What to give for a wooden wedding: gifts for loved ones, friends and loved ones

As a rule, a wooden anniversary is spent in the family circle, inviting the closest friends. In this regard, a fairly reasonable question arises - what to give for a wooden wedding to people close to you? Indeed, the question is legitimate and even necessary. The gift you choose, no matter who you decide to give to your parents or friends, should be special, and it’s also nice if it is made of good, expensive wood, or packed in wooden packaging (box, case, box).

wooden wedding

The first small anniversary of family life is surrounded by its own traditions

What to give your wife

Of course, during the time of living together, a sufficient number of gifts made to his beloved wife have accumulated. But what representative of the fair half will refuse another surprise!

The only thing that should not be given to such events is a wooden rolling pin, this is a bad gift and is believed to lead to regular quarrels.

All other things in which wood is present are only welcome:

  • A set of wooden kitchen utensils - a knife stand, a barrel, a salt shaker.
  • Kitchen cutting board or board set.
  • Sets of coasters for hot surfaces.
  • A large wicker vase on the floor or a small vase with wood elements.
  • Photo frame made of expensive woods.
  • Original wall panel.
  • Carved jewelry box.
  • Wooden box for small items.
  • Lamps with wood elements.
  • New carved shelves.
  • A small table and stools in the same style.
  • Footrests with height adjustment.
  • Masterfully decorated, new breadbaskets.
  • Jewelry made from wood.
  • A set of chocolates in a mahogany box with an individual engraving.
  • Wooden box, with the brand of your favorite drink.
  • Indoor plants, if the wife is fond of such things.

Box for 5 years of wedding

A beautiful handmade jewelry box will be appreciated by any woman

But if there is not enough time to care for house plants, give a small, home, wall or floor terrarium.

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Perhaps you decide to give furniture as a gift for a complete change of scenery. Or maybe just some element, for example, a wall cabinet for dishes.

Also in the piggy bank of gifts: as a gift, you can present an original bouquet of sweets made by yourself

What to give a man

For five years of living together, probably, every woman knows the advantages of her beloved, it is on this basis that one should approach the choice of a present. But if you still have problems choosing a gift, then you have a list of what to give your husband for a 5-year wedding anniversary.

A gift for a man should be practical, the fact is that men look at things in more detail and try to find a use for them. And remember, a good wife always knows what to give her husband for 5 years of marriage:

  • A set of glasses or stacks - made of wood.
  • A wooden beer mug plus cool, personal wishes or inscriptions is a great surprise, and it's also relatively inexpensive and original.
  • A bottle of your favorite liquor in an interesting package.
  • A beautiful frame for joint photos or a small set of frames, already with inserted photos, of interesting moments of family life.
  • Small or maybe large figurines of your family.
  • Hammer, mallet and other tools with wooden handles.
  • Backgammon, original checkers or chess.

Chess for husband

Original chess will not only be a way to escape from everyday affairs, but will also become an adornment of the spouse's office

  • If a person leads an active lifestyle, then skis are a great gift.
  • A bath set consisting of a ladle, a barrel, a hat, mittens and bathrobes is an excellent choice.
  • Diary, desktop notebook, stylized as a tree.
  • If space permits, consider purchasing a rocking chair. Such a surprise will be useful not only for a man, but for the whole family.
  • Large wooden spoon with a beautiful red pattern. The red color will emphasize your love, and the size of the spoon directly depends on the marital status of the spouses.
  • If your husband smokes, you can give a box of cigarettes or cigars.
  • Smoking pipe, from the same set.
  • Does your husband spend a lot of time at his desk? Take a good look, maybe he has been dreaming of changing it for a long time.
  • For a gardener, what could be better than tree seedlings.
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It should be remembered that gifts, like a greeting, should be handed over to wives on the anniversary of a wooden wedding in the morning. Since the tradition came from the depths of centuries, it is believed that the warmest and most sincere wishes are spoken only at sunrise. Therefore, if you have not decided what to give your husband for a wooden wedding, then wake him up with aromatic coffee and a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast for spouses

