cheerful mood. You can choose from muted or dark red tones or a tartan pattern.

If the heroes of the day are good indoor flowers and they like to plant them at home, for a ruby ​​wedding anniversary, you can give a plant with red leaves (for example, poinsettia), or with red flowers (azalea, geranium, wallot, anthurium, hibiscus). With proper care, they will delight spouses for more than one anniversary.

A beautiful presentation of the presentation is also important.

A bow or ribbon of bright scarlet shades, an original box will give any gift a festive look.

It will be very useful for spouses and gift certificate in favorite shop. If the heroes of the day want to make repairs - to a construction hypermarket, if they take care of pets - to a pet store, if they like to read - to a bookstore. And perhaps in jewelry, if you know the spouses' weakness for jewelry.

When difficulties arise with the choice of a gift, you can discuss this issue with the children of the heroes of the day and other relatives. Perhaps the heroes of the occasion have long wanted to visit some countries, live on the seashore or relax on a cruise ship. Then, in honor of the ruby ​​wedding anniversary, you can unite and organize a couple their dream journey.

Gift ideas for 40th anniversary friends

Usually close friends are well aware of the hobbies and hobbies of the heroes of the day. Therefore, gifts for pleasant pastime and leisure:

  • summer residents can be pleased with items of garden furniture: rocking chair, wicker chaise longue, swing;
  • lovers of picnics and barbecues in nature - a brazier or a special barbecue grill, a set of folding furniture;
  • skiers - sunglasses, comfortable gloves, sports socks;
  • connoisseurs of baths and saunas - brooms, hats, dressing gowns.

Fond memories of the ruby ​​wedding anniversary will leave a gift certificate for impressions.

Modern services offer a wide range of activities... Depending on the interests of the spouses, it is easy to choose the appropriate option, for example:

  • horseback riding;
  • wine tasting;
  • romantic dinner;
  • themed excursion;
  • master class in painting or dancing.

The selected certificate can be beautifully presented to friends for a ruby ​​wedding in festive red envelope, attaching a postcard with congratulations to it.

Anniversaries will also be delighted to receive as a gift tickets for a long-awaited concert or performance with your favorite artists. However, you should first find out if the spouses did not have time to purchase them on their own, and clarify their plans for this time.

If the spouses like to receive guests at home and spend evenings in the company, they will come in handy Board games... Dominoes, monopoly, loto, erudite will captivate not only adults, but also children.

For lovers of reading, books by favorite authors in red binding will be an excellent gift.

For home gatherings, a set of delicious different types of tea or coffee... A good addition to such a gift is two thermo mugs in bright ruby ​​shades. And to the festive table or to your personal collection, you can present a bottle of aged red wineaccompanying him with a basket of fruits and berries. Pomegranates, red oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries will do.

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Present to wife

The most suitable gift for your beloved wife for 40 years of marriage is ruby jewelry... This is not just a beautiful decoration, it is an expression of love and tenderness, which, like on the wedding day, live in the heart of a man. Ruby will become powerful amulet for the spouse... It is believed that the stone protects the wearer from external negativity and bad thoughts, brings joy and restores strength, and strengthens health.

Among the wide assortment of ruby ​​jewelry you can choose:

  • a ring of a suitable size;
  • pendant or pendant;
  • necklace;
  • brooch;
  • bracelet;
  • earrings. For example, long models or neat carnations;
  • set of products.

Thematic gift to his wife on a ruby ​​anniversary will be jewelry storage boxinlaid with red stone.

Having an idea of ​​\ uXNUMXb \ uXNUMXbthe size and preferences of the spouse in the wardrobe, you can give her nice clothes a red shade, for example, an elegant dress, a blouse, a comfortable cardigan.

Surprise for husband

A ruby, presented to her husband on his 40th wedding anniversary, best of all speaks of the deep and sincere feelings that his wife has for him.

As a presentation, you can consider both an untreated ruby, and inserted into a product or simply cut.

Possible accessories and decorations for a ruby ​​wedding for her husband:

  • Wrist Watch... Inlaid with red stones can be done in a watch workshop;
  • for men who wear business suits - cufflinks for a shirt and a tie clip;
  • ring;
  • trinket for house or car keys;
  • cigarette case.

The gemstone charges the owner with vital energy, drives away boredom and melancholy, improves health and has a beneficial effect on the heart and memory.

Update wardrobe always up to date. A stylish shirt, a cozy sweater, a comfortable T-shirt in a color suitable for a ruby ​​wedding will associate your spouse with a happy anniversary. Since the color red has many shades, you can choose exactly the one that your husband will like.

When choosing a gift for spouses for 40 years from the date of the wedding, it is necessary to be guided by their interests, preferences and wishes. It is also desirable that it fit into the theme of the celebration - the ruby ​​anniversary. The present can be inexpensive. However, in any case, it should become a pleasant manifestation of attention and care for the heroes of the day and be accompanied by kind words.