What to give for a topaz wedding: 45 ideas for 16 years from the wedding day

This article tells what to give for a topaz wedding to relatives, friends or each other. Recommendations are given on the selection of practical and inexpensive presents, symbolic gifts. Ideas of what spouses can present to each other on this day are presented. After reading the article, you will have 14 ideas for various presents, of which there are sure to be several suitable ones.

The 16th wedding anniversary is called topaz, and topaz is a talisman against illness and adversity.


Gifts from relatives

Parents and other relatives of the couple often prefer practical things that will make life easier for the family and last a long time. Below are a few ideas of what to give for a 16th wedding anniversary so that the present is not only functional, but also interesting:

  1. Small household appliances. Preference should be given to those appliances that the spouses have long wanted to have in the household, but for some reason have not yet bought. It could be capsule coffee maker, robot vacuum cleaner, frying pan crepe maker, Dryer for vegetables and fruits, bread maker with many additional features, interesting electric kettle with backlight.
  2. Home textiles. It can be anything: bath and kitchen towels, bathrobes, capes и bedspreads for furniture, decorative pillows, tablecloths и napkins, blinds in the rooms and in the kitchen, set from an apron and beautiful potholders. It is worth showing imagination and making custom-made textiles to be decorated with themed embroidery or wishes for the heroes of the occasion. Such a gift will be not only practical, but will always remind spouses of a joyful date.

    Home textiles

    Home textiles as a gift are a great solution.

  1. Crockery. In this case, it is better not to save money and buy a small, but high-quality porcelain service, even if it consists of 2 tea cups and saucers. The design should be chosen neutral or one that the spouses will surely like and fit well into the interior of their home.
  2. small items furniture. This can be mini bar, breakfast table in bed, unusual poof in the hallway, beautiful bookcase in the bathroom or intricate a shelf for souvenirs. In the case of such gifts, it is better to be careful and find out in advance whether the spouses need such gifts, otherwise, instead of joyful surprise, there will be painful thoughts about where to put another unnecessary table or pouffe.
  3. Хобби. This option is suitable for those couples who have similar hobbies. Spouses can give a pair fitness club membership, beautiful gardening book or cooking, master class invitation in pottery.

Relatives, like no one else, most often know how to please the anniversaries. Nevertheless, before deciding to buy an expensive present, it is better to carefully find out if the spouses really need it.

Useless Gifts

Useless gifts can upset recipients.

Presents from friends

In this case, it is best to give symbolic gifts that will not only please the heroes of the occasion, but will also remain in the family as a reminder of a joyful day. You can please your friends with original pastries or organize a romantic dinner for them. There are a lot of gift options:

  1. Crystal with photo inside. It is worth picking up a beautiful image of the spouses in advance, and then ordering the manufacture of a souvenir in a special workshop. It can be supplemented with a commemorative inscription, words from the favorite work of the heroes of the occasion.
  2. Themed figurine with the number 16. It is worth choosing a miniature gift that can be placed on a shelf or coffee table.
  3. family tree. It can be made independently or to order. It can be a book, beautifully bound parchment, or a tree-shaped figurine.
  4. Cake in the form of a number. The delicacy can be made to order or baked by yourself. In any case, it is worth considering the tastes of both spouses when choosing the filling and impregnation of the product.

Topaz wedding cake

A wedding anniversary cake is not only an original, but also a very tasty gift.

  1. Concert tickets. It can be a favorite production or performance of the performer. Tickets must be purchased for an event where both spouses will go with pleasure. The present is an excellent option for a topaz wedding, when it is not clear what to give and how to please the heroes of the occasion.
  2. Dinner for two. It is worth booking a table at the couple's favorite restaurant, and at this time look after the children of the spouses. Such a gift will help you escape from the hustle and bustle and be together in a pleasant atmosphere, away from the hassle.

Friends of the couple should not buy expensive gifts, as a topaz wedding is not a round date. It is better to save original and valuable gifts until the 20th anniversary of marriage.

What can a husband and wife give each other

Close people know each other's tastes better than others, so they should have no difficulty what to give their husband or wife for their 16th wedding anniversary. The following presentations will be appropriate:

  1. Jewelry for the wife. It could be ring or earrings with topaz, beautiful podcast or braslet. Along with the gift, it is important not to forget about bouquet colors, it is better if they are white or blue shades.

    Bouquet of flowers as a gift

    A bouquet of blue flowers is a symbol of a topaz wedding, because it is the blue color that personifies harmony and love in the family.

  1. Leather goods for husband. Beloved spouse should give a good pursethat he could have dreamed of for a long time, belt or business portfolio. A good present will be calendar bound in leather with owner's monogram.
  2. Necessary gifts. Spouses are well aware of each other's desires, so the wedding anniversary is a great holiday to please the other half. However, you should not give your wife kitchen utensils, and your husband - underwear or shaving accessories, it is better to look for something more festive and interesting.

The best gift on this day will be the opportunity to spend time together. It might be slow walking around favorite places, trip to nature, a short travel to another city or even a country.

If relatives, friends or the spouses themselves find it difficult to choose a suitable present, then it is better to unobtrusively ask the anniversaries what they would like to have. When such an opportunity is not available, then it is worth giving money. This is a universal gift that spouses can spend on their own needs. Guests should beautifully pack the present in an original themed postcard, even better if it is made in the style of a topaz wedding. Such a gift will definitely be remembered and will remind you of a joyful event for many years.

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