DIY wedding anniversary gift: exclusive solutions

Every year, weddings are celebrated together with their friends and relatives. On the day of the anniversary, guests congratulate the spouses and give them gifts. The heroes of the occasion will especially be pleased to receive a present that is made on their own. The soul and the most sparkling feelings are invested in it, therefore it is more valuable. Consider what ideas are possible handmade wedding anniversary gift.

birds in a jar

Birds (doves, lovebirds) in a jar - as a symbol of a warm feeling between spouses

Basic requirements for handmade gifts

DIY wedding anniversary gift must be made very carefully, because it will give the spouses pleasant and warm memories of the years they lived together. To make a gift, you can use various materials: paper, cardboard, fabric, wood and more.

Basic tips for creating a presentation:

  • in order for the present to surprise everyone with its beauty, it is important to pay attention to every little thing;
  • it is possible to present any souvenirs that are associated with the symbol of the anniversary;
  • you can not neglect the design: packaging, bows, decorations;
  • it is better that the gift matches the hobbies of the spouses.

practical gift options

Those who have the ability to sew, knit, for those it will not be problematic to figure out what present to present, which will be necessary for the spouses to live. Ideas for practical handmade wedding anniversary gifts:

  • cushions small size, pillows decorated with thread patterns, lace or flowers, rollers;
  • a blanket и plaidmade in patchwork style;
  • towels и potholders;
  • photo frames;
  • picture or portrait, drawn by our own efforts;
  • related sweaters, mittens, scarves;
  • ornamental flowerpotmade using macrame technique.

half mugs

Mugs in the form of halves with individual design

Fabric gifts

The stores offer fabrics in a wide variety of colors and textures. This allows you to make things of amazing beauty. More options hthen give for the anniversary of the wedding with your own hands:

  1. sofa covers, chairs and stools.
  2. Tablecloth.
  3. Souvenirs bright fabric.
  4. Curtains for the loggia, kitchen, veranda.
  5. Soft Toys.
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The list can be continued for a long time. Anyone can make their favorite items. It is worth supplementing your gift with a card with sincere wishes and sweets.

Crocheted or knitted thread gifts

You should not think for a long time about what present to give if you have knitting skills. If imagination is developed, then it is possible to make a gift of extraordinary beauty. To make a gift, you need to purchase threads of the required colors and select a pattern scheme. You can also create your own pattern.

It is possible to knit the following things with a hook or knitting needles:

  1. napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads.
  2. hats, socks, gloves.
  3. Slippers.
  4. Souvenirs.
  5. cover for phone.
  6. Beret or panama.

pom pom rugs

Pompom rugs are a very soft and warm present, such a gift will pleasantly surprise spouses

Clay or salt dough gifts

For those who like to make various souvenirs from clay or dough, there should be no questions with a present for a celebration. You can make bells, figurines and other unusual souvenirs. The object is well dried, coated with a primer and painted with various paints.

From clay or puff pastry, spouses are most often presented with:

  • paired figurines various animals (cats, dogs, cubs, etc.);
  • panel with the image of spouses;
  • pots, plates, home decoration;
  • Stand under hot dishes.

To decorate souvenirs, they use burlap, wood, straw. From above, the souvenir is varnished to make the figurine look shiny.

Wooden options

Some men like to carve various figures from wood. It remains only to cover it with varnish and decorate it with various decorations and the present for the anniversary is ready. From wood, you can make various items necessary for the household:

  1. Cutting Boards with various patterns kitchen sets
  2. Kitchen stools.
  3. Caskets.
  4. Framework for photos, picture frames.
  5. Different items for interior decoration.
  6. Furniture for garden.
  7. Drawers, Tables, lockers.
  8. Different souvenirs.
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Woodcarving, various patterns and paint drawings look very rich and beautiful. The wooden item is varnished. It can be colored or colorless. It will be good if you also cut out a congratulatory inscription. Such a present will greatly please the spouses and will serve them for many years.

wooden box

Nice engraved wooden box - names and wedding date

Paper and cardboard crafts

Even from paper or cardboard, you can make unusual and bright souvenirs. To make such a gift, you will need to show imagination, skill and patience. Options for presentations made of cardboard, packaging and plain paper:

  • Garlands, flashlights and various decorations for the apartment;
  • bouquets of flowers;
  • postcards on various topics;
  • congratulatory posters;
  • various figurines;
  • cakes;
  • boxspectacles for small items organizers.

