Jade wedding coming soon? Choosing what to give

Everyone knows the golden and silver weddings. But there are weddings that are celebrated on "non-circular" dates. For example, a jade wedding is celebrated a year after the silver one. What to give spouses on this wonderful holiday, our article will tell.

What wedding is called jade

So, 26 years have passed since the beginning of the marriage. Not everyone knows what kind of wedding and what to give on this day, but if you look at the traditions: it is known that this wedding is called jade.

A jade wedding is usually celebrated in a narrow circle of family and closest friends. It symbolizes the strength and warmth of family ties, since jade is a very durable stone. It's almost impossible to break it. In addition, this semi-precious stone retains heat very well.

And for lovers of astrology, it is important that jade suits all signs of the zodiac.

Spouses gifts to each other

There are quite a lot of options that spouses can give each other for a jade wedding. Of course, the best gift would be jade jewelry. Various shades of jade have a very beautiful color from almost black to a very rare blue. And the most expensive is red jade.

Would be a great gift for the wife jade jewelry. There are many options:

  • ring,
  • braslet,
  • earrings,
  • beads,
  • pendant.

Jewelry looks especially elegant, which combines various shades of jade, as well as products with the effect cat's eye.

jade wedding what to give

An exquisite gift will be a brooch with jade inserts

An original and beautiful gift will be wrist watch with jade inserts, jade combs or powder boxes. For an anniversary, gold or silver jewelry with jade is especially suitable. Large jewelry is used as an element of evening dress, smaller ones will make office and casual style sophisticated. BUT black jade bracelet Bianstone is considered a magical amulet. In the East, it is believed that jade makes its owner more wise, feminine and practical.

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Husband will love it for sure.

  • jade cufflinks, ring, trinket or chuck for a tie.
  • Fans of Eastern philosophy will be delighted jade rosary.
  • If the gift is intended for the office, they will look beautiful jade pyramids, which can be with hours.
  • It will look great in an office interior. stand for pens or stationery. By the way, it is believed that jade attracts good luck in business.
  • For an avid chess player, the best gift would be jade chess pieces.
  • A good and practical gift would be any green wardrobe itemsuch as a shirt or tie. It is believed that the green color in clothes symbolizes the youth of the spirit and the ability to assert itself.

jade wedding what to give

Give your husband a jade pendant that will serve as a talisman and protection for him.

Gifts from friends

And friends have something to please the "newlyweds" on this day:

  • A good and practical gift would be dishes with jade elements. For example, a dining table will always decorate cutlery set with jade handles. Originally fit into the interior of the dining room jade glasses or cups, especially since it is almost impossible to break or scratch them. In China, it is believed that even ordinary water in jade dishes becomes tastier. It is better if the gifts are paired.
  • Looks very nice artificial jade money tree. On the pot you can write your wishes for the anniversaries. It is believed that jade brings wealth and good luck to the house. And jade plaques in ancient China were used as coins.
  • Jade is considered a symbol of China. For a long time, this mineral was the main stone in Chinese medicine. Residents of China are still treated with jade, applying it to a sore spot. Would be a good anniversary gift massager with jade inserts, jade rug or pillow, Balloons.
  • An expensive and useful gift will be jade box.

jade wedding what to give

Jade tea set looks very unusual and beautiful

Gifts for parents

For children, the main question of what to give parents for a jade wedding is also easy to solve:

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Parents will be pleased to receive beautiful and original handmade gifts:

  • The gift can be collage of family photos in a jade frame.
  • Any gifts in which the predominant color is green are also suitable. For example, you can make delicious airy green cake. Now on sale there are many artificial dyes that can give products any color. If you do not want to use unnatural dyes, you can use spinach juice to make the cream green. Green color can also be obtained by using ground green tea. It is recommended to use matcha tea, as its leaves are ground into a powder that dissolves easily in hot water. By adding it in different proportions to the biscuit during baking, you can get a very beautiful base for the cake, and each cake will have its own shade of color. To quickly prepare the cream, you can beat softened butter with grated cheese and powdered sugar and add crushed green tea to the finished cream. It will turn out a very beautiful green cake with layers of white cream.

jade wedding what to give

A photo blanket made from photographs of parents taken in youth will be an unusual and pleasant gift.

  • White chocolate and green tea bars make green chocolate. You need to take three white chocolate bars and 225 ml of heavy cream, heat the cream in a water bath, add the sliced ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbbars and, stirring, melt until smooth. To add color, carefully pour boiled water with green tea whipped with a whisk. Then pour into molds and chill in the refrigerator. Until the mass has completely hardened, you can draw or squeeze out a congratulation on the tile in the form of an inscription or picture.

You can also buy real green chocolate. This delicacy is very common in Japan and is gradually becoming more popular in other countries, especially since the calorie content of green chocolate is less than that of dark chocolate.

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Another type of green chocolate comes from Spain. There, this product is considered dietary and is made from seaweed.

Of course, you can also give ordinary gifts for a jade wedding. Technology lovers will love board, smartphone, smart watch or quality headset. You can order online 26th anniversary newspaper or book release weddings.


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