What to give for an emerald wedding: TOP-22 gift options

55 years of life is a rather long period of love for your relatives, so it can be quite difficult to guess with a gift. Here you will understand how to find the very surprise that will suit your family and friends, and also bring the most unforgettable emotions! This article will help you figure out what to give for an emerald wedding.

Budget gifts

Such gifts can be symbolic, or they can become a pleasant memory for a long time:

  • A mug depicting the main perpetrators of the event. A very cute, inexpensive gift, but at the same time it will please the eye every day, while taking a drink.
  • A calendar where the whole love story of two people will be depicted. Quite a creative and unusual gift. So it will be quite a useful thing and will make you plunge into the warmest and most pleasant memories.
  • 2 t-shirts with funny or cute slogans. So a couple, wearing them at the same time and walking around the city, will attract enthusiastic looks. It can be as a joke phrase or just an image of lovers on a T-shirt.
  • Various herbs or tinctures that can be added to tea or drunk separately. Usually they have a healing effect, so such a gift is quite suitable for celebrating a wedding anniversary at 55 years old.
  • Delicious homemade dish. A surprise made from the heart has a special value, so use all your culinary skills and your cooking will bring the most positive emotions.

Emerald wedding cake

DIY emerald wedding cake

  • Video gift. Shoot a congratulation with the warmest words on camera, insert various videos from the archive there, and then the effect of your surprise will be incredible and even, perhaps, make you cry.
  • exquisite photo frame. Pictures will always remind you of long-forgotten memories and will delight the eye every day.
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Gifts of a more expensive segment

If the budget allows, there are many options for what to give for the 55th wedding anniversary:

  • Vacation for two to hot countries or mountains.

Traveling is always great at any age. It is they who bring the most inspiration and solitude to loving people. Remember what place on the planet they dreamed of and give them this ticket.

  • Family photo session.

You can give lovers a certificate for shooting together, or for a joint photo session with the whole family. So you get unforgettable emotions and memory, in the form of beautiful and high-quality photographs. When giving such a gift, you need to consider whether the couple will feel comfortable in front of the camera, because not all people are ready to be liberated during this process.

  • Service or any other utensils, decorated with details of a suitable theme.

It can be a green ribbon, emerald stones or other suitable decor. Beautiful, sophisticated and will decorate any holiday table.

Wine glass set

A set of wine glasses will serve you well

  • Romantic dinner in a chic restaurant.

Organize the most private, cozy atmosphere, coordinate with the waiter the dishes that will be served that evening, decor and music. A memorable evening is guaranteed.

  • Portrait of two lovers, personally painted by an artist of your choice.

It can be a picture already from a finished photograph or painted from nature. This gift will hang majestically in the bedroom and remind the couple of their sensual love.

  • Beautiful and high quality linens.

It can also be decorated with green ribbons, be with the image of a couple or with images from moments of their lives together. Here you can freely show your imagination, but the main thing is to consider materials that are good and comfortable for the body.

Also, gifts can be separate. For example, you can give a woman some kind of emerald jewelry: a ring, pendant or earrings, and a man a satin green bow tie, cufflinks or a tie. Here it is important to remember about the personal preferences of people.

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gifts for woman

There may be many options, but there are some that will always be accepted with joy:

  • emerald jewelry. It will always be relevant and pleasant to every woman and at any age.
  • Cosmetic set or various care products behind you. It is always important for a woman to look young and fresh, so such a gift would be in place.
  • Hairpins on emerald hair or in a similar theme.

Earrings with Emerald

Earrings with Emerald

gifts for a man

Men have their own gifts:

  • Classic suit, which can be safely worn to the theater or to a chic restaurant with your beloved. But here you definitely need to guess with the size.
  • Quality frame. It can be sunglasses or for vision. Such a gift will always be in place for a man. If you are not sure that the choice will be successful, give a certificate to a good optician.
  • Elite alcohol. It will not be a shame to put such a gift on the festive table and taste it with the whole family.
  • Machine accessories. Seat covers, head pillow or more.
  • Perfume. Here you need to be careful to choose the right flavor. It can also be gift wrapped.

People who have come such a long way together can sometimes be difficult to please with a gift, so our article will help you with this choice. Thus, you now know what to prepare for if the wedding anniversary of 55 years is approaching, what kind of wedding it is, what to give to the "newlyweds" so as not to be mistaken with a surprise. Here are gifts for every taste and budget that will delight your loved ones. But most importantly, remember that your attention and love is the most valuable thing you can give.


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