Souvenirs in the shape of a heart

A gift that is made on its own in the form of a heart will look very symbolic. It can be red, pink or multi-colored. The heart will be a symbol of fidelity and love of spouses. It can be made from wood, candy, fabric or thread.

In the form of a heart, you can make the following things:

  1. Candy tree.
  2. Photo frame.
  3. Knitted toy or napkin.
  4. Potholders.
  5. Home decorations.

Sweet and fruity bouquets

Today, various bouquets that consist of sweets, lollipops, chocolates. Such a bouquet can be made in the form of a ball, car, heart, etc. The bouquet can be decorated with shiny paper, lace. You can also give a fruit basket. Any fruit will do, the main thing is to turn on the imagination.

flowers with rafaelki

Delicate basket of paper flowers with raffaello and champagne

Anniversary cards

An anniversary gift will look much better if you complement it with a beautiful card. For spouses who are aged, a card with warm wishes will be especially dear. You can compose a verse on your own or choose a ready-made one, the main thing is that the wishes are kind and sincere.

You can make a postcard yourself in the following ways:

  1. With photographs of the newlyweds, taken earlier and with modern ones. You can paste old movie tickets, letters and other memorabilia into the postcard.
  2. Cutting - can be made using various templates.

Presentation options

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to make some gifts for your wedding anniversary on your own.

coffee couple

To decorate the cups you need:

  • coffee cup;
  • coffee beans;
  • thread;
  • cotton wheels;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paints in brown and gold;
  • lace ribbon.

Manufacturing steps:

  1. Attach discs to the cup with glue.
  2. Tie the cup tightly with thread.
  3. Paint with brown acrylic paint.
  4. Glue coffee beans in two layers. You can't leave empty spaces.
  5. Draw a golden heart.
  6. Decorate with lace ribbon.

mug in coffee beans

In such a mug, drinking coffee in the morning is doubly pleasant.

Heart shaped lollipops

To make lollipops you will need:

  • rose wine - 1,5 tbsp.;
  • honey - 3 st. l .;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • silicone heart-shaped molds;
  • sticks.


  1. On the smallest fire, reduce the wine to 1/3 volume.
  2. Remove from fire and let cool.
  3. Add other ingredients.
  4. Heat the composition to 150 degrees and pour into molds.
  5. Insert sticks.
  6. Lollipops will be ready in a day.

Heart of Threads

This gift option will fit into any interior. For its manufacture will require:

  • Wooden board. It can be painted in any suitable color;
  • scarlet thread;
  • silver color paint;
  • nails;
  • heart cut out of cardboard.

Manufacturing steps:

  1. Place a cardboard heart on the board.
  2. Drive nails along the contour of the heart at a distance of 2 cm.
  3. Write the wedding date in the center with acrylic paint.
  4. Tie a thread to one nail and weave from one nail to another in a mess.


You can take glasses, jars, bottles, etc. as the basis of a candlestick. Consider how to make a candlestick from spices. To make it you need:

  1. Take a wide glass.
  2. Pour sugar and any spices that smell delicious into it.
  3. Cover the glass with sprigs of cinnamon and tie a beautiful ribbon.
  4. Put a candle in a glass.
  5. While the candle is burning, it will be pleasant to smell of spices in the room.

birch bark candle holder

Lovely and touching candlesticks for romantic evenings

Candy Cake

To make this presentation you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • corrugated paper in two different colors;
  • sweets 31 pcs.;
  • threads and scissors;
  • pencil;
  • double sided tape;
  • satin ribbon;
  • artificial flower.

Work process:

  1. Make the sides of the cake using cardboard. Size 7*15,5 cm +1 cm for connection on each side.
  2. Make a base. Size 7*8 cm + 1 cm.
  3. Using double-sided tape, glue the parts of the cake with sides 7 cm long with a train.
  4. Make a triangle.
  5. Put the resulting figure on the cardboard and circle it with a pencil. Then cut.
  6. Make sides of the cake top and bottom.
  7. Wrap them in green paper.
  8. Take yellow paper and cut strips 2,5 cm long from it. Make an accordion and glue it around the perimeter of the triangle.
  9. Make tape strips on top and bottom of the cake. Glue the candy to the tape. Bend the candy tails.
  10. Tie the cake with a satin ribbon and decorate with a decorative flower.

Gifts made on your own are much more valuable than those bought in a store. Such a present must be beautifully decorated and a greeting card attached.


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