DIY wedding gifts: a variety of the most original ideas

A wedding is one of the most important and at the same time unforgettable events in a person's life. For the newlyweds, this is not just a ritual for a further stamp in the passport, but a solemn ceremony to create a strong union - a family. Also, this event cannot leave indifferent guests, relatives and friends of the couple.

Having received an invitation to the wedding, the invitee begins to think over ideas for a future gift. Any guest wants his present to be memorable and dear to the hearts of the recipients, as well as necessary in everyday life. But how to make sure that all these requirements come together and what exactly to give the newlyweds? In this article, you will find some ideas on how to create a DIY wedding gift.

painted plate

The story of the acquaintance and relationship of the newlyweds, nicely decorated on a plate

Textile gifts

  • Wedding dolls lovebirds

The tradition of sewing and giving rag dolls has existed since the times of Ancient Russia. Products were kept in chests and handed over to the newlyweds on the day of their marriage.

The dolls are made of patches of multi-colored fabrics, and having made dolls (a man and a woman), their hands were tightly sewn together with threads, which was a symbol of a strong and lasting union of a man and a woman.

Years later, this tradition grew into a ceremony of tying the hands of the newlyweds with a towel, but why not remember the good old tradition?!

  • Knitted blanket with their own hands.

Over the past year, coarse knit blankets have become extremely popular, and the simplicity of this idea is that you will need a couple of hours of free time to create such a blanket, because such a blanket does not have to be knitted and crocheted at all, it is knitted with the help of hands, and its beauty fascinates users to this day.

  • Young couple t-shirts

T-shirts with the image of each other are also popular among young people. These are budget and at the same time creative DIY wedding gifts for lovers who will definitely like it.

photo plaidPhoto plaid - a soft cozy bedspread, consisting of vivid memories of lovers

embroidered couple robesPaired bathrobes with embroidery - the same home clothes will unite the newlyweds even more

thread portraitA portrait made of threads - a handmade creation made from a kilometer of thread

  • Nominal couple bathrobes

Lovers are often very fond of reminding themselves of the common similarity and manifest themselves as a union of a man and a woman. For example, personalized paired robes with inscriptions on the back are very popular now. This is a cozy and necessary gift, which will not be difficult to make.

fragile gifts

  • Family gift bottle

Everyone knows that during the wedding feast, two units of alcoholic beverages are always kept in the center of the festive table. This is done with the aim of drinking a preserved drink on the first wedding anniversary as a symbol of family preservation.

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If you have basic decoupage skills, then it will not be difficult for you to decorate a bottle with your own hands, especially since the Internet is full of master classes for decorating this product.

For the idea of ​​​​creating such a bottle, you can take family alcohol (with the common name of the spouses), and you can decorate with the help of a photo of the newlyweds.

  • Polymer clay cups.

To date, the production of cups from polymer clay has become very popular. Such a cup is non-standard and at the same time a very original gift. Clay figurines can be based on caricatures of husband and wife. Such a gift will definitely be remembered for a long time, and will also delight the eyes of the spouses for a long time.

decorative box

A beautiful decorative box with a banknote inside is a simple and at the same time significant gift.

DIY cash gifts

  • Photo album with money

To do this, you will need a wedding album, and put bills in the photo compartments

  • money panel

If you want to give money, but do not know how to present it, then this is an original do-it-yourself wedding gift. A certain amount of money is inserted into the photo frame, as well as signs with the inscription: Live in abundance. Remove if absolutely necessary.

  • Crafts from banknotes

There are many money craft ideas. For example - a bouquet of banknotes or a money ship.

Useful and simple gifts for young people

  • Decorative candles

The size, palette and decoration of this fake depends on your taste and imagination, and the gift itself will certainly be needed in everyday life.

  • Handmade soap

Soap making is the most famous of handmade gifts, and the peculiarity of the soap itself is its composition, because the creator himself chooses natural means for its creation, as well as he chooses the color, shape and design of the product itself.

  • Notebooks, albums for happy moments

This is a very simple and original DIY wedding gift. The only important thing to remember is that the theme for creating an album, notebook must match the theme of the celebration.

photo albumPhoto album - a little imagination and a book of memories can turn into a real work of art

elite cheesesElite cheeses - an originally designed basket with delicious cheeses that you can make yourself

wedding setSet "Wedding" - festive wine glasses can be used after the wedding, they will remind the newlyweds of a memorable day

Information gifts

  • Videos postcard

A pre-recorded video appeal, a wish for the young with warm words will definitely appeal to the heroes of the occasion.

  • Song or poem

If you are a creative person who is often visited by a muse, then it will not be difficult for you to come up with lyrics for a song or poem and play it at a wedding.

