Wedding 38 years: what kind of wedding, what to give - symbolic or practical presents

From this article you will find out what kind of wedding comes after 38 years of marriage and what you can give spouses on the day of this wedding. Recommendations are given on the choice of thematic presentations and practical gifts. If you please both your husband and wife, then you should think about non-standard presents that will leave an impression. When spouses can spend an unforgettable day with each other, which will remain in their memory for a long time.

What is the 38th wedding anniversary called?

38 years from the date of marriage is called a mercury wedding, but few relatives and friends know what to give on this day. The symbolism of the day is not accidental. Mercury is a liquid metal that can take on any shape. For almost 40 years of living together, the spouses got to know each other well, together they experienced both victories and defeats, got children and grandchildren. All this brought them closer, they began to perfectly understand and adapt to each other.

Since this anniversary does not apply to round dates, gifts should be chosen symbolic and practical, without chasing high prices.

Symbolic gifts

Friends and relatives are sometimes lost and do not know what to give for a mercury wedding. The first thought that comes to mind is a classic medical thermometer or balls with the number "38". Meanwhile, mercury is translated from ancient Greek as "liquid silver", so this value can be safely taken as a basis when looking for suitable presents.

Spouses can be pleased with the following symbolic gifts:

  • Small pieces of silver. It can be couple rings, bracelets, pendants or pendants with names newlyweds.

couple rings

Couple rings in the color of mercury with engraving "Love forever"

  • Objects that quickly change shape. For this, the best fit hourglass intricate shape or sand paintings.
  • Red things. Since mercury oxide has a dark red tint, the donors' imagination is practically unlimited. You can give your spouse bouquet desired shade, husband - a small casket or tube mahogany. A good gift would be miniature figurines mahogany or framework for family photos the same color. If the fantasy has run out, then it is enough to pack the present in dark red wrapping paper and attach a beautiful themed postcard to it.
  • Photo collages. You can make them yourself on a large piece of drawing paper by gluing photos of spouses of different years and providing them with playful captions. It is worth showing imagination and ordering a family tree or an ornate family book in a dark red binding.
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A symbolic gift should be not only interesting, but also of high quality. You should not present it just for the sake of fulfilling the duty of a polite guest. If you can’t find an interesting themed present, then it’s better to pay attention to practical items that are always needed in any home.

family photo collage

Photo collage of a family: from a wedding, the birth of children to a long life together

Practical gifts

Often relatives and friends think about what to give this for the 38th wedding anniversary. An excellent solution will be practical things that will be useful in any family:

  • Bath accessories. It can be terry robes и towels red or pale gray with embroidered monograms or wishes for a happy wedding day.
  • Kitchen textiles. No hostess will refuse a beautiful tablecloths and suitable for her napkins, interesting kitchen towels and original tacks. Even apron may look like a work of art if you do not buy it in a store, but order it specifically for the celebration.
  • Small household appliances. red teapot, toaster, crepe maker, egg boiler, blender - these things will not make a hole in the donor's budget, and the spouses will surely like them, they will constantly use them and remember the joyful date.

Even choosing practical gifts, do not forget about the theme of the celebration. If red items do not fit the decor of the house or apartment of the spouses, then you can present things in neutral tones, be sure to accompany them with a commemorative inscription or embroidery.

crepe maker

A pancake maker is a convenient device for making perfect pancakes

How to please both spouses

Few people know what kind of wedding is celebrated after 38 years of marriage and what to give spouses on this day. Therefore, they present positive emotions as a gift:

  • Event Tickets. It can be a concert of your favorite artist, a theatrical production, a new movie or an exhibition in your favorite museum.
  • Joint Courses. Recently, joint cooking courses have gained great popularity, but it will be no less interesting for the two of you to go to a master class in painting, pottery or weaving.
  • Organization romantic dinner or picnic. Such a gift is worth preparing for children or grandchildren. It will be especially remembered by the spouses if it takes place near the place of their acquaintance.
  • Extraordinary Adventures. It can be an invitation to an amusement park, a hot air balloon flight, horseback riding. It is important that both spouses are in good physical shape, so that the adventure does not turn into a test.


As an option: spouses can be presented with a joint photo shoot in nature

When choosing what to give for a mercury wedding, emotion is one of the best options. However, it is important to choose a gift in such a way that both spouses receive pleasure and joy, and not just one.

A mercury wedding is not a round date, so it is not necessary to give expensive presents to a husband and wife. It is much more interesting to give them small cute souvenirs or homemade presents that will remind you of this joyful holiday among relatives and friends for many years.


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