Although coffee in bed can come to his wife if she oversleeps

What to give your sister and husband

If you are going to a celebration on the occasion of the fifth wedding anniversary to your relatives, you need to choose a gift for a wooden wedding with all seriousness. The surprise presented on this significant day should carry your love, respect and be equally suitable for both spouses. Of course, if you have not decided to purchase two gifts:

  • Picture with a wooden frame.
  • Photo collage with a frame made of wood or stylized as it.
  • If you have children, then gifts for children are perfect.
  • Small pieces of furniture.
  • If your relatives have a personal plot, garden decor elements will be just right.
  • Sets of kitchen boards with images of anniversaries.
  • Double figurines.
  • Lamps or floor lamps based on wood.
  • Indoor plants with red flowers.
  • Stand for flowers both on the floor and wall.
  • A wonderful choice is a large collapsible nesting doll.
  • Carved box, box or large box made of wood.
  • Today, a huge selection of all kinds of bedside tables or chests of drawers, depending on the overall style.
  • A wooden medal for each of the spouses with a cool, commemorative inscription.

Wooden photo album

An original gift will be a photo album in a wooden cover

Remember - gifts for a married couple should be given to a man, but the wife should remove the packaging. Congratulations must be voiced for two, not to single out one person. The strapping material is better to choose red, since this color is a symbol of love and hearth.

Gifts for friends

Have you been invited to your wedding anniversary by friends? And you don't know what to give? Here is a list of ideas for what to give friends for a wooden wedding:

  • Bath and sauna set.
  • Wood products: carved figurines, kitchen utensils, photo frames, housekeepers.
  • Bonsai tree.
  • Portrait burned on a tree.
  • Hanging chair.
  • Author's: verses, song, sketch.
  • Sets of dishes.
  • Branded bed linen.
  • Computer peripherals: headphones, branded mouse, mechanical keyboard, speakers, home printer, webcam.
  • Elements of the system unit for upgrade: video card, ssd disk, processor with motherboard.
  • A set of coffee or tea in a wooden box.
  • Money in a beautiful wooden piggy bank.
  • Precious jewelry in a wooden box.
  • Wicker basket with products: champagne or wine, exotic fruits, delicacies, branded teas, coffee, cigars. To make the gift look more exotic, it is better to order products in advance via the Internet in a foreign store.

Anniversary fruits

A fruity bouquet in a wicker basket will come in handy for young people for a romantic evening.

Cool gift options for a wooden wedding:

  • Paired t-shirts with funny inscriptions or drawings.
  • Multi-colored smoke for photo sessions.
  • Kitchen rocking chairs or boards with cool inscriptions.
  • The most relevant gift is banknotes. They can be presented with humor. For example, invest a 5000 banknote in 100 rubles, and wrap it in a package. Invest carefully in Kinder Surprise. Solemnly hand over to the married couple their kinder.
  • Having presented an umbrella, a married couple must open it in front of everyone - after which they will be covered with money rain.
  • Give a picture of money.
  • Present a box of chocolates in which money is hidden.
  • Give a cake out of money.

What not to give on a wooden wedding anniversary

Until now, we have considered gift options, but there are things that in no case should be given for such a celebration:

  • Sets of knives and forks. It is believed that such a gift contributes to regular strife and contention within the family.
  • Wall clock or grandfather clock, unless the young people themselves asked for a similar gift. It is believed that this present will bring a divorce or a sudden departure from life, someone from the family environment.
  • Pearl. Oddly enough, but it is pearls that are personified with tears.

Wooden wedding gift

Although if the couple does not believe in beliefs, then pearls can also be used ... only for a pearl wedding

  • Mirrors of any kind. Misfortune or constant conflict will lead to sad consequences.
  • Empty vases or pots. There may be no children. Therefore, before giving, you should fill it with water or sweets.
  • Candles. One of the interpretations says that love can melt just like wax melts in candles.

Five years of living together is a serious test for a young family. It is not for nothing that since ancient times, 5 years of weddings are usually called wooden. The fact is that for a long time the tree has been associated with strength, hardness, and is also a symbol of the beginning. Therefore, the question “wooden wedding and what to present” is not important, but the event itself is important.

Psychologists say that the most difficult years of living together fall just in the first five years of life. It is in the first years of marriage that the main number of divorces falls, since not everyone can immediately abandon old habits and an already established lifestyle.


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