  • Video clip from photo
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Create a tender and touching video from photos of young people. Such a gift will move any couple to tears, and will also remind the newlyweds of what a wonderful union they were able to create.

  • Organization of a flash mob

Organize a small dance with the guests of the celebration in advance, because this will surely please the spouses and cause a lot of positive emotions, and this is a very original gift for the newlyweds with your own hands.

Gifts for the bride

  • Handmade decoration

All women love jewelry, and this jewelry is much more valuable when it is made in a single copy. As a gift, you can make a handmade jewelry for the bride, because it will definitely be an unforgettable gift.

handmade box

Stylish creation using decoupage technique

  • Bear from foamiran

It is known that any girl is a child at heart, since childhood we have been happy to receive soft toys. Of course, a soft toy for a wedding is too banal a gift, and rather impractical, but a new trend has come to replace toys - foamiran toys. Such a product is made very simply, but it looks insanely festive.

  • Bouquet from candies

Making a candy bouquet is very easy. In addition, it is both a beautiful and tasty gift, and the flowers in this bouquet will never wither and will always be able to please the hostess.

  • Jewelry box

This is another ancient tradition of giving a box as a wedding gift. This is an unusual gift, the design of which depends only on the creator of the work. So, for example, it became fashionable to give boxes for cosmetics.

  • Set of decorative cosmetics

It is quite simple to assemble a set with natural cosmetics on your own. You will spend a couple of hours of your time creating such a gift, and the main value of such a set is that it is completely natural in its composition. The set includes personal care items.

spoon with initialsA spoon with initials is a beautiful designer thing made by the hands of a master, it will become a worthy memorable gift

the picture Love isPortrait Love is... - such a gift the groom can present to the bride, talking about the strength of his feelings

World MapMap of the world - to return to the most pleasant moments of joint travel, young people will only need one glance

  • Beaded brooch, beads and stones

A fantastic decoration that is an original and invariable accessory in both everyday and formal attire. The brooch can be made in absolutely any direction, and the design depends on your originality. In addition, the brooch is a gift for many years, which will always be in fashion.

Gifts for the groom

  • Men's bouquet

What could be a better gift for a man than rest? It is for this purpose that a men's bouquet was invented. Such bouquets are made in different ways, but the constant details are alcohol and snacks.

  • leather notebook
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A home-made notebook made of scraps of leather will appeal to a man, especially if the decor of the notebook itself matches his interests and tastes; at the end of the notebook, you can make a memorable wish for the newlywed.

  • Magnetic bracelet

If you are aware that the groom often deals with various screws, screws, nuts and other metal objects, then a good gift choice for him would be the creation of a magnetic bracelet, which is simple in execution and is a pragmatic gift.

piggy bank

Artfully designed piggy bank for storing family wealth

  • Box with male content (Male box)

A real man will appreciate the wooden box that comes as a gift along with a crowbar. And the interest of this product is that inside the box is filled with any little things that can be useful to a man. These boxes are perfect DIY wedding gifts.

Joint gifts

Make a photo album with your own hands and put all the common photos of the newlyweds there. This gift will come in handy for young people, because in the age of technology all photos are stored on information media and can be lost, and printed photos will always remind you of happy moments.

  • Name pillows

After the wedding, the newlyweds begin to equip their joint life. That is why pillows with their names or initials will be both useful and original gifts for a wedding with their own hands.

  • Candle with initials

Candles always set us in a romantic mood, and on the occasion of the celebration of two lovers, everything around us reminds us of love. This gift is especially needed when the celebration comes to an end. After all, there is a tradition to light a family hearth, which is a symbol of home warmth and comfort.

video postcardVideo postcard - a modern live greeting dressed in a conservative shell

picture with dateA picture with a memorable date - in the cherished numbers you can encrypt a wish for happiness, love, dreams come true and much more

a portrait of wordsA portrait made of words - an individual creation with phrases describing the young and their love

  • Portrait from photos

All you need to create such a gift is a canvas and an online program for creating a portrait from a photo. The picture itself has always been considered a good gift for any occasion, because it will always decorate the interior of the owner.

  • Picture of threads and nails

From two such simple details (threads and nails) they make truly amazing masterpieces. This is a simple and very original gift. The sketch of the picture is created at your discretion. You will need attention and a couple of hours of time.

No wedding is complete without guests, because this is a wonderful and unique holiday in the life of not only two people in love, but also for all those present. If you were invited to such an event, then you and your attention will certainly be dear to the future union.

A wedding gift is considered more important than an anniversary gift, because for many, a wedding is an event that happens only once in a lifetime. If you were among those invited to the wedding, then it is important to remember that the gift must be chosen with a soul and taking into account the preferences and tastes of the young, then it will certainly be to your liking.


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