Wedding 34 years old: what kind of wedding is it and what to give - 30 ideas

Married life flies by. And now another anniversary: ​​the wedding of 34 years. What kind of wedding, what to give in this case? Let's figure it out.

Each new year in the marriage union is a time of testing, formation, formation, development of relationships. They are filled with both joyful and not so joyful moments. With age comes an understanding of value, a new look at past events that are happening, from which experience is formed.

Serious and weighty date 34 years. What kind of wedding, what to give - logical questions to which this article will provide answers.

Amber jewelry

Amber jewelry

Holiday Symbols

The symbol of the wedding is amber stone. In this regard, the wedding is called amber. Why was amber chosen as the main symbol of the celebration in honor of the 34th anniversary of marriage?

Amber is the resin of coniferous trees in petrified form. It takes a very long time to acquire such an elegant form. Therefore, it is the basis for looking back from the height of present experience and simply enjoying and rejoicing together.

How to celebrate an amber wedding

If you follow the tradition, then the celebration should be large-scale. Although this is not a round date. It is worth gathering the whole family, the inner circle at one table. They spend time in pleasant conversations, remembering funny, funny, significant situations from the life of spouses.

Regarding the design, it is worth giving advantages to rich bright orange, red, brown shades. Clothing should also include these colors. It is worth filling the room with sunlight, golden hues.

In the old days there was a tradition to celebrate an amber wedding only in autumn. The couple made "ikebana" from rowan branches, leaves, viburnum branches.

Ikebana or bouquet

Ikebana or wedding bouquet in ancient times

Also in those days, amber should be an obligatory decoration in the bride's attire. He was endowed with special healing, protective properties.

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Gift options for an amber wedding

The long-awaited 34th wedding anniversary has come - an amber wedding. What to give for an anniversary?

There are many traditional and modern wedding gifts. Choosing a present is not difficult, because the hint of what to give for an amber wedding lies in the very name of the holiday. Now there is a huge number of amber products, for every taste and financial possibilities.

It greatly simplifies the choice of a present - the absence of any restrictions in the choice, since almost everything can be presented for this anniversary. Everything will be appropriate. The main thing is to take into account the preferences, needs, tastes of the spouses. The rest is a matter of small things.

Fans of art can be presented tickets for exhibition to the gallery or donate a reproduction of a favorite painting or expensive illustrated book on the subject of art.


Painting by your favorite artist

Of course, it is preferable to make joint presentations, that is, to both spouses at once, so as not to share gifts. So it will be more correct and it will be easier for you when looking for a gift. It is inappropriate to talk about financial benefits here.

A great option for nature lovers, lovers of spending time outside the city, hiking or just relaxing in their favorite country house, it is worth giving picnic set, hammock, sleeping bags, tent.

Spouses gifts to each other

For the spouses, a joyful and long-awaited event has come - an amber wedding. What to give each other?

On the top line of the “hit parade” of presents are, of course, jewelry. These are truly worthy, valuable gifts. Perfect for wife amber necklace or braslet, and for the spouse - amber cufflinks: elegant and tasteful. It is worth thinking about tie pinmade from the same stone.

All kinds of figurines, RІR ° C · P <, figurines, created from amber, are appropriate as a present for both husband and wife. It is worth considering personal preferences and usefulness, practicality of the gift at the same time.

Amber bracelet

Amber bracelet

Classics are, for example, caneembellished with precious stones or writing utensils, watch to the office. There are many options. Something from antiques - perfectly decorate the space of a personal office at work or at home.

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When choosing products from this stone, it is worth knowing that there are several different colors of amber. You need to pay attention to this.

Gifts for parents for an amber wedding

An amber wedding for your parents, or maybe for the parents of your spouse? What to give parents for an amber wedding - read below.

Firstly, it is worth saying that this is a great occasion to show care and respect towards parents. After all, serious work has been done to create and preserve family ties.

When choosing a present for parents, it is worth keeping the focus on amber, so the gift should be at least remotely related to this stone. There is never too much amber. Present something to decorate the interior or table. For example, "ikebanu". Of course, not from the branches of mountain ash, viburnum, as they did before ...

Amber chess

Amber chess

Parents can give ornamentation. An original gift will be Board games type of chess, the figures of which are made of amber. A good piece of furniture and at the same time practical will be jewelry box from the same stone.

It is especially important to emphasize once again that the present is important not so much for its value, luxury, but for the attention and respect that you show through it.

Gifts are gifts, and for parents at their age, it is especially important to show attention and care. If you rarely visit your parents, spend time with them more than usual, help around the houseFor example, just talk. Can arrange a family viewing of your favorite movie.

The question of practicality cannot be ignored. There are thoughts to give something useful. In this case, carefully find out what the parents need so as not to increase the number of unnecessary things.

The most common options are: Home Appliances, RїRѕSЃSѓRґR °, furniture. Keep in mind the decorative elements: RІR ° C · P <, paintings, lighting fixtures. It is desirable that amber be present to remind you of the date of the event.

bar counter

Amber in the bar

To decorate the room, you can give plant for mother and father set of tools, which are always useful in housework and in the country.

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Dacha is a separate topic and space for creativity and imagination in terms of choosing gifts. There are a huge variety of figurines for decoration suburban area.

Wellness ticket to the resort. By the way, it is not necessary to disturb the parents, "forcing" them to leave the comfort zone. You can find wellness centers in the city and purchase a certificate for the necessary therapeutic procedures.

So, the article considers such an important anniversary of marriage as 34 years, what kind of wedding, what to give parents, friends, spouses to each other. The list is not exhaustive. These are just options, ideas of possible gifts that can push you to find your own.


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