What do they give for a leather wedding (3 years): husband, wife, children and friends

To the wedding

For every couple, a wedding is an exciting and joyful event. Whether it is a lavish celebration with hundreds of guests or a modest wedding in the presence of witnesses and parents, the wedding marks a new important stage in the life of lovers. From that moment on, they are officially husband and wife, and their union is documented by the state. But let's leave these formalities. How nice it is with every right to call your other half not just beloved / beloved, but husband / wife! And how joyful it is to turn a new page of family life every year.

Each anniversary has its own symbol and name. What about the third year of marriage? The third anniversary is called leather wedding... And it follows after calico and paper. Why exactly this name? Leather is a much more durable material than paper or chintz. So the relationship of the spouses settles down, the characters are rubbed in, and it becomes clear in what position the family boat is most stable.

3 years of living together in marriage was called a leather wedding also because this material is not only durable, but also plastic, soft. Spouses learn to adapt to each other, to seek compromises. And this is one of the secrets of family well-being. After all, a husband and wife should not only be lovers, but also a well-coordinated team, friends and partners. This is the key to a happy marriage. The first three years are considered the most difficult for newlyweds, it is at this time that the largest number of divorces occurs. But if the couple survived for three years and looks confidently into a joint future, then everything will continue to be fine.

Another interesting interpretation of the name of the anniversary is as follows. The skin is not viewed as a material, but as a sense organ. There is such an expression - feel with skin... So in the first three years, the spouses get to know each other enough to practically feel the feelings and emotions, thoughts of the partner with their skin.

It is customary to give special gifts for a wedding anniversary. And the closer the heroes of the occasion are to you, the more significant the present will be.

As the name implies, you should give leather products. And their modern industry offers a huge variety - for every taste and color. From stylish decorations to elegant furniture. So, what to give for a 3-year wedding to your beloved person, dear friends or happy children in marriage?

What to give your husband for a leather wedding

In addition to his best years of youth, his beloved spouse wants, of course, to make a material gift. If you want to stick with tradition, be sure to opt for leather gifts. But you can cheat. For example, just add a leather bow to the gift wrapping or even wrap the box with a piece of leather with a present.

What can you give "in the subject"? Consider by hobbies and passions:

  • Watches... The first thing that comes to mind is a brand new watch with a good leather strap. A wide range of colors and a selection of models with different functionality will allow you to find a gift for every taste and budget.
  • Bags and wallets, business card holders, key bags, backpacks. If you want to make your gift more interesting, today you can order an embossing or engraving. Technology allows you to apply any image, so if your husband is a fan of the game "The Witcher", a supporter of Scandinavian beliefs or has an interesting hobby, all this can be embodied in an original gift. And no one else will have such a thing.
  • Jewelry and accessories... All kinds of belts, leather bracelets, pendants and pendants on leather cords. After all, no one forbids combining leather with other materials. For example, with precious metals.
  • Office... A good diary in a leather cover (just made of high-quality material or even an interesting hand-made one) is useful for a business man who prefers to keep records of affairs.
  • If the husband is fond of motorcycles, especially the classic style, here the flight of imagination is huge - new wardrobe trunks, equipment, all kinds of accessories for the motorcyclist himself and for his beloved horse.
  • Covers... Surely your husband has a portable technique for which you can present a new leather case - an e-book, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop. This also includes a stylish case for glasses (sunglasses or for eyesight) or for a personal pen (if the husband uses an expensive model). If your husband has a car, you can pick up a quality steering wheel or good seat covers.
  • Sports equipment... If your husband is fond of sports, then here you can pick up leather gifts: boxing gloves and a punching bag, a ball, athletic belts, bags for sports uniforms.
  • If your husband is an avid hunter, pick up new gun case or a hunting knife, bandolier, belt-unloading.
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If the husband often works at home, and there is such a financial opportunity, you can donate a leather work chair... If your budget is tight, pick up a quality faux leather present.

Can't decide on a specific gift? No problem. They will come to the rescue today Certificates... And they can already be packaged in the material prescribed by tradition. What certificates can there be?

  • hike to good tattoo artist (perhaps the husband has long dreamed of his first or not the first tattoo),
  • course massage (therapeutic, sports, relaxing),
  • master classes and lessons (guitar lessons, horse or ATV riding, skydiving),
  • loved ones the shops spouse (gunsmith, bookstore, hunting / fishing, clothing, sports shops).

The most important thing is to focus not on your preferences, but on the tastes of your spouse when choosing a gift. Often we choose those gifts that we would gladly receive ourselves.

If you want to really do something pleasant, think about what the person close to you likes.

It is not very customary to give money in its pure form to the second half for the anniversary. It is better to find out in advance what the spouse will be delighted with and give a real gift.

The best gift ideas for a wife for a 3 year wedding

The first three years spent with his wife in a legal marriage are both a lot and at the same time not enough. Enough for the flair of falling in love to leave, and it became clear that you and this woman are really on the way. And it is not enough to find out to the end, because the fair sex is extremely mysterious.

An anniversary is an extraordinary reason to remember about the romance that has already faded a little, and to make the morning of this day magical. For example, get up early, buy your favorite flowers (or order them with delivery), make a light breakfast and serve in bed. Who would refuse such a pleasant awakening? Especially if this is followed by a gift box that she has long dreamed of!

