Wedding 4 years - what kind of wedding, what to give to give to a young couple on the fourth anniversary

Since ancient times, a linen wedding has served as an indicator that the spouses have successfully passed the test of living together in marriage. A period of 4 years is enough to get to know each other better, to lay a solid foundation for further family building. In addition, during this time, the formation and establishment of life takes place, which is important for a strong union. So, 4 years have passed since the wedding. What kind of wedding, what to give? This article will tell about it.

Why is the wedding called linen

As a rule, a linen wedding is a frontier, overcoming which, the spouses will be able to get to the golden one. A natural question arises: “Four years have passed since the wedding, what to give?”. First, let's take a closer look at what kind of wedding it is, why it is called that way.

The name of the wedding "linen" is not accidental. Linen has always been considered the most durable, strong, reliable material. It symbolized the longevity of the relationship.

In the manufacture of flax, weaves of many threads are used, in a different order. As a result, the canvas is very durable, it cannot be torn. So the relationship in marriage, over time, only becomes stronger and more solid.

The first years of the life of the newlyweds are full of surprises in different senses of the word. There are disappointments, surprises, and joy.

The ability to survive and live through the difficulties and problems that arise is a guarantee of a long-term relationship.

The beauty, grace and at the same time simplicity of the material is a reflection of the bright, kind, creative aspirations of the newlyweds in building a family nest.

4 years of wedding

Simple in appearance - linen is a symbol of strength and reliability

Linen is highly wearable. With a neat and careful attitude to clothing, it retains its original appearance for many years. Similarly, a family in which spouses treat each other with care, understanding, and love never loses its novelty. Most likely, on the contrary, relations are becoming deeper and more meaningful every year.

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They say: "Life spoils love." This is a fundamental misconception. When spouses truly love, everyday life only strengthens relationships, increases trust, and increases tenderness in relation to each other.

How to celebrate a linen wedding

The celebration of 4 year and other wedding anniversaries is a folk tradition that is often celebrated in the villages. However, even now one can meet the tradition of celebrating such events, even in urban settings.

You can mark with a different scale, depending on the desire and capabilities of the family. For some it is enough just to arrange a romantic evening for two, for someone it will be valuable to hold an event in the circle of close relatives and friends. To someone - give a feast to the whole world.

Celebrating a linen wedding

And you can even conduct a whole rite

Gift choice

You can choose a gift easily, in any of the shops care madewhere they offer original, unique handmade goods. This will be a win-win.

In modern printing stores, you can buy themed postcards with congratulations in honor of the upcoming event. Linen products will be appropriate. For example, a beautiful linen tablecloth is a worthy gift for both spouses.

A linen wedding is also called a wax wedding, so designer wax candles will also be a good gift.

In honor of the festive event, you can decorate the house to create the proper atmosphere. For example, hang photos from the wedding on the walls, decorate the table with a linen tablecloth, light candles, create a pleasant background music.

What to give spouses in honor of a linen wedding

In honor of 4 years of marriage in a legal marriage, a couple can be given anything, depending on the financial capabilities of the donor, his imagination, needs, preferences of the spouses. Most of the time, they donate whatever they need. For example, in the household, for the home.

Linen as a gift

For example, a beautiful linen tablecloth would be appropriate.

It is welcomed when relatives and friends ask the couple what they need. This is normal and practical, especially for a young family, which often experiences financial difficulties. Maybe the newlyweds need some equipment or furniture, but they cannot afford it, since all the money went to repair the apartment.

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In such a situation, the spouses will only be delighted with your initiative.

If you know the couple's preferences, their interests, shared hobbies, you can not consult and make a pleasant surprise. It's always nice. To consult or not to consult with a couple depends on each specific circumstance.

So here нa short list of what to give for a linen wedding:

  • jewelry,
  • decor items,
  • crockery, services,
  • furniture,
  • equipment,
  • pictures,
  • bed linen and more.

The list is endless. Here are just a few ideas. It is not necessary to choose any of these.

Gift - linen bedding

Bedding in a young family is always useful

Options for gifts of spouses to each other

Of course, one cannot do without the question of what to give to a spouse for a 4-year wedding. This is an important moment that will help strengthen and unite the family. The gift will be evidence that an important stage has been passed together.

The gift must be approached carefully and with care. Don't buy anything just to impress. The gift must be made from the heart, sincerely.


Every caring and loving wife will definitely ask herself the question: what to give her husband for a linen wedding? As a rule, men are not picky about gifts. For them, the care, attention, diligence of the spouse is important. The best option would be a handmade gift. For example, a stylish linen scarf with embroidered husband's initials.

A good gift for a man can be a book by a favorite author, provided that you know for sure what your spouse prefers. Perhaps he lacks one book for a complete collection.

Knowing your husband's culinary preferences, you can treat him to a delicious dish made just for him.

Dinner for husband

Any man will appreciate a delicious gift prepared by the hands of his beloved.

A good gift for any man will be a thematic poem. It's even better if you read it yourself. Ideally, if the poem is your creation, from the heart. Most men are romantic at heart, even if outwardly strong and stern. Believe me, the spouse will remember this gift for life and appreciate it.

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So the question: what to give my husband for his wedding anniversary (4 years is a serious period) has many answers. Just turn on your feminine fantasy and do not limit your imagination.

By the way, in this case, the gift does not have to be expensive.


For men, this is a little more difficult. For them, this is a more responsible enterprise than for women. On the other hand, women are more happy with gifts, show emotions, which in itself is a gift for a man.

Through a present, you can please your spouse and express love. 4 years is enough time to find out the preferences of a woman.

Flowers for 4 years wedding

It's great if the day starts with flowers

Here are a few options for what to give your spouse for 4 years of marriage:

  • Original, author's jewelry. You can choose a set: a ring, earrings, a bracelet, or you can limit yourself to expensive earrings. Most women love jewelry. If your spouse is one of them, the choice is simple: take your wife to a jewelry store and see what she likes.
  • Order a portrait from a photograph in a beautiful baguette. This will make an impressive gift for a lifetime.
  • Linen clothing and accessories.
  • Indoor flowers also make a great gift. They will never fade and will remind you of a pleasant moment every day.
  • Ceramic products, figurines, vases.

Knowing the hobbies, hobbies of the spouse, you can purchase an item related to this hobby as a gift. For example, the wife is fond of drawing - give expensive paints or a sketchbook. Think slowly.

We remind you once again that women love surprises and are more picky about gifts, so you need to show real courage and patience.

Linen wedding surprise

Pleasant memories will be a gift for a lifetime - give her a romantic experience

A linen wedding is an important event in the life of a family that is worth celebrating. We hope we helped you figure out how to congratulate the young, if the spouses have been legally married for 4 years, what kind of wedding, what to give. There are many options that are easy to choose from, knowing the preferences of the spouses together and separately.

It doesn't have to be an expensive gift. In modern stores you can find anything: from simple, cute gizmos to exclusive art objects ordered from an online store, even from another country. What is really important is to make a gift from the bottom of your heart, showing respect and attention to this event in the life of the spouses.


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