But what to give your wife for a leather wedding anniversary? Let's try to sketch out a list for you, taking into account the theme of the holiday:

  • Handbag... Women cannot have less than two bags in their wardrobe. This is because the accessory must match for different styles of clothing and for different events. So, if you know for sure that your wife recently looked at that showcase with sadness, or sighed over a certain model from the site, glancing unequivocally at your spouse, feel free to order the product.
  • Apparel... Jackets, pants, skirts, blazers, shorts, shoes - the choice of leather clothing is huge today. But only if the wife wears things made of such material.
  • Belts, wallets and other small accessories. Especially if you make an embossing or engraving especially for your spouse. This will already make the little thing special and show that you tried to please your soul mate as much as possible.
  • Covers... High-quality covers and cases for mobile gadgets, laptops and other personal equipment will never hurt. And if you wanted to update the "park" the latest - no one bothers to present an e-book or a mobile phone complete with a beautiful leather case.
  • Clock and ornamentation... There are never too many watches, as well as handbags - for every day and for sports, under a dress suit. In general, there is where to roam. Pendants and pendants can be chosen from any metal, but with a leather cord. But there are no problems with bracelets at all - both wide and narrow, informal with thorns and graceful with rhinestones - for every taste and preference.
  • Leather toys... A beautiful toy made of leather can become a touching gift or addition to the main one. You can choose ready-made, but it is better to order the craftsmen individually according to the taste of your wife.
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If you are not sure about the color, style, style or size of the gift, do not despair. Just present certificate to the appropriate store, and you can even accompany the purchase. Then your wife will definitely choose exactly those leather gifts that she will like. Because there is nothing worse than an expensive gift that did not fit ...

Also good are certificates for quality cosmetics stores, hobby goods, jewelry stores. And for various services - photo shoots, master classes, massage, etc.

You know better than us what your spouse is fond of, and you will be able to more accurately choose a "specialization". Maybe your soul mate has long wanted to try a ride on a motorcycle or quad bike, jump with a parachute, get a master class from a famous pastry chef or record your own song? Or maybe a concert of her favorite band is approaching, and for several years she has dreamed of listening to their performance live?

You can supplement the gift with a trip to your "special" or just a cozy restaurant for a festive dinner. If the anniversary falls on a warm season, then it's worth ordering a romantic rooftop dinner... Provided, of course, that the beloved is not afraid of heights. Today, private companies offer in the best possible way to arrange a romantic dinner on a beautiful skyscraper with a panoramic view of the hometown. You just have to bring your spouse and enjoy your holiday. All other preparations will be done for you.

Choosing what to give children from parents for three years of life together

The most important thing for every parent is for his child to be happy and content with life. And when a child meets his soul mate and creates a family with her, what can be a great balm for a parent's soul? Parents, no less than the newlyweds themselves, rejoice at every new milestone in the history of a young family. For a leather wedding, you can present useful and necessary things for both spouses from this material:

  • Furniture... For example, sofas or armchairs, chairs and stools with leather upholstery, ottomans.
  • Decor items - clocks, paintings, lamps with leather inserts.
  • Paired watch... A good gift for both spouses is a pair accessory with a leather strap. But it should be chosen so that it fits the style of both.
  • Technique... Mobile gadgets and other equipment will be a great present when supplemented with leather cases and covers.
  • Slippers and pillows... Home slippers made of leather for both spouses will be a pleasant and practical gift. It can be supplemented with decorative pillows.

Speaking of money. You can donate finances to children. Just add them not just with an envelope, but with a leather case to match the theme of the celebration.

Not from skin, but from pleasant emotions there will be a ticket to beautiful places to repeat the honeymoon. But it is better to coordinate such a gift with the holidays of children or give money specifically for these purposes.

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Gift options for friends for a leather wedding

If relatives are people who came to us by blood, then we choose our friends ourselves. And it is not surprising that sometimes friends can be much closer and dearer. And if your loved ones are celebrating their next wedding anniversary, then you would like to join such a wonderful holiday a little and rejoice with them. Regardless of whether a celebration is planned with a wide circle or friendly kitchen gatherings over a cup of tea or wine.

How to choose a gift for friends for 3 years of marriage? This is not a birthday or a personal holiday, so it is customary to give gifts to a couple. Or to pick up presents for both spouses so that no one is left out.

On the third wedding anniversary, it is customary to give leather goods to spouses. Including presentations with humor are allowed. What could it be:

  • Horseshoe... Made of metal, but upholstered in leather. As a symbol of a happy life and good luck, with warm wishes.
  • Medals leather as awards for the first three years of marriage. Better to do with custom engraving. For example, with names known in a narrow circle by nicknames or comic titles.
  • Suitcase... If the spouses do not like to sit still, a leather or leather upholstered suitcase can be presented.
  • Decor items with leather upholstery.
  • Books in a leather cover. Especially if friends have their own home library and you have found publications that interest them.
  • Notebooks and diaries in leather cover.
  • Photo Album... Although today many people store photos electronically, photo albums do not lose their relevance. There is something touching about live photographs.
  • Lovec snovi in leather trim. This ancient Indian amulet not only protects from bad dreams, but is also a wonderful interior decoration.

A pleasant gift will be a thematic cake or videocreated from photos and videos of joint friendly meetings and get-togethers. Or a video greeting pre-recorded by the guests present.

The third anniversary of life together is the first solid date in the life of the spouses. When the hormonal bursts of love have already subsided and become calm waves of deep affection, true love and partnership. Marriage is no longer just meetings and going to the cinema, it is responsibility and your home, the desire to build a common life and meet old age with a specific person. Take care of each other and